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  1. So looking towards the draft
  2. Jets Flight Crew
  3. How many times Belliliar?
  4. Where is Mangini's ego now??
  5. I Can't Take It Anymore
  6. Is the the worst day ever to be a JETS fan ?
  7. So where was this Marty guy at 16-H??
  8. Does anyone have a real answer to this?
  9. Moga...cant bet...or read.
  10. Bring Back Herm!!
  11. I cheered when I saw Chad was hurt
  12. Free Jets Gear
  13. Was Chad Deliberately Twisted by Pats Defender?
  14. Haha..hahahaha...ahhh...
  15. ot-so i got on the big brother talk show on friday and i pissed off the host
  16. Great distraction by Mangini
  17. Enjoy it.....
  18. Did Eric Mangini Ruin Himself Instead of BB?
  19. What if Mangini knew
  20. Crybabys> we could steal signs and lose yardage
  21. Fireman Ed...
  22. Best punishment - suspend tom brady for the season
  23. Was Brady in on it and, if so, should he be suspended?
  24. Our "surprising" 10-6 record last year...
  25. Has P*tsFanTX taken a leave or something?
  26. jet fans avoiding what actually happened on Sunday - SPEAKS VOLUMES
  27. I smell a rat
  28. You can always blame BB
  29. OT: Funny Transvestite story.
  30. Here's How the Smoking Gun was Confiscated
  31. Boston Globe: The Goodell, the Bad and the Ugly
  32. Cameragate tape content revealed
  33. so let me just get this straight..once and for all
  34. Blog From Some Guy In Chicago Rips Mangini
  35. The Ultimate Question for Mangini!!!
  36. Jets fans..come on
  37. Ya know whats funny...
  38. VINDICATION!....In Belichick We Trust
  39. Little Help! Please bump all Jets-Ravens threads
  40. Week 2 Tip For Dr. Franklin Moga
  41. Pats fans mistaken, Pats Cheated and have never won a NFL Super Bowl!
  42. Pasterik fans make a song for Belicheat
  43. Don't Be An Eagle!
  44. Garbage Dump Poll
  45. And
  46. The Official The Whole Jets' Team Sucks Thread
  47. We'll be ok Jets fans!!
  48. ****the Official Sar Was Right And That's Okay Thread****
  49. Jets new favorite in AFC
  50. Nice Game!
  51. Is Mangina going to return his rings and checks?
  52. Emmit says bellycheat should of been suspended
  53. Jets* Caught Cheating...THIS IS BIG!!
  54. Should Belicheat go to jail?
  55. Eric Mangini Thinks He's A CIA Agent Instead Of An NFL Coach
  56. Mangini Has to Go
  57. You Don't Need To Be An NFL Coach To See A Coaches Faults!!!
  58. WTF is this SpyGate thing still a topic for?
  59. Idea to get the Jets back on a winning track!
  60. MACPAC is lurking...
  61. chad era has to end
  62. We did not deserve to win today...
  63. The board seems real quiet today..
  64. if we traded chad (please read first....)
  65. Hypocrites?????
  66. Made a ton of money last night...
  67. If you were Chad would you want to play for da Bearz now?
  68. Did the Jets spy on the Pats?
  69. Chad/Clemmens
  70. Jets videotaped too?
  71. Doug Brien
  72. Flight Crew Video
  73. You guys will like this
  74. Mom Gives Me Wrong Pudding. What to Do?
  75. I've cracked the code
  76. last week I was dumped to garbage thread...
  77. Nobody Else Wants To Say It??? Then I Will!!! SAME OLD JETS!!!
  78. GJ&Ham of all people?
  79. Reggie Nelson.............in big trouble
  80. That is Bull****
  81. Merge if you must
  82. Mangini's stubornness and arrogance is getting disturbing
  83. Important News - SBIII is banned.
  84. Mangina is the real problem
  85. No matter where you go there you are !
  86. Bottom Line - This Team Sucks and We are Fools for Supporting Them
  87. because the 'stop arguing with Letsgo got locked....
