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  1. Mitt Romney's Evangelical Problem
  2. Expert: Waterboarding is like drowning
  3. Bush Vetoes Spending Bill
  4. OT: Spitzer to Drop His License Plan for Illegal Immigrants
  5. NASA Sees Arctic Ocean Circulation Do an About-Face....uh-oh, cancel that oslo trip..
  6. Don't be Surprised if Mike Huckabee raises 1,000 trillion dollars in one day!!!!
  7. Friedman: Oil Prices, Gas Tax, Energy Policy
  8. Ron Paul's Campaign $$$ haul???? A criminal act...
  9. Obama says he has no Illinois records
  10. Good Tancredo ad that media is freaking out on
  11. Haditha
  12. Ron Paul 2008 - A Prelude To The Presidency
  13. State Department security chief recuses self amid Iraq/Blackwater scandals
  14. CNN is a disgrace
  15. Religious Scholars Mull Flying Spaghetti Monster (CNN.com)
  16. Questions about Carville and CNN
  17. U.S. 9th Circuit Court hands White House a huge victory....
  18. h20
  19. The Montford Point Marines 'Make Us Proud' (The First African American Marines) video
  20. Jeb wanted to give licenses to illegals.
  21. Mike Huckabee's New Ad - Chuck Norris Approved
  22. Constantines involvement in editing the bible
  23. Huckabee is getting all the important endorsements
  24. McClellan book admits wrongdoing in Plamegate
  25. A possible answer to embryonic stem-cell research?
  26. New Vets website
  27. Liberal media again bends over for the rat wing...
  28. I am an Animal
  29. Hillary "as president again" ... she can't wait to "get back into power" again
  30. OT: if you were running for president.....
  31. Rats no slouches on congressional pork
  32. Batter up! SCOTUS steps to plate on 2nd Amendment
  33. taser incident, was the officer justified ?
