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  1. Mods: Please unlock the JacksonHtsJetFan Help thread
  2. What would hurt more getting beat by Patriot's 3rd string or getting crushed by 1st
  3. Jets should start Pennington
  4. jets are the laughing stock of the n.f.l.
  5. One time at bandcamp...
  6. Fatal Error: D'Brick over Cutler
  7. Dan Leberfield is Jetsrule!
  8. QB Change Really Sparked the Offense!
  9. Good thing we are sucking now.
  10. Philly And The Patys Thread
  11. lets go chad "jets"
  12. 10 Mins to go, 0-0 Miami/Pitt, Maybe our victory wasnt so impressive after all
  13. Fire Mangini, Sutton and Schottenheimer, Trade Chad and Vilma, Cut Brad Smith.
  14. Roll Call: Thinks Woody Johnson sucks
  15. OT: EW, Gross bathroom etiquette
  16. Good news hosses: I am laying coin on the Dullards this weekend
  17. Adrien Clarke=SUPERSTAR (merged)
  18. Mets trade for Santana
  19. Bill Belichick: Genius Coach/Master Chef...
  20. Who saw that miami fan hug coles
  21. Jets football without pennington is much better
  22. Jets running up the score on hapless Dolphins..
  23. finally some payback on the browns
  24. Did anyone see how the Browns lost to the Cards yesterday?
  25. If I was WOODY
  26. Official Pats-Ravens MNF thread
  27. Mangini did not announce players of the week today
  28. Will you cheer when Brady gets hurt?
  29. It must have been pretty bright at Sean Taylor's funeral... indoors
  30. CBS Jericho fans
  31. Just Got Out Of Jail This Morning .....
  32. Happy Birthday to James Rhine
  33. Did any of the 62 jets on the roster go to your school?
  34. the famous NEW YORK JETS!!!!!!!
  35. OT Death pool on Amy Winehouse
  36. Dec 18=greatest album of all time comes out
  37. Main Man Mickens 24
  38. Will it be fair to compare Kellen's game against Clevand to Chad's?
  39. The Clemenites Were Wrong
  40. Just because Clemens sucks doesn't mean Chad didn't suck
  41. REVIS sucks and so does COTCHERY
  42. The FO is to Mangini as...
  43. THE PATRIOTS are amazing... just admit it already
  44. Grom
  45. I am not what Eric say's I am
  46. Mangini Needs Oxy10!!!!
  47. Any Chance Woody sells Jets????
  48. OT:Has FF2 checked in?
  49. Jets Cheated Too??
  50. Jets To Lose First Round Pick?
  51. Vegetarians
  52. Just as The Jets Gave Them Brady, the Pats Now Give us OUR Brady!
  53. every1 needs to stop with the chad>>>clemens threads
  54. I'll Say It...Don't You Dare Merge This Into The "I'll Say It" Thread.
  55. Jets to Trade Pennington and Coles to Cheifs in offseaseon.
  56. Statistically Clemens is a Bust for us
  57. Chad Pennington: The Most Wonderfulest QB In NFL History!
  58. Mangini
  59. Where have you gone, PatsFanTX?
  60. One Star Thread Ratings
  61. Is Chad SUPERBAD?
  62. OT: Nintendo Wii - who needs one for XMAS
  63. OT: Christmas Week - Prostitutes Busiest Time Of Year
  64. Chad completed over 80% over his passed today, why all the hate?
  65. NYJets show no respect.
  66. Roid Rage?
  67. A note to Mangini apologists
  68. question
  69. If Kraft sold the Pats, bought the Jets, and brought in Belichick
  70. Belichick bubbles over walking into Jets lockeroom
  71. 16-0 Perfect? History? I think not..