  88. Are you ready for the ultimate humiliation?
  89. With All These Mangini Sucks Thrads it Reminds Me.....
  90. mayday! mayday! OVER!
  91. Where do we go from here?
  92. Serious Question for Yankee fans Only
  93. ***Official Greivances Against TerrapinJet Thread
  94. OT: For all of you who wanna talk about Weed in the game thread...
  95. Chad: Weakest Arm Ever?
  96. Sign Bill Cowher Petition
  97. F-you List*
  98. Rich Kotite resurrected
  99. when does Tuiasosopo start?
  100. when does Ratliff start?
  101. Parcells Instead Of Belichick, Pennington Instead Of Burress, and Nugent For A #2
  102. This Teams Rebuilding Effort Needs To Be Rebuilt!!!
  103. U Can't Call Yourself a Jets Fan If you still Wnt Chad 2 Start....
  104. Chad should start the rest of the season
  105. WHO DO YOU Want as our starting qb
  106. i am near hofstra today...
  107. OT: How embarrassing would it be to be Dolans dad
  108. Game 4 - Best Case Scenario for the Yankees
  109. Longhorns crank that soulja boy..
  110. Rich Cimini is a moron
  111. What happens if?
  112. Joe Torre Just Told The Press How Much Pressure He And The Team Is Under To Win
  113. Romo=2 pick 6's, 4 INT's total--BENCH ROMO!
  114. Pennington > Romo
  115. What Should The Chad "Chant" Be?
  116. The "Let's Be Nice To Chad This Week" Thread
  117. Manego wants to be Belichick, and Tanenboob wants to be Pioli
  118. Come Sunday, the rain of boos should be showering down on.....
  119. pennington
  120. Chad Pennington Behavior vs. Joe Torre Behavior
  121. Penny pics
  122. 31 Teams Can Now Forfeit The Season
  123. Let's trade Clemens while he has value.
  124. It makes sense to me to trade Clemens
  125. Amanda from Jets Flight Crew - Rated 4th HOMELIEST Cheerleader in the NFL
  126. Chad vs. Vinny T. who is the better option now?
  127. OT:1st time drinking
  128. Pray for the Safety of #89 and #87
  129. To Those Going to the Game Sunday: Will You Boo Chad Pennington?
  130. Is Chad Pennington the Best Ever?
  131. OT: Very Disturbing News from the state of Florida
  132. OT: My Delicious Lunch in Hong Kong
  133. Kid from Brooklyn.
  134. chad pennington
  135. SMC Sign Me Up
  136. What the Hell Mangini?
  137. Inexcusable!!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. New Nicknames for Mangini
  139. Do we want them to lose?
  140. Guess what!
  141. This franchise is a joke
  142. Fire Mandopey...
  143. If Pennington Had Class He Would Step Aside
  144. PPP: Pro Pennington Posters
  145. Would You Do Mangini+leon For Herm
  146. I'm done
  147. Dallas Has Rebuilt Itself, So Has Greenbay, Etc., The Patriots Rebuild On The Fly,...
  148. Bbbbt
  149. King Of AFC East
  150. I am so ashamed
  151. I hope we lose the remaining 10 games
  152. I Will Not Watch Another Down Until Chad is Benched
  153. Wowow Wee Wow
  154. Look At The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss!!!
  155. Will the Patriots run the table?
  156. The Turning Point...
  157. This is worse than the Kotite years!
  158. Is Marty Schottenheimer available?
  159. If not Mangini, who would you want...
  160. If Tom Brady
  161. looks like the jets are cheaters to
  162. Two words sum up the Jets Franchise
  163. Poll: Herm or Mangini?
  164. Year 39 of the 4 year plan
  165. Putting the "F" in Foxborough
  166. reasons we hate the pats
  167. ESPN Power Rankings- Jets take a beating
  168. Mangreeni sticking with Pennington
  169. Sweet girl watching the JETS play (video).
  170. OT: what is myclicktracker.com?
  171. Who wants the Jets to win this weekend...?
  172. Tension in the jets coaching staff...
  173. penny vs. brady
  174. pm
  175. Do you hope Shannon Sharpe gets throat cancer?
  176. Nothing let to say
  177. Is Herm better than Eric Mangini?
  178. After Mangina, Sutton, etc. get canned, for 2008
  179. I cheered that interception like a game winning touch down
  180. Mid-season thoughts
  181. Jets should go after Bill Cowher or Charlie Weiss
  182. OT: Patriots! OMFG!
  183. pretend where in 2002...
