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  1. The 2009 New York Jets are...
  3. i was right again!!!!.....sanchez sucks!!!
  4. if i were one of those dolphins..
  5. Woody Demands Plush Suite for USS New York, the 9/11 Navy ship.
  6. would rex ryan have led the jets to victory if..
  7. cut justin miller and sign pacman
  8. Let's try out Usain Bolt
  9. The official "Mariano Rivera should be the Jets QB" Thread
  10. Mike Nugent....
  11. The Carrie Prejean Masturbation Video
  12. The Top 4 Of idOl Have All Released Theyre FIrst Singles
  13. 2010 has to be walls to the balls... lol!
  15. When Will DWC2 Start a New Thread Again?
  16. When Will DWC2 Start a New Thread Again?
  17. When will FF2 start a new thread about DWC again?!?
  18. Jew Kelli O'Hara lands dream job singing God Bless America before food fight
  19. If the Jets can build around our young talent, our Offense can be special....
  20. will THIS CRAP ever stop?
  21. Posting live from the game re: Jinx
  22. season over.....sanchez still stinks!!!!!
  23. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted this year.
  24. New Game: Name The Jets Next FAT HC...
  25. Football Logic Screwed Us
  26. Ciao
  27. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats just tied it up with the BC Lions!
  28. Rex Ryan = Wannstedt
  29. Rex is a bust
  30. Look on the bright side Jets fans
  31. I don't suck, YOU Suck.
  32. Lynne Stewart gets three hots and a cot
  33. Serious questions for some Jet fans around here...
  34. Jets Front Office
  35. I make myself miserable holding my farts, do you?
  36. Is it just me? Or are alot of Jet fans around here being hard on this team?
  37. LockeJet: Internet Innovator
  38. 11/19/09 - FOX News Glenn Beck To Focus On The Mess Here In New York State!
  39. The economy, healthcare, terrorism? None may be as big a challenge as China
  40. jets should seriously look to shanahan
  41. When In Doubt, Play the Race Card
  42. How fat will Ronnie Brown get?
  43. Rudy running for Senate
  44. The harping all over & bashing of Kerry Rhodes around here is freaking ridiculous...
  45. Is President Obama doing a quality job, old chaps?
  47. Would you ever vote for Sarah Palin to be President
  48. I'm going to the strip...
  49. Political Thread...
  50. Read it....and weep!
  51. John F. Kennedy
  52. The three main reasons why I believe strongly in a Jets W over the Patriots tomorrow:
  53. J is for JINX
  54. Kerry Rhodes tackles like a girl!!
  55. What if Mangini beats us?
  56. Poll: Week 12: Rex Motivational Tactic
  57. Chris Johnson is going to do something historic this yr.
  58. More Crying and Talking By Jets Players
  59. Change of dir...
  60. Woman Sees Image of Jesus on Her Iron
  61. Kerry Rhodes with an I-N-T baby!
  62. Will Rex eventually turn Sanchez into Trent Dilfer?
  63. Farewell thread...
  64. Banned
  65. Poster Power Rankings
  66. yo wood-yee!
  67. An Open Letter To Rex Ryan: Operation Sanchise 2009
  68. WOW!! lol what a bunch of duchebags there are on this site!
  69. Rex to make major overhaul in 2010 (insider)
  70. What does Rhodes want to do after this season?
  71. Some Jets Fans have Grown Accustomed to Losing
  72. Poster of the year awards here on JetsInsider?
  74. The OFFICIAL Thread for ACM to FINALLY Admit Being Wrong and Chad is Better Thread!
  75. List of Banned Posters Available?
  76. Anyone think calling Darrelle Revis, Revis Christ is a little overboard?
  77. ESPN: Sanchez keeping Jets out of playoffs.
  78. Merril Hoge: Randy Moss did not take one play off.
  79. Al Franken- POS
  80. The OFFICIAL Patriots @ Bills and Dolphins @ Titans gameday thread.
  81. Sanchez wearing UGGs for the game??
  82. big mistake in starting sanchez
  83. Sanchez Too Stupid To QB an NFL Team
  84. 3 more picks to add to the collection...the suckchize!!!
  85. If we win out we actually have a decent chance to still get in.
  86. Sanchise or Suckchize!!
  87. jim leonhard stinks
  89. Breaking News! 2009 Jets Team...
  90. Joe Willie's dogs
  91. DBake
  92. rex's mouth will get his players hurt..
