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  1. Corzine Gave $470,000 Loan to Head of Union (his girlfriend)....where's the MSM????
  2. Troubled student or terrorist??
  3. A Great OpEd: Racism Reversal?
  4. GOP Senate bans prisoner abuse
  5. Coulter on Mier nomination
  6. An Interesting Article on MADD and Freedom in America
  7. Terror-alert rises in nyc subways
  8. NYC Increases Subway Security After Threat
  9. Do you like pix of Bush kissing Saudis?
  10. Ayman al-Zawahiri: AQ faces defeat in Afgahnistan...bad news for liberals
  11. Clinton's trying to squash Investigation of IRS intimidation??
  12. I don't even know what to say about this...David Frost
  13. Brooklyn Bound
  14. Soros Fingerprints On DeLay Frame-Up
  15. Abortion - an unwinnable battle?
  16. (OT) Police Salaries - NYC & LA!
  17. The criminal media- funnier by the second.
  18. Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name
  19. Songs with social or political commentary
  20. Brunswick coach resigns after team prayer is banned
  21. Yahoo! banning chatrooms that promote sex w/ children
  22. more Bush cronyism
  23. This is just sad
  24. Pot grows brain cells?
  25. how about this guy?
  26. Tillman was against the Iraq war and other things...
  27. Cops dying at incredible rate
  28. NBC discovers holy men!
  29. Ronnie Earle's Witchhunt takes yet another blow- what the lib-biased MSM won't report
  30. Harriet Miers is a dumb butt kisser
  31. Bush's life in danger? Secret Service moves in.
  32. Delay to be booked, fingerprinted
  33. Venus Express
  34. Faso announces candidacy for NY Governor
  35. Who is this going to help?
  36. Some food for thought: Ralph Peters
  37. Question Everything
  38. Enviromentalists lawsuit claims Navy sonar beaches whales and dolphins
  39. Saddam Pleads Innocent, Gets Into Scuffle
  40. if ID is a theory than so is astrology
  41. An evil corporation watches profits drop....
  42. NBA Dress Code and Whiny Players
  43. Sheehan Trashes Hitlery...Callling Her A WarHawk
  44. Rove and Libby must be worried
  45. Do The Clintons Care About Anyone Other Than Themselves?
  46. Polar ice-cap thickens: more proof of global warming
  47. Powell aide blasts White House "Cabal"
  48. More Liberal Media Hatred Of The Military
  49. Why We Should Wipe Iran Off The Face Of The Earth
  50. Name The Liberal Hypocrite Quiz
  51. Liberal Media Alters Condi Rice Photo
  52. Violent Al Franken Skit
  53. Harriet Miers withdraws
  54. Largest Profits Ever.
  55. Indicted for lying?? Once again a double standard
  56. Indictment of Scooter??
  57. Weakness under scrutiny
  58. ACLU wins a round against the WOT
  59. if FoxNews had been around throughout history
  60. Scalito it is!
  61. Libby Testimony
  62. Jarhead Movie
  63. Mike Wallace on Larry King
  64. Iraqi soldiers toast media for biased coverage on CNN
  65. Lost cause - Iraq
  66. CBTNY Where is my apology?
  67. Muslims being Profiled at the Meadowlands
  68. ahhh...romance
  69. When did politics get so ugly?
  70. The Hypocrisy Of The Do As I Say, Not As I Do Crowd
  71. Muslim Giants Fans!
  72. American Conservative Article
  73. Katrina... The Wrath Of Bush.. Michael Moore-On's New Movie
  74. China to the moon for helium-3
  75. More Proof The French Are Spineless Jellyfish
  76. Anybody here actually see Jarhead?
  77. Acetone in gas - huge MPG boost?
  78. Where is Bin Laden
  79. Democrat Wins Red Virginia Governorship
  80. Hope everyone voted yesterday...
  81. Close the borders, before it's too late...
  82. Ah-nold vs the Voting Machine
  83. they grow em ignorant in Kansas
  84. Jordan protestors against al-Zarqawi
  85. Screwin...ahem I mean supporting our troops
  86. Criminal liberal-MSM\NY Slimes at it again....
  87. "In 5 mikes we're going to drop Whiskey Pete"
  88. Happy Veterans Day
  89. Robertson: God May Smite Down Town....
  90. Bush decision to go to war will dicate his legacy
  91. NBC smears the Minutemen?
  92. A must see classic....the dims in their own hypocrisy: In color!
  93. Fiscal Irresponsibility
  94. Wonder if the mainstrem media will pursue this
  95. Woodward exonerates Rove\Cheney- shoots down much of Fitzgerald's case
  96. Why did the 9/11 Commission ignore "Able Danger"?
  97. Congressman John Murtha gets it right
  98. Vice-President Cheney gets it right
  99. Clinton gets it WRONG (again)
  100. Isolationism coming back into style
  101. Vatican Astronomer: Intelligent Design Not Science
  102. DemocraticSingles.com
  103. Whats Wrong with Cutting and Running
  104. al-Zarqawi dead??
  105. Shrillary: "Leave Troops in Iraq"...then indicts bubba...
  106. Twisting of Pre-war Intelligence. What the Criminal Right Wing MSM wont report
  107. Media in cahoots with the dims?? Fuhgetaboutit.....
  108. Jazeera fury over 'U.S. bomb' memo
  109. Palestine
  110. BushCo. to outline Iraq pullout
  111. Ramses Clark- Yet another filthy liberal
  112. Had to Share this
  113. Iran earthquake
  114. Saddam is gone. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!
  115. Criminal Liberal Media Crops Sheehan Book Signing Pic
  116. I'm back.
  117. Liberals lose......again.
  118. Biden proves what hypocrites the rats are....
  119. Saddam: you've always been a bad man
  120. The RT Strategies Bomb
  121. The lib media won't print this....it goes against their agenda
  122. Windfall Accounting Tax
  123. Hillary Clinton (aka Sith Lord) joke
  124. The joke that is Terry McAuliffe
  125. "That's not my job"
