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  1. Interesting
  2. Bongo come home
  3. pennington was being rested last year
  4. Chad
  5. OT: Weird things you spanked to when you were a kid
  6. Jake Long to the Doltfins
  7. Possible new home for DROB
  8. Seahawks-perhaps a surprise move
  9. bon jovi or mayer
  10. Whats the deal with ryan?
  11. Pats trading up with chiefs
  12. Could the pats trade up to chiefs for long
  13. OT: Biggest Double Poster Ever ?
  14. Pats fans are Assclowns
  15. Whatever happened to...
  16. wtf? a conditional 2009?!
  17. A Last Minute Pleading to Eric
  18. Ot: This Thread
  19. Chad wins a SB with any SB winner the past 7 yrs!
  20. Y wus SuperNewb banedn?
  21. Dont do it Jets...DONT DRAFT MACFAGGIN!
  22. This team does not need "loose cannon" leaders!
  23. Pats will force us to take McFadden
  24. Woody: Dont forget! Tangini interviewed 1500 players!
  25. Jets Fans Had Better Drop to Their Knees and PRAY....
  26. D*mn you Chad! Keller is for you - not our Jets!
  27. Draft 6 QB's in the next 3 years?
  28. Chad: "Garbage Dump Forum Best Ever!"
  29. Next Jets Move?...Sign Bret Favre for 1 year!!!!
  30. Worst draft ever ... so far?
  31. The Jets 6th RD Pick {#171} will be ....
  32. I'd rather have...(and other assorted wannabe GMs)
  33. Vernon Gholston, it's been a while..
  34. The thing that worries me about Gohlston:
  35. Pat FanTx has made this board unreadable.
  36. if this thread reaches 1,000 posts by midnight, the jets win SB
  37. Who wants to see TX banned for life?
  38. Who wants to see Slikmo banned for life?
  39. Who wants to see CTM banned for life?
  40. I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus Thread
  41. Is moga a doctor
  42. Is Chad Pennington the worst thing that has ever happened to the NY Jets franchise?
  43. SALARY CAP info. ~ ~ ~
  44. Ham: I'm disapointed with you man where is Part II
  45. Any one Have A Bidet
  46. Baked ziti or lasagna?... (part deux)...
  47. How the Pats Cheated Using Same-Game Video
  48. Kobe=garbage
  49. Jets Cheerleading Squad Open to Drag Queens
  50. OT: This is just wrong. Why Japan? Why?
  51. OT: Jets Headquarters Lacking Office Space?
  52. Why didn't we try to sign Suggs?
  53. OT: Major Prostitution Sting In My Area
  54. What did we learn today?
  55. I have a question for everyone here.
  56. The official I pledge to ignore TX thread!
  57. The Official "I pledge to stop whining" Thread
  58. The official "I want to create an official thread" thread
  59. if brady became a jet right now...
  60. Mangini: Pivotal Witness?
  61. Karma: Jets taped signals link (ESPN)
  62. match.com good idea bad idea
  63. Jets Tape signals too (Karma Baby-Wiggy)
  64. Chad wins the toss, already has the lead...
  65. BAN ERNIE ADAMS from Jets Home Games
  66. Since you all salivate over Matt Walsh.....
  67. Peyton should have at least 2 more SB's rings...
  68. If Belichick died today of a heart attack.....
  69. OT: Do the Mets serve up HR's to Jeter for MLB?
  70. WARNING: Jets photos reveal important message
  71. The ACM, The Clemenites and the Manginas...
  72. Why do we give TX so much heat...
  73. OT: Insult the poster above you
  74. OT: Is Marion Barber the sopne of Marion Barber?
  75. Next person to start a sopne thread gets banned
  76. OT: Time for a new windows... haha!!
  77. Hey guys im done here for a while.
  78. $500 Reward for info on snake abuse...PLEASE HELP!!!
