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  1. C-o-w-h-e-r !!
  2. Mark it Down.. This is Mangini's Last Year!
  3. I remember telling you meatheads what kind of trouble we would be in if Jenkins
  4. Get Rid of Coles NOW!!!
  5. The Jets Offensive Line is Garbage
  6. Any New Nick Names for Maniginueous?
  7. "The Ghost" Gholston Actually got a Tackle
  8. Ot - Are Your Check Marks Missing?
  9. IF Jenkins misses 8 + Games with Injury
  10. Celizic shares his love for the Jets
  11. Pennington should be gloating
  12. Favre to quit????????
  13. George W. Bust
  14. Charles Haley was one ****ed up dude....
  15. The Brett Experiment will Fail
  16. OT:Guys! Post your wife's / Girlfriend's cup size here.
  17. What if the VP debate turns into a Miss America Pageant
  18. Favre Is The Problem So Far
  19. Get your hopes up
  20. Eric Smith is an IDIOT
  21. Today's game shows why Mangini should be fired
  22. OT: please, question only for homosexuals!
  23. Jenkins out for season
  24. should we sign michael vick
  25. OT:Official FF2 banning discussion thread
  26. confused by women.....again
  27. Favre...
  28. Man shoots own arm after being denied sex
  29. PatsFanTX Appreciation Thread
  30. Nailin' Paylin
  31. Sarah Palin is a...
  32. Is Barack Obama a Christian?
  33. Sbiii?
  34. Semi OT: Staten Island Man (SBIII?) Resuced by his cat.
  35. semi-OT: i was alsp in the news today!
  36. if the jets lose.look foward to the draft in april
  37. Counterfeit Jets Jerseys VS authentic Jets Jerseys
  38. Jets Babe WRONG! Johnnyjet RIGHT!
  39. JohnnyJet Predicted the Jets Win
  40. Bring on the RAAAAAIDERS! Jets Win Baby!!
  41. Teh Ghost Is An Outrage
  42. How about just football on the main board?
  43. who can tell the difference between genuine and fake
  44. I'm losing my hair and I need someone to tell me its OK thread.
  45. opinion Question: Is It TRESPASSING If The Gate Is Open?
  46. I'm still here.
  47. ot kanye killed hiphop (merged yo)
  48. Happy Birthday, Jets Babe
  49. OT: I met Mangini today!!
  50. jetsrule128 vs. kobe24jets
  51. With Pennington Jets Win Shell Game
  52. Jets just lost the game on missed FG
  53. predicting the future
  54. interesting pennington stat
  55. ot is lil wayne dead?