  126. How can we win?
  127. Sky Rockets in flight, Afternoon Delight
  128. Silence?
  129. The Barrett XM-109 Sniper Rifle..
  130. Silence?
  131. Ramses "Filthy liberal" Clark meets his hero to defend tyranny
  132. Mr. Walter?
  133. Good news/bad news for Delay
  134. Has anyone seen this?
  135. How To Tell Democrats From Terrorists
  136. Right to Life: Part II....No Outrage or Congressional Acts Here?
  137. Die...Tookie .....Die
  138. It's sad nothing's changed in Afgahnistan....
  139. The Vietnam War veteran the lib-media pays no attention to...
  140. Hanoi Jean Kerri having an acid flashback??
  141. Howard "dizzy" Dean- the Embodiment of liberal defeatism....
  142. Slandering U.S. forces
  143. The Party Of Defeat
  144. Mike Wallace on George Bush
  145. Recruiting Rates Up Militarywide; Army Targets New Veterans- the story the MSM forgot
  146. Why Isn't this a hate crime?
  147. Why the current Iraq strategy is wrong
  148. Campaign Finance Reform
  149. Diebold CEO Resigns
  150. Unlimited Government
  151. The Save Tookie Nuts From the Left...Funny Stuff
  152. Since everyone on here supports our Troops...
  153. Will Jesse,Al,Louis and Kayne Apologize To Bush?
  154. A history lesson for liberal defeatists....
  155. Badges we don't need no stinking badges
  156. Robert Kennedy Jr- another "practice what I preach- not what I practice" lib
  157. Libs won't be satisfied until the terrorists win!
  158. Iraqi's flip the dims a purple bird...then tell them "go to hell"
  159. Good Article on Oil Prices in today's WSJ
  160. Terrorist murderer of Navy hero released by Germans...
  161. Bubba's assistant AG: President had legal authority to OK taps
  162. Twas The Night Before Christmas...The Tookie Version
  163. You may go on as nothing ever happend.
  164. Bush's Beautiful Middle East Vision is taking Shape
  165. The distorted view of the liberal mind
  166. the onion is funny
  167. Public Enemy #1
  168. Anti-Scottish Descrimination.
  169. Panel: S. Korean Faked Stem Cell Results
  170. Season's Greetings
  171. I didn't come from no Monkey!
  172. The World According To The Left
  173. Wall Street/Investing - 2005 & 2006!
  174. The 2005 Commie Pinko Awards
  175. Gotta love the criminal liberal media
  176. Eliot Spitzer
  177. Thoughts about the NY Times Spying Article Affair
  178. Iran has the bomb....you know who to thank...
  179. Preacher's wife a little huffy on plane?
  180. A little more info
  181. The spying operation the lib-MSM conveniently forgot about
  182. Afghan veteran chastises rat-icon Murtha; criminal media barely notices.....
  183. Harry Belafonte Calls Bush 'Greatest Terrorist'
  184. Karzai invites the Taliban to talk.
  185. Wacky!
  186. Pretty Sweet that we live in a world where this happens
  187. Fat Teddy writes kid's book??
  188. Prediction Time - Alito
  189. Pretty Cool Read