  79. Buffalo Bills Cheer leaders Work Outs
  80. OT: Should Jetfan16 allow JI to unban him, and again grace JI with his presence?
  81. Who is the best...
  82. Last Jet you want to see have an injury?
  83. I've Been Too Hard On Chad
  84. WARNING: Ultimate Intensity!!
  85. The Idiot Thread
  86. Has Chad been traded to the Argonauts yet?
  87. Start both qb's
  88. Forum Rivalry
  89. Dragons Are On MOnday Night Football Tonight
  90. ANOTHER Patriot linked to Oxycontin dealing
  91. What could have been...
  92. Drunk Postning
  93. Sexy time...
  94. I challenge Chad Pennington to be the best QB in the CFL this year.
  95. The Retarded Police Man Loves Boobies!!!!
  96. OT: Salvia divinorum
  97. Having A Lousy Fathers Day - Thanks, Chad.
  98. Myy top 10 Rock/ Pop songs of all time (60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's)
  99. How much would someone have to pay you to be in an ED commercial?
  100. Not a single NFL team ever made a Chad inquiry?
  101. OT-The 'I got high' thread
  102. Funny video
  103. Jets continue to get no respect (Bullock)
  104. OT: Kobe . . Tell Me How My *** Tastes
  105. i <3 ben
  106. The Jets have now Quaterback
  107. Joe Klecko- dead to me.
  108. You know you've got Gonorrhea when...
  109. OT: Show your cooking skills! (merged with "Man collects urine" thread)
  110. Is Maddona dating A-Rod?
  111. Woody: Why Don't You Change to NJ Jets NOW?
  112. Roy Williams arrested for animal cruelty
  113. Jets Stadium
  114. Samwise's Farewell Thread from November 2006
  115. Hot And Humid July 4th - Thanks, Chad.
  116. Who wants to see a pic of the chick I met last night?
  117. Watch this video and try not to laugh
  118. OT: Under-rated Movie Quotes
  119. Gholston : BUST ? ? ?
  120. Hi all, longtime reader 1st time poster (& Welker Vs. Coles/Cotchery)
  121. RUMOR- Bret Farve to the...
  122. Who's Drunk
  123. Penny versus Clemmy part dos...
  124. Chad Rally
  125. Farve to Bucs... Garcia gets cut...Would you?
  126. OT: A-Rod in trouble again, lawsuit.
  127. OT: Operation Prank Kaysar
  129. Chad should start!!! /sarcasm
  130. Official ALL THINGS Brett Favre thread (MERGED and UPDATED THRU 8/06/2008)
  131. ** AFM Official Registration Thread **
  132. Will Favre go into the Hall of Fame as a Jet?
  133. Official ALL THINGS Chad Pennington/Toronto Agronauts thread (MERGED)
  134. Favre to Jets "ABSOLUTELY DEAD"
  135. Please lord help the ACM...
  136. CWO needs to get some mod support around here...
  137. The Official Un-Official Angels vs. Yankees thread..aka boycott Tyler Durden's thread
  138. Censorship at JI
  139. OT:Stereotyped
  140. Response to JTHM
  141. A-Rod and Madonna Sex Tape
  142. Penington, Ratliff and Ange...
  143. John Lynch
  144. Why is Soylent Jet Green so Tasty?
  145. Is Chad really that much better than Glenn Foli?
  146. Chad's winning this thing and he won't look back...
  147. So many posters so little brains.
  148. CWO have you no SHAME
  149. What do we do if Farve pulls a Plummer? (knock on wood)
  150. Let me be the second to say, "THANKS CHAD and GOOD LUCK" (Revised ACM Edition)
  151. Finally No More Chad!!!! There is a God!!! Wahoooooooooooooooo!!!!
  152. Pennington to New England
  153. So Does Chad Go to AFL OR AF2
  154. FAVRE at 75% >>>> Chad at 110%
  155. Curtis Martin Threatening To Come To Jets Camp - Told He's Not Wanted
  156. Will Favre pull a Belichick?
  157. seriously though, mods are weak sauce
  158. Why geting Farve will be a failure.
  159. Pretty obvious after tonight's game, that
  160. The Official Favre is spelled F-A-V-R-E not FARVE
  161. The OFFICIAL when will Favre shave so he doesnt look like old man winter thread.
  162. The official Ratliff should start over Favre thread!