  34. A Good Reason To Shop At Sears This Christmas
  35. Best Man for the Job: Republicans
  36. GREAT DEBATE: Chris Hitchens Vs Dinesh D'Souza
  37. It's been a while--
  38. OT: I need some help
  39. US is‘worst’ imperialist: archbishop
  40. 74% Want Investigation Of Giuliani's Deadly 911 Dust Lies
  41. DemoCraps Will Do Anything To Get Elected....
  42. Royal Saudi Scum Tortures Woman
  43. Obama's senate files "thrown out"???? How convenient......
  44. Rudy Giuliani, Disciplinarian
  45. Kevin Dubrow/Quiet Riot found dead
  46. Putting Youtube videos in your posts?
  47. The Economy: A House of Cards
  48. Most Important Issue that ALL candidates are avoiding
  49. Ahmadinejad offers to be an observer at US presidential election
  50. Huckabee: America Enslaved to Saudi Oil
  51. Not Enough Parking for Private Jets Going to UN Climate Conference
  52. Texas oilman sentenced to year in prison
  53. Lobbyist are running this country.
  54. Taxes. Who Pays, How Much, How Much is Enough?
  55. Congress Called Near Compromise on Fuel Economy Bill
  56. 12 Army Captains
  57. Republican debate right now on CNN
  58. Miami Police are not being honest!
  59. Anyone remember we are fighting in Afghanistan?
  60. The Gay General at the Debate Last Night works for the Hillary Campaign
  61. How many GOP plants at CNN dem debates?
  62. Study: Canadian Beer Drinkers Threaten Planet
  63. Climate Change Brings African Disease to Europe
  64. Sean Taylor article from Jason Whitlock, Very good article.
  65. Why did NYC Taxpayers have to pay for Rudy's trips to his love nest on LI when he...
  66. Citing Statistics, Giuliani Misses Time and Again
  67. Murtha admits defeat on the surge.....
  68. Religion of Peace at it again...
  69. failing the country
  70. Ron Paul on Going To War
  71. Hostages taken at Clinton's N.H Campaign office
  72. Wall St. Sees Silver Lining in Economy
  73. This country
  74. Mike Huckabee lying about illegal immigration?
  75. Virginia's Webb, Back From Iraq, Calls for Increased Diplomacy
  76. Chaves loses vote
  77. The most obstructionist minority in the Senate in regards to filibustering goes to:
  78. Senator Craig lies to the U.S. and to himself.
  79. Paul: Republicans Face Certain Defeat With Pro-War Candidate (vid)
  80. U.S. Says Iran Ended Atomic Arms Work
  81. Cuomo-Spitzer & Indian Point Nuclear Plant- Liberals at their finest!!!
  82. Republican Platform: Common Sense
  83. Big Boost in Energy Science Sought in Letter to Elected (and Aspiring) Leaders
  84. Instant BillO Classic
  85. The Stunning Reality of Voter Fraud
  86. Huckabee: Faith, Science and The Presidency
  87. Where'd the "Join Rudy" link go?
  88. Ah, the Irony....
  89. Huckabee: The US is not a democracy, it's a Chucktatorship!
  90. Questions about Democrat race
  91. Ron Paul Leads the Republicans in the Wall Street Chatter Chat Room Presidential Poll
  92. A Message From Ron
  93. Iraqi Troops 'working out' (?) with the Marines
  94. Romney is screwed
  95. Subprime Mess---Govt to the rescue---
  96. Ho Ho Ho
  97. The attack on Christmas
  98. Nebraksa Mall Shooting...
  99. NIE 'Fact Checked" GWB Lied (video)
  100. 2008: Holding Democrats Accountable on War
  101. Did a Movie Director find OBL?
  102. teen pregnancy - up!