  56. Jets could be 5 and 3 with CHAD PENNINGTON too- Newsday, Glauber
  57. farve looks old and tired
  58. More Sackdance99 Nonsense
  59. Coin Toss?
  60. "Landing Strip" = "Everything Else" Forum, One and the Same
  61. Was anyone on ji sitting in or near section 328 or 329 row 19 today
  62. The Patriots will lose to the Jets, Cardinals and Bills to finish 10-6.
  63. Who will the Jets release for Ty Law?
  64. ot:why it's important to wear a jockstrap
  65. Pennington....
  66. OT: Palin offered $2M to appear in adult film
  67. Pats may sign Justin Miller if he clears waivers
  68. //,
  69. If this thread isn't dumped or locked or deleted, Jets will LOSE to the Pats tomorrow
  70. How will the Jets react after a killer Favre interception
  71. Favre will lose this game for the Jets
  72. No way Chad wins this game.
  73. What sucks more than Tom Brady's gympy leg?
  74. feely is cockeyed
  75. TX's bitter side is REALLY showing.
  76. Ban TX
  77. free christmas money
  78. NFL Network - Alex Flanagan and Lindsay Soto
  79. AT - After Titan Era
  80. League officials celebrated with Jets?
  81. The Official "Bongo, where you at?" Thread
  82. Day Off Or Practice
  83. The two Possible Outcomes for this season
  84. Is it posssible?
  85. What Would The Jets' Record Be So Far With Chad Pennington As Starter This Season?
  86. I Know Why The Jets are 8-3
  87. OT: I found a seasonal job.. YAY me.
  88. Anyone else very confident about Broncos game?
  89. 2 Free Tix and Parking For Today's Game With Some Rules
  90. Predict: How many pass yards will Cutler throw?
  91. THIS is why Mangini should be fired!!!
  92. Gary Meyers (1949-2008)
  93. Bench Coles!!!!!
  94. How about them Jets?
  95. This is a site for tools
  96. What Was The Point Of Signing Marcus Mason From The Ravens?
  97. OT: Who was on here when jack the ripper used to post
  98. Can we get rid of kelly?
  99. Will SBIII Ever Post on JI Again?
  100. i just saw my bro makin out wit a dude
  101. OT: I am not kobe24jets
  102. He's not going away quietly
  103. OT: watch OJ get sentenced
  104. On my way to Gang Green
  105. Ot Manny Manny Manny
  106. Chad Pennington > Brett Favre
  107. Are you all ready for this
  108. BREAKING NEWS: Joe Benigno from WFAN on Suicide Watch
  109. Flipper Anderson selling his Mercedes-Benz on eBay
  110. WFAN's Joe Benigno rescued by police
  111. I have the answer to your problems!!!
  112. Sunday will be crazy
  113. OT: Oprah fat again
  114. yankees suck
  115. Giants will Do Nothing In The Playoffs
  116. done for year
  117. OT: Lion's fan found dead...disturbing story
  118. It's Time For "The Bad Chad Pennington Game"
  119. Notice to Mangina and crew watch the Raven / Pitt game
  120. Week 16 @ Seattle!?!?!?
  121. Justin Miller- 2 KO return tds in 3 weeks.
  122. The Official "I hope Brett Favre retires" Thread
  123. Is 2008 about to be Pennington's 1st Injury-Free Complete Season?
  124. Would you trade Favre for Chad prior to week 17?
  125. Hey TX..........
  126. 2008: WORSE than The Spike AND Mud Bowl!!!
  127. J! T! E! S! Just End The Seasonnn!!!
  128. We'll breeze by the next two games...
  129. Mike Tyson, Nose Tackle?
  130. OT: Interesting article and pic of FF2® and TX...
  131. how tall is ya
  132. If we lose in Seattle, would you like to see Cowher in week 16?
  133. Sutton stripped of defensive playcalling, Mangini takes over
  134. Brett Favre TD Passes
  135. ATTN: All Chad Haters/Favre Worshippers
  136. Happy Holidays from Boston
  137. Official Where Are U Hiding Sar1 Thread
  138. WFAN's Joe Benigno in police standoff as we speak....
  139. Message from Jets Fans to Brett Favre: GO **** YOURSELF
  140. Jets will CRUSH Miami...and the stadium will be ROCKIN'
  141. Message from Jets Fans to Brett Favre: GO **** YOURSELF
  142. trade 4 donvan mcnabb
  143. Move the Jets to Los Angeles in 2010
  144. Official Bret Farve Conspiracy Thread.
  145. The Best WR On The Jets IS
  146. Come on Jetsies a little payback for 2002
  147. Favre & draft picks for Pennington?
  148. Chad Worshippers: Your Thread of Threads
  149. Hoping for a BIG Jet Loss Tomorrow
  150. Chad Pennington Is NOT that Good
  151. Suggestion for Jets Insider
  152. lol some dad tryed 2 kill me
  153. Last Jet's game ever?
  154. mangini / bellichick conspiracy
  155. Dink And Dunk With Chaddy P
  156. Does Mangini Still Do His 2:35 Presser Today?
  157. Anyone Hoping Favre has serious arm problems??
  158. third INT: coles' fault.
  159. CHFF Pennington League MVP
  160. Mangini now 0-2 naming his children after peers....
  161. What About Weylan Harding As The Next Jets Coach?
  162. What About Tony Bowick For The Next Jets Coach?
  163. Parcells, Belicheat, and Mangini
  164. Woody and Tannenbaum: Lovers?
  165. Francesa reporting Steeler Lineback Coach Butler Will Be The DC
  166. Jests Choose Tanenbaum Over Cowher
  167. Do Black guys hate Favre?
  168. Mangini planned for his firing? (Cleveland job)
  169. Cowher: Jets are Dysfunctional
  170. Pats Mayo DROY
  171. darkhorse candidate?