  163. What If Favre does not pass his physical at noon?
  164. Favre a Jet..great, how bout Madden Curse
  165. Did Brett Pass His Physical?
  166. Best fit for Chad is Minnesota, worse fit the Pats
  167. When will we retire #10??
  168. Ot- a banned member discussion forum
  169. Fireman Ed
  170. Favre killed TX...
  171. Congratulations JI on being the #4 trafficked board for football
  172. Is Brett Favre Overrated?
  173. Pennington is one of the 10 best players in Jet History
  174. Chad Pennington amazes me
  175. Vernon "The Ghost" Gholston is a bust
  176. I'm back from my 10 day ban and here is what I have to say.
  177. Ranking Favre (girls and me only)
  178. To the guys that scream BUST after 2 pre-season games....
  179. US Leads All Countries In Medal Count
  180. OT: Kobe24jets' identity revealed?
  181. Official Anquan Boldin "PIPE DREAM" thread
  182. I'm back from my 10 day ban and here is what I have to say.
  183. Is Farve a dipper?
  184. Time to call them New Jersey Jets!!!!!
  185. Cut Ratliff, he sucks.
  186. We should trade Coles to Miami ( no rumour)
  187. OT: **** YOU Verizon FiOS.
  188. If we win back to back SB with favre at the helm...does he go into the Hall as a Jet?
  189. what's the most dangerous or nasty thing you would do......
  190. Moga's Been Banned
  191. hmmmmmm
  192. 1 week.
  193. I owe you guys an apology...you were right...
  194. OT - NY baseball Rainout question
  195. Marino overrated compiler...
  196. OT: Fountain Soda vs. Bottles/Cans
  197. This game sucks.
  198. So, why is DBrick starting and Leinert not?!?
  199. Chad v Favre
  200. I love delusional jets fans!
  201. Game is proof that Pennington is not NFL starter caliber
  202. Game was proof why we needed to dump Noodlearm
  203. The Official Thread for Fin Fans...
  204. at meadowlands today...
  205. Left the ban on PatsfanTX.......
  206. Matt Kassell is dead meat...
  207. patsfantx: ahahahahahhahahaha
  208. How to Get SPECIAL NEEDS ON HOME GAME (merged x 3)
  209. To Jets Players Who Read This Site: Tell Coles To Quit Being Such A B*TCH!! Thnx!!
  210. OT: More cowbell.
  211. Pennington's arm poses challanges for Dolphins- Palm Beach Post (Merged)
  212. It Seems Rumors Of The Pig's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
  213. Chad Pennington wins this game
  214. At what point do the Jets bring in Ratliff
  215. Herm wins this game
  216. Chad Wasn't the Problem.
  217. Mangini Neutered..?
  218. As Jets fans, what is the most devestating loss
  219. Farve will be a Viking next year
  220. **Green Bay Packers Sub-Forum**
  221. Would we take Brady?
  222. Kenyon Coleman = Disaster
  223. Discuss threads = Disaster
  224. Where is Vernon "the Ghost" Gholston = Disaster
  225. Team stats: Goglston= 0 tackles?!?
  226. Is Ben Graham the sopne of Billy Graham?
  227. Why Are We Still Discussing Chad?
  228. The Jets will be 0-4 at the bye Week
  229. OT: pauliec for Mod
  230. Favre stating he could have been on the Pats if he had been more patient.
  231. OT: My sister, and her friend = Spoiled.
  232. Optimize Windows
  233. Forget the Chads Ronnie Brown named starter
  234. Official Anti-Favre thread
  235. Two Words
  236. The Official Eric Mangini is on the HOTSEAT thread
  237. I've never been more embarrassed to be a Jet fan
  238. Same Ole Jets
  239. Woody Johnson
  240. Wow...lets Move any post critical of the Jets
  241. Who is the More Embarrassing Jets HC: Rich Kotite or Eric Mangini?
  242. Chad has to be...
  243. Jets Friggin' Rock - They are Awesome
  244. Dear Woody
  245. No creativity whatsoever.....
  246. I wish Quincy Carter was still QB
  247. Arizona will destroy the Jets
  248. Gholston gets 8 tackles, or Keller gets 250 yards?
  249. One Word: Embarassing!
  250. jets superbowl bound