  190. Kerry's Criminals': Democrats on Trial
  191. Anyone a nerd like me watching the hearings on CSPAN? & Why his wife was crying
  192. Justice for the Kilt wearers!!
  193. Pakistani Military Sources Say Zawahiri May Be Dead
  194. Another example of wonderful Islamic faith:
  195. Another kennedy....another hypocritical lib...
  196. Hillary - Republican Congress Like A 'Plantation'
  197. Nixzmary Brown
  198. Afghanistan 4 years after taliban
  199. Good to see 'staying the course' is paying off....
  200. Bad news liberals- OBL wants truce....
  201. Chirac Hints At Nuking Terrorists
  202. Michael Moore-on already crappin in his pants over Canada's pending election....
  203. More Hypocrisy From Hitlery
  204. The Culture of Hypocrisy continues from the liberals
  205. Anyone else scared of the impending future?
  206. Scooter doesn't want a speedy trial.
  207. Israel Warns... Iran Faces Destruction..
  208. New study shows voting machines flawed.
  209. Shameless Ted Kennedy "sinks" to new low
  210. Canada wakes up to new Conservative government...Liberals lose again!!
  211. Wiretapping revisited
  212. Ethanol as viable energy source?
  213. The Thin Green Line (Pentagon contractor's report_
  214. Ignoring facts.
  215. The Honorable William Jefferson Clinton
  216. Democracy hypocracy (merged)
  217. Hottest Year ever.
  218. A serious question...
  219. Support Our Troops....With a Bumper Sticker!
  220. Lunatic leftists planning Alito filibuster!
  221. Please don't be true.
  222. No WMDs huh?
  223. Ford to employees: Drive our cars or park elsewhere
  224. George Smith, The Missing Honeymoon Groom
  225. A Defeat for Anti-Americanism....ohh to be a "sophisticated thinker"!!
  226. OT: Ann Coulter
  227. The Culture of Hypocrisy continues....will Newsweak, See BS or MSM touch this???
  228. Slay some liberal weenies
  229. Palace Revolt
  230. The Chimp Gets Stumped By KSU Sophomore!
  231. Rats beginning to devour each other... rats calling drunk ted a "disgrace"
  232. OT: Flight 93 is now on A&E
  233. 9/11 Sister- too bad clinton didn't eavesdrop; 3000 people would still be alive
  234. alito's confirmation and the abortion issue
  235. Alito has been Confirmed
  236. Breaking News .. Alito Confirmed
  237. Time to take a stand for Christianity.
  238. Official State of the Union Thread
  239. The True Face of Islam
  240. Support some troops in a tangible way...
  241. Bush: US would defend Israel against Iran
  242. Clinton popular among Arabs
  243. Hamas landslide reveals more about left than palestinians
  244. The Liberal Nightmare Begins..
  245. Just another reason why I luv Dubya...
  246. Religion vs Science
  247. Restraint vs. Integration and how does it pertain to the Arab world?
  248. Another Lie From Horse Face Kerry..
  249. Mohammed cartoons uproar- is Mohammed a "Jets" fan???
  250. Indian Warrior Laid To Rest.... Powerful Images