  72. Just a dumb theroy
  73. Carson Palmer?
  74. can any mod online now please pm me
  75. I want to see how long this Clement manlove lasts...
  76. OT: Brady blocks for Giselle in NYC
  77. brittany spears at it again
  78. ur top 5 lil wayne tracks
  79. Cris Collinsworth said what?
  80. Crusher - who is that in you Avitar
  81. Brett Farve + steroids (speculation)
  82. Cowher, Carrol, or Mangini in '09...IF!
  83. Brady Gay video
  84. The "I'm Happy About Our New Stadium" Thread
  85. How do you keep a bad thread alive?
  86. Is Bret Favre as smart a QB as Chad?
  87. Like Watching Babe Ruth...
  88. ot soulja boy/bow weezy/chris brown concert
  89. Best song ever ?
  90. Should Mangini offer the use of the Hofstra facility to the Chargers?
  91. OT: Daycare Problem....
  92. OT: craziest place you have ever had sex....
  93. Jets O-Line Analysis by Mack
  94. Good News For Jets Fans - Brady Retiring
  95. Caption this: (warning graphic)
  96. Future Jets in NFC EAST?
  97. Phillip Rivers
  98. I'm 32 Years Of Age
  99. OT - Japs at it again
  100. how much longer can the PAtriots dynasty last? (Pat fans please chime in as well!)
  101. Mangini's 7 year plan
  102. Thread Blockers!
  103. FoxboroFanatic2 Official Fan Club.
  104. Pats DC to "replace" Mangini
  105. OT: teenage comprehension of the written word
  106. Which one of these moderators will more likely harrass you?
  107. Which one of these moderators will more likely harrass you?
  108. Jets Fans, Happy Three Month Anniversary! Rejoice!
  109. Patriots Practice squad
  110. For heaven's sake!
  111. Pat's Offer Thier #1 to Bengals for Chad Johnson
  112. OT: Chad Johnson would "love to play" for Pats
  113. Photographic evidence in SB XXXI
  114. OT: Guido Mating Ritual
  115. Patriots fans: let me be the first to congratulate you
  116. Any Pats fan on this board today is a total loser POS
  117. Congrats to danny ware <3
  118. Patriots sign 4 to future contracts
  119. Just another week at TX Insider
  120. yo top 5 club bangers eva
  121. 2008 Unrestricted Free Agents - By Position
  122. dont get it twisted im tha best eva
  123. my girl gotta girlfriend
  124. get low is a club banger
  125. Are You Happy There Are No Jets In The Pro Bowl
  126. Did We Really Lose To Kc??????????
  127. Any word on who Lisa Olson will be working for?
  128. WTF is a Red Sox advertisement doing on the top of the screen
  129. OT: The "I Just Flew From Palm Springs With Air Supply" Thread
  130. Chad Pennington--Telling Kids How to Avoid Drugs and Alcohol
  131. I think this guy PatsFanTx is really a Jets fan...
  132. Are Woody & Tangini going to coast till NE reign ends?
  133. How Belichick fooled Mangini to take Schlegel
  134. Which Jets will try to go to the Pats?
  135. Chiefs Sign Chad Johnson!
  136. Happy Birthday Sooth! Go To Hell Chad.
  137. Fidel Castro is dead
  138. OT: The Unthinkable Merger
  139. What's up with BIG AL Haynesworth?
  140. Why haven't the Jets made any major moves?
  141. ESPN: Tuna to give (Jets) Miami's 1st pick
  142. Would you support Clemens/Ratliff going 50/50 in '08?
  143. How can this be possible?
  144. OT: Best wrestling clips ever
  145. Dragons win preseason game 45-44
  146. black history month thread
  147. Our biggest mistake this off season IS?
  148. OT: Rename the Miami Dolphins here!
  149. OT: It's over! 11 yr olds pics doom Clemens
  150. Should Jetman73 be Banned from JI?
  151. Mark Gastineau tougher then Joe klecko
  152. Warfish - the Band
  153. OT: What JI posters look like topless.
  154. JetsBabe, watch out for BB
  155. Me on YOUTUBE
  156. Favre to Retire?
  157. Queer Eye releases Kressley - Sign this Beast!
  158. We should be on the phone trying to Trade Pennington to the Vikings !!!!
  159. Is Mangini right in not changing his sytem to fit his best players?
  160. Official FREE Jets Free Agency Thread.
  161. *****Official 2/29 FA/Rumors/News Thread*****
  162. +++++The Mostest Officialist Free Agency Rumor Mill Thread/Discussion Forum++++++++++