  172. Mayo defensive rookie of the year...Gholston..
  173. Thousands pack the streets of New York City....
  174. Latest Jets article: I poo gold
  175. Dan Gheesling For Jets Head Coach(I AM SERIOUS)
  176. Tannenbaum lied to us, now what?
  177. KSK on Pennington
  178. JETS have been HIJACKED
  179. Why Was Herm Traded And Not Fired?
  180. Now both Belichicken and Penguin will deplete our talent for years
  181. OT:Who Should Be The Albany Firebirds Starting QB On March 27th
  182. The Jets Take Gholston instead of Flacco
  183. Good News, Pennington Fans!
  184. What is Your Sexual Orientation?
  185. Woody Johnson's Lesbian Daughter's Catfight (Homo)
  186. The World’s First Gay Super Hero
  187. Who is the biggest "Hater" on JI
  188. Better Poster, Ruby2 or Jetspennyfan?
  189. OT I hate you a little bit more than I hate myself
  190. Jets BLEW Leinart
  191. Jet's job will killl Ryan! Heart attack?
  192. Jets Fans You Can Try Out For THe Albany Firebirds
  193. Poll: Gruden Or Ryan
  194. OT: Vatican -- 'Homosexual behavior' on the decline in seminaries
  195. Bring in JoePa!
  196. OT: Who do you want for the next NY State Senator?
  197. Pro Football is fixed -- Part Deux
  198. Would "Pass Interference" have been called on the Jets D?
  199. This is what a role model looks like......
  200. NFL Franchises never to reach the "Super Bowl" *updated*
  201. Our President Barak, has got the moves ladies and gents!
  202. Why Sackdance99 deserves to be banned.
  203. If You're Obama, What Do You Change In Sports?
  204. HOW MANY GOOD - GREAT QB's Can the Jet's let Go ?
  205. What team does this guy play for???
  206. Temper Your Excitement JI!!!
  207. OT: Smoking Hot Brazlian Super Model has legs and hand amputated.....I'd still hit it
  208. Would the Jets give up a 1,3,&5 this year & 1 & 3 next yr for Stafford
  209. Is Bellechic the new Marty Shott?
  210. NY Senator Joseph Bruno Facing 20 Years for Corruption (think he took Dolan's money?)
  211. Who will have a better December '09 - Jets or Browns?
  212. let's say we cut gholston's dumb a@@; salary cap....
  213. TOM BRADY-Yeast Infection (unverified rumor)
  214. Attention BONGO
  215. How much do the Jets suck? More bad news.
  216. OT: I've never had a thread dumped
  217. OT: Dad loses job, slaughters whole family.
  218. Is Nate McLouth a good defensive CFer?
  219. What About Trading for QB Chad Pennington?
  220. I just threw up
  221. Any freeakin' MODS in the HOUSE? HELLO?!? "Herm PWNS JETS" needs to be destroyed
  222. OT: Shumer is a MORON
  223. video - no shocker
  224. for intimate JET FANS
  225. Funniest Video Ever! CLASSIC!
  226. ot lol who made that fake kobe facebook
  227. POLL: How Much Do Jets Have in Cap Space?
  228. Favre to Unretire???? Yahoo Rumor?? Crazy
  229. It's 12:09, WTF is Tanny and Rex waiting for!!!!
  230. Bradways Drafts still haunt us!
  231. Is the Lito thing done?
  232. Coles Visits Bengals
  233. The pauliec vs. Warfish Thread
  234. request/suggestion
  235. Which JI Setup Do You Prefer?--Part 2
  236. It's Official: OT Threads Are Welcomed Back on the Landing Strip
  237. How to make it last???
  238. Kerry doesn't think we need Cutler via twitter
  239. This place blows.
  240. 32green is a cancer on the hangar.
  241. The first rule of "the Hanger" is...
  242. Anagrams: Jay Cutler = A Curly Jet
  243. What would happen if......
  244. TRADE ? ? ? : jets to get cutler ? ? ? (Just fan conjecture)
  245. Is it now official? Does Teh Hangar suck?
  246. Good Vibrations... but you know, without the Beach Boys.
  247. My Ding-a-Ling
  248. Dirtstar should be starting a thread any minute now....
  249. Gholston could improve with Rex, Pettine and Bart Scott's help.......POSSIBLY
  250. cocaine: St. Patty's Day's special little helper.