  93. Give Sanchez a pass when he loses this sunday
  94. Could the Jets be playing for the 6th seed of the AFC playoffs tomorrow @ 4:00?
  96. It's OFFICIAL - Jets control their own destiny!
  97. If we win were the #5 seed
  98. With todays loss to the Colts?
  99. 2010 DRAFT!
  100. we all knew the season was over last week
  101. Does Ainge get any shot in '10 if Sanchez blows Bengals game?
  102. Peyton is great. Made Revis look ordinary.
  103. Will Rhodes Play 100% Against Ocho
  104. *IF* we beat Cinn, how to stop Welker?
  105. Does Edwards avg. 1 drop per game? If so...
  106. As a Jets fan: I'll be pulling for the Steelers to make the playoffs as the 6th seed.
  107. Official Mike Francesa discussion thread (MERGED)
  108. rhodes does not want to be a jet...
  109. So, Raiders90210, what happened to the Raiders being better than the Jets?
  110. Why was I dumped?
  111. could brad smith be a starting q.b?
  112. Congrats to Brett Favre MVP
  113. Isn't this the same goon...
  114. For anyone who thinks this is a "Passing league": Think again.
  115. The "I Know We're Going To Lose Today, We're Definitely Going To Lose Today" Thread
  116. PUNTER... Either REX or Tanny dropped the ball here
  117. schotty should be fired at halftime
  118. Sick Sick Sick of Braylon!!!
  119. Weatherford Irregular Heartbeat (merged)
  120. Asking the Jets to beat the Chargers AND Colts might be asking for too much.
  121. Did Anyone Else See the Beginning of a Dynasty on Saturday?
  122. The Westchester dude who named his kid
  123. Hot dogs anyone?
  124. Dream for Ny JEts ends Sunday
  125. Richardson Out Sunday? what happend?
  126. if the jets go on to the super bowl
  127. Enjoying The Last Night Of The Season
  128. The "I Know We're Going To Lose Sunday, We're Definitely Going To Lose Sunday" Thread
  129. ***Predict Today's Score***
  130. Carrie Rhodes = J-O-K-E, JOKE, JOKE, JOKE
  131. SOJ Isn't Dead Until We Win Three Playoff Games In A Row
  132. God wants the Jets to win the superbowl
  133. If we had Favre with this defence we'd win the SB
  134. Who do you want to play in the Superbowl?
  135. The Perfect Human Manning deserves failure esp. against the Jets: Here's why!
  136. It's Official!!! Manning leaves wife, ties knot w/ Dierdorf in undisclosed location
  137. Does it hurt more the deeper you get in the playoffs, r we settin ourselves up??
  138. Would Mark Sanchez be the worst starting QB is Superbowl history?
  139. NYdaily news Diary of fireman ed
  140. Football Outsiders's article on Greene/Sanchez - Don't Read Around Sharp Objects
  141. Mark Sanchez is the next Jamarcus Russell?
  142. Coach of the Year?
  143. The Colts will not score less than 20 points
  144. The most clutch kicker for the JETS in their postseason history ..
  145. Okay, what's the deal with Squirters?
  146. If the Colts go up by 2 scores can the Jets come back?
  147. I just had a vision from God, I think. Jets to win sunday
  148. i am 100% when i guarantee a win!!!
  149. were going to kick their a$$ tomorrow!!!!
  150. I said weak link DB's & Refs will cost us! (mid finga)
  151. Manning will be on every commercial the next 10 years :-)
  152. Nnamdi in 2010!!
  153. Keep Or Leave The 61 Man Roster
  154. Be Honest ...Did You THink This Team Would Go To The AFC championship Week 1 ?
  155. Congrats To Kyle Devan And Brandon Renkart
  156. THat Was Not Brad Smith First Throw As A Jet
  157. A Good Song To summarize The Jets Right Now
  158. Rhodes for Asomugha anyone?
  159. Official Hampur 2010 Draft Forum®
  160. Rhodes on SNY was a peanut brain
  161. Revis & Namdi trying to play TOGETHER!!
  162. Just one man's opinion, even though he doesn't account for their cheating
  163. Chad is willing to return as a backup
  164. phil simms must be gagging on tom brady's c@*k......