  163. The Official I Promise Not to Post Again Until We ACTUALLY SIGN OR TRADE SOMEONE
  164. Jason Fergason a dolphin?
  165. It's 12:04, Why haven't we signed anybody yet!
  166. I told my brother Jon Vilma was a mistake...
  167. Think of what Jenkins would have meant for 4-3
  168. Paging CBNY
  169. Jets Screwed Up on Faneca
  170. Does this sum up the way Jet fans are feeling tonite?
  171. RUMOR:Jets and Faneca agree on a 4 years 32 million dollar contract
  172. Fins sign Pace - Jets A Joke Franchise
  173. Isn't It Nice Talking Jets Football with No Chowds?
  174. I know better!!
  175. Leinart done in AZ?
  176. OT: Ten bucks says Ellen Page is a lesbian
  177. Jets Contact FB Tony Richardson
  178. Randall Gay signs with Saints
  179. Rams Sign Randy Moss??
  180. what a haul for the jets today
  181. 25yr old ILB NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowler traded for a 4th rounder
  182. The Tx "Rain On Our Parade Thread"
  183. Does Tanny and Mangini read JI
  184. ~ ~ ~Swedish chicks Kelly hangs out with ... and some irrelevant football stuff
  185. Brett Favre...Sign this Beast!!!!
  186. Why Pennington chose to be called his MIDDLE name "Chad"
  187. latest internetz craze: lolChads
  188. Woody Johnson panicked
  189. Now We Know It Was Chad Who Said "He's Like An Egg Back There"
  190. When is the New West Side Stadium for the JETS Opening?
  191. Ban All Idiots Who Post Garbage On This Board
  192. OT: The BigBensAngel7 she works it
  193. Ughh.. I cant stand it...
  194. Tom Bradys Secret to Success
  195. OT: Honestly, would you cheat on your wife, if?
  196. Board Issues?
  197. curtis loften
  198. Good news for people that are eagerly awaiting jetsrule128's return
  199. yeast infection
  200. HessStation (Broncos) OTC
  201. Ty Law
  202. Bring back Yeastinfection
  203. Tom Brady's beard (Gisele) exposed - she likes it black!
  204. Chad DESERVES to start!
  205. Rate My Baseball Fantasy Team
  206. OTWoman files lawsuit against AA because man next to her masturbated while she slept
  207. nevermind..... dump this thread.
  208. More greedy player?
  209. Teh Haloz Pwns Ssbb
  210. OT: Wonder Woman..Ever Wonder?
  211. OT: Why so many damn OT threads?
  212. Ot-ok Who Did This...i Am Pissed Off
  213. Broncos agree to two-year deal (Not D-rob)
  214. Ot: Death
  215. Disgruntled Jets fan here..
  216. Season Ticket Waiting List is now *Free* to Join, Jets to refund $50/yr fee
  217. Matt McGuire's Pre-Draft Analysis for NYJ
  218. My 1000th post...
  219. Coles gets his extension.
  220. Question for Pauliec
  221. Drob trade is official & Jets are close to dealing Pennington too Minnesota
  222. best song eva
  223. new to tha site
  224. OT I rarely post funny stuff but..........
  225. turncoat: becoming a pats fan
  226. regarding my earlier post
  227. OT: Ever sharted?
  228. The Pats cheated for years, therefore, Mangini...
  229. OT: Did Coke rip off this earlier commercial?
  230. Hey, what's up?
  231. to tha mods
  232. Jenkins: "This is a great organization"
  233. Dolphins negotiating with Jake Long
  234. Official CurtisMartin 28 thread
  235. Do you want CurtisMartin 28 Gone? A poll.
  236. What to do with Tx' Testicles
  237. Who are the bigger JI trolls, Chad first fans or Pats fans?
  238. I just booked my hotel room........
  239. OT: Picture of PatsFanTX found!
  240. Megan Fox's boobies
  241. THREE reasons to draft Matt Ryan.
  242. 2008 mock schedule revamped
  243. stop dumping
  244. late introduction
  245. since naming rights are so popular....
  246. Which troll was more annoying?
  247. Is now the time to trade Kellen Clemens?
  248. Jordin Sparks
  249. I Love Mel Gibson
  250. happy 420