  103. There They Go Again
  104. Capitalism is a great thing--too funny
  105. Christopher Hitchens on Romney's Faith Speech
  106. Understanding a "billion"
  107. Newt Gingrich Says...
  108. Clinton volunteer asked to resign
  109. Column: Kidding Ourselves About Immigration
  110. Libby dropping appeal.
  111. $681 trillion in derivatives
  112. And so it begins...
  113. Waterboarding probably saved lives, Abu Zubaida cracked in 35 secs.
  114. Fed cuts interest rate a third time
  115. hair long beautiful hair
  116. The Official Iowa Caucus Prediction Thread
  117. Study: Part of Global-Warming Model May Be Wrong (FOXNews.com)
  118. Muslim man kills daughter
  119. OT: It's a Girl!!
  120. Did Kucinich drop out of the race?
  121. Bahgdad Bob McDermott does it again- liberal hypocrisy at work!
  122. Iraq IG being investigated by FBI
  123. The New Mike Huckabee ad... thoughts?
  124. Rudolfo on Illegals - 9/7/01
  125. Obama vs Hillary
  126. OT: Why Hilary? WHY???
  127. The Ron Paul Revolution Discussion Thread
  128. Clintons and their Saudi friends
  129. Blowback’ on the CIA
  130. Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth
  131. Obama's naivete
  132. Dims lose their attempt to get American taxpayors to fund overseas abortion....
  133. Corzine signs law ending death penalty
  134. Romney's dog story
  135. Mike Huckabee wishes you a Merry Christmas
  136. Who owns your candidate?
  137. Time's 2007 Person of the Year is...
  138. Who is your least favorite Republican Candidate?
  139. Who is your least favorite Democratic Candidate?
  140. Political Compass
  141. It Is Better To Give Than To Receive
  142. "Democrat" as a slur
  143. Mukasey cuts off White House access to information on probes
  144. The Green Party Candidate!
  145. Video game violence leads to youth violence
  146. More Criticism of Obama from Krugman
  147. More on our "sorry" economy
  148. Rag New York Times Retracts Smear Story On Rudy
  149. Attorney Wants Criminal Charges Against Insurer
  150. Why isn't this guy being fired?
  151. Benazir Bhutto Dead {merged}
  152. Richard the Chicken-hearted
  153. Why is Joe Biden not taken seriously again?
  154. NYC homicide rate on pace for record low
  155. Benazir Bhutto on 11/3: Osama bin Laden is dead
  156. Leyritz arrested DUI, Vehicular Homicide (Alcohol Legallity Debate)
  157. Huckabee links Bhutto to ... immigration?
  158. Obama advisor links Clinton vote and Bhutto death?
  159. What price Oprah? (backlash against Obama??)
  160. Founder of Comcast will get paid even if he dies.
  161. Bill Kristol joins NYT
  162. Obama's grandma lives in a hut in Africa?
  163. Come on guys, stop using slander names
  164. Do you hate the media?
  165. Catholic Church training hundreds of new exorcists
  166. Anyone else outraged by this?...
  167. 2007 Mainstream Media Quotes
  168. Really, really good (nonpartisan) take on the 2008 elections...
  169. OT: Suffolk DA drops Martin Tankleff murder case after 17 years in prison
  170. Interesting Stats on the MSM Effort to Black out the Edwards Campaign
  171. First Lady Time: Experience for Running for Office, or Not?
  172. Hawkeye Caucus Results
  173. Did anyone see
  174. David Brooks on the Iowa Results
  175. The Official New Hampshire Primary Prediction Thread
  176. Huckabee's Campaign Headquarters
  177. Question for Huckabee supporters (mainly about religion in politics)
  178. Is there any easy place to compare candidates on issues?
  179. Has The Ron Paul Effect Sunk Rudy & Hillary?
  180. The Revolution will not be televised
  181. Personal Issues, The Issues That Affect YOU Directly?
  182. Leftist Lawyer keys Marine's car
  183. Cuban embargo
  184. Two Iraqi Soldiers Tackle a Bomber... Saving Others.
  185. Bookies declare Obama winner
  186. The Most Meaningless Words of Campaign 2008
  187. OT: Chicken in the water
  188. Wyoming Caucus Results & Delegate Totals (1/7/08)
  189. Blogging from beyond the grave
  190. Iowa & New Hampshire: Representative of Conservatism?
  191. Elizabeth Edwards v. Chris Matthews
  192. Hillary Falling Apart
  193. Iron My Shirt! Hillary-ous
  194. Media Bais and Selective Outrage Over Potentially Offensive Words. Does it Exist?
  195. A scary prospect for the Republicans...
  196. Check out this college class subject...ridiculous.
  197. Larry Craig files a brief to be able to remove not guilty plea (again)
  198. Can't stop the dragon lady
  199. When Will Rudy Wake Up?
  200. How Long do the Second Tier Candidates Last, and Who Will They Help?
  201. The Official South Carolina Primary Prediction/Discussion Thread
  202. Did the Clinton Machine pull a fast one?
  203. OT-Katrina victim sues U.S. for $3 quadrillion
  204. Rudy Giuliani to Unveil ‘Largest Tax Cut’ in American History
  205. Evans-Novak Political Report...post NH Primary
  206. If you're still not sure who to vote for try this
  207. Stephen A Smith Is A Racist
  208. John Kerry Scheduled To Endorse Obama at 11:00 AM
  209. Speaking of 1968...
  210. Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch Predict 2008 Recession
  211. "Ron Paul '90s Newsletters Rant Against Blacks, Gays" -- CNN.com
  212. Al Sharpton------> Racist Dick
  213. Kookcinich demands a recount!!!
  214. SC Debate (1/10/2008)
  215. Jimmy Carter's Onion Op-Ed on America's Problems
  216. OT: the media and informal election polls
  217. Video of Iran Provoking US Navy
  218. Glenn Beck: America is bankrupt
  219. war deaths
  220. Krugman on the Economy and the Candidates
  221. Help getting non-biased info
  222. A Friendly Word of Warning Regarding Politics Forum Behaviour
  223. Neo-con logic illustrated
  224. The candidates on the issues: chairs
  225. So I voted today....
  226. "Edwards' Daughter Hit by Drunk Driver" -- CNN.com
  227. Mary Jo Kopechne's Mother Dies
  228. great headline
  229. Conservative Talk Radio Hypocrisy??? Or Not???
  230. Pelosi Pushes Expensive Food (Merged x1)
  231. Meanwhile, in Iraq...
  232. I don't know the solution, however...
  233. Video: ''I got a crush on Hillary''
  234. Meanwhile, in Iraq part II
  235. U.S. Dominance in Science and Technology at Risk, Report Says
  236. Your Take on the Candidates: McCain
  237. "Limbaugh twice used word "spade" during discussion of Obama" -- Media Matters
  238. Ex-Congressman in terror conspiracy...
  239. Huckabee wants to change the constitution, Why? Because "God" is not happy with it
  240. Bob Grant: Lifetime achievement award revoked.
  241. Welcome to the latest Bush Recession...So far this is the 3rd one for this family!
  242. Thank you, Alan Greenspan
  243. British News Report on Scientology -- very disturbing
  244. Liberal Hatemongers
  245. Shocked to learn this:
  246. Hostility in the form of a fat s**t with a press pass
  247. ***Welcome to George Orwell's 1984***
  248. Stephen A. Smith is on MSNBC
  249. Personal consumption is not the key to economic success
  250. In Matters Big and Small, Crossing Giuliani Had Price