  165. off topic, I know - YAHOO FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE
  166. Mangold snowman!
  167. Patfan TX's "The Cheating Strip!!" -- a separate thread to discuss Patri*t football
  169. C. Had Pennington
  170. Patterson resigns as NYS Gov
  171. Pennington re-signs with Dolphins
  172. Hey DWC, Cromartie...
  173. Paul Raymond Signs With...
  174. Nick Collins? (First and third round tender)
  175. 2003 drafy revisited
  176. Sorry Gato
  177. LOL @Bleacher Report
  178. Non football news related to Rex
  179. O/U TJ 12.5 TD
  180. O/U: Number of O/U threads started by BleedGreen
  181. Paranoid Belichick is losing his mind.......
  182. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!! too funny for L.T.
  183. completely false, unverified rumor: Jets were set to Aqcuire Peyton Manning...
  184. Help SAR Find His Hoodie, The Sequel
  185. Belly's daughter looks like an O-Lineman
  186. Check out the NY Times on Woman's Lacrosse
  187. So how exactly are JI/Jet Nation linked
  189. Patriots HC: Too Many Drug ADdicts On Pats; Time TO Clean Up Drug Problem
  190. Big news people big has been charged.
  191. Calvin Johnson
  192. Greene placed on the DL with rib problem
  193. Mark McGrath Is Engaged and Expecting – Twins!
  194. Even during Mets calls, Francessa trashes JETS.
  195. In The Interest Of Winning And Selling PSL's...The Jet's could get Roethlisberger On
  196. Did The Jets Just Stick it to Francessa and WFAN?
  197. Picture this: Jets win the Super Bowl, cover of SI has Taylor holding the lombardi
  198. chad pennington on chopped food network now
  199. Rumor: Leon Washington to Steelers for Draft Picks
  200. Fatcessa comments on the schedule
  201. Jason Taylor: "I get a $50,000 bonus if I knock Chad Pennington unconscious..."
  202. They're calling him Xerxes...
  203. Leon Will Not Be Traded.
  204. East Coast story!
  205. Shut down the board to guest traffic...
  206. Seymore for jets 2nd?
  207. Kyle Wilson clip
  208. How will the Filthy Stinkin' Cheaters screw up Round 2?
  209. Taylor Mays blasts Pete Carroll
  210. Too Funny, Pats new TE
  211. The trade for Leon might Not be worth it
  212. Watch Fatsenca rip us today.
  213. QB Grothe's football future still up in the air
  214. AThomas released from Patsies
  215. JetsSkins....
  216. More Sour Grapes From LW...
  217. Uh, oh, trouble on the Super Bowl bus
  218. Brad Smith at Safety
  219. BB Rookie Training - Patriot's Way
  220. Warning this is going to piss u off!
  221. Tom Brady hair update
  222. With Friends Like this, Who Needs Enemas?
  223. Man dies after friends insert eel up his....
  224. What's up with black people at the movies?
  225. Test Scores Show Obama Supporters Have Low IQ
  226. Baseball sucks
  227. Is Rex setting himself up for disappointment?
  228. Domestic violence: Duluth Program
  230. made me smile
  231. DYNASTY
  232. 5 Reasons why the JETS will win the Super Bowl this year- Bleacher Report
  233. Gameday Thread: Boston Red Sox @ Tampa Bay Rays. ESPN - 7:10 Start Time.
  234. Would You Fellate Yourself If You Could?
  235. Def, Off and ST Win Championships
  236. Jets Special Teams could lead them to the Super Bowl!!
  237. Mark Sanchez gay?
  238. Mark Sanchez and Lance Bass Double Team Bon Jovi
  239. This OFFENSE is seriously in position to lead us to Championships
  240. top 10 QB to watch in the 2010 nfl season(bleacher report)
  241. If U need a laugh or to vomit-read this
  242. One of the worst articles I've ever read
  244. Now it's Jeff Ireland's turn to run his mouth . . .
  245. What Happened to PatsFanTx?
  246. Darrelle Shavar Revis
  247. "I'm Having Darrelle Revis Contractions"
  248. If You Have 1st Row Upper Level YOU HAVE A BIG PROBLEM...
  249. " . . . the Jets will be a disappointment this year. Mark my words. " ~ ~ ~
  250. S. Browne: "Revis will finish career as a HOUSTON TEXAN"!