  184. Does Chad Pennington doe everything he has to Randy Moss??
  185. I think Chad is using L. Coles and perhaps other teamates aswell.
  186. It's tome for to tale out of the CLOSET..mr Paper BAG!!!!!!
  187. Chad Pennington Jersey Burning At 16H This Sunday
  188. Nobody should go to the games......
  189. I've had it, I hope Chad gets injured if hes the starter.
  190. Jets Fans Class Action Lawsuit against Chad Pennington and Eric Mangini
  191. Mangini Must Go!
  192. The Official "Let's unlease on Mangini on Sunday" thread
  193. Jags fan calling out Mangina
  194. Mangina on halloween
  195. Chad Decision - Not Only Is 2007 Wasted, So Is 2008
  196. pleas sign this guy until we get
  197. Paper Bags
  198. 16H Funeral Call
  199. Pennington vs. Brady who's better?
  200. What stinks more: Chad Pennington at QB or a turd sandwich?
  201. David Harris Has a Stutter
  202. If your thread got dumped....
  203. Rating the 07 draft class - Scout.com article
  204. Clemens lost game! Our you guys happy now! We need to keep Chad in!
  205. Clemens Sucks!!! two Interceptions!
  206. Did Gibbs shake Belichick's hand?
  207. Eric Mangini sucks. He is soft. He is weak and stupid. He is Fredo Corleone.
  208. So, "The Jets Will Beat The Bills,?" "Chad Should QB This Sunday?"
  209. Wow, we really suck
  210. Kathy Griffin -- Hellbound Evil Witch.
  211. Even Herman Edwards Would Be Doing Better With This Team
  212. Suuuuuuuuuush! We have to keep everything top secret.
  213. The Chad Pennington Excuse Compilation
  214. So When Is It Safe?
  215. Rumor: Tice to Replace Mangini
  216. OT: Sundance Resort in Utah
  217. Does Chad go in in the 4th if we're winning by 20?
  218. Predict The Score Jets VS The BYE
  219. NE Will lose
  220. Pats fans must be banned
  221. The fans lost the game for the Jets
  222. G. R. O. M
  223. Attn Sooth, and all able bodied MODS!!!
  224. Well, well, well; 3 holes in the ground
  225. Where Is The Outrage....
  226. Buffalo will beat the Pats on 11/18
  227. Too many Pats fans on this website.
  228. What gets Mangini Fired? 1-15? 2-14?
  229. Just drove by hofstra
  230. Ot: *$@*#@* Wtf #$&*@!@
  231. Mangini is full of
  232. Security Guard Claims Colts Cheat
  233. OT: I just drank a cup of Apple Juice.
  234. Cut Pennington NOW As It's Best For The TEAM
  235. Upset Special - Jets Over Steelers
  236. ot post ya ringtone
  237. Edited for Violation
  238. The "Announcing your thread is a thread" thread
  239. Did You Realize??!!!
  240. OT: pats fans here most pathetic thing on interweb?
  241. Jetsrule128 talks to some nfl players on facebook
  242. clemens is not the answer for the jets
  243. See What Happens When The Defense Is RESTED?
  244. mangini..forget the apple pie
  245. This Patriots Fan be LOVIN' him some jets!!!!
  246. Mike Tomlin's reaction to OT loss
  247. ot the new fitted
  248. Interesting Belichick article
  249. ga ga?
  250. Why we should root for Pats to go undefeated