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  1. MSNBC Election Coverage is a Joke
  2. Should we drill for oil off the coastal United States and in Alaska?
  3. Energy Guzzled by Al(Fraud)Gore’s Home in Past Year Could Power 232 Homes for a Month
  4. If Bin Laden is apprehended, does he have constitutional rights?
  5. Democrats vote no, on drilling.
  6. Obama on "Whitey"
  7. In Pictures: Yemeni government targets civilians in Sa'ada
  8. Obama = "Change"
  9. Another Poll Finds Obama Leading In Historically-Red Virginia
  10. Gallup poll confirms majority of Americans favor diplomacy with Iran
  11. 2008 Harvard Commencement Address (this one is real, I promise)
  12. PW's Bonus Quote of the Day
  13. The NAFTA Superhighway. Your Thoughts.
  14. Just follow the money to understand why.....
  15. Muslims Barred From Picture At Obama Event
  16. The Joke Called the Canadian Justice System
  17. Who are the Gitmo prisoners?
  18. China Raises Gasoline, Diesel Prices 18 Percent
  19. Mr. Smith Goes to War With KBR
  20. Hundreds swept up in mortgage fraud arrests
  21. How is del Martin and Phyllis Lyon Going To Destroy America
  22. The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution
  23. Obama chooses winning instead of keeping his word
  24. DC Madam: Suicide or Murder? You be the Judge.
  25. McCain on Offshore Drilling — a Sad (and Costly?) Saga
  26. Many gas station owners cheating motorists
  27. Jesus and the Dinosaurs!
  28. Obama and McCain - Electoral vote Poll
  29. John McCain's Connection to Big Oil (vid)
  30. Isn't it Time
  31. Uh oh
  32. Economic Bubbles and The Federal Reserve's Failure
  33. "Ohio Teacher Burned Cross on Students' Arms" FOXNews.com
  34. Is the Tyranny of Right-Wing Radio Coming to an End?
  35. NEWSWEEK Poll: Obama with 15 Point lead over McCain
  36. Obama Gets Caught Telling Another Lie
  37. The "Politics of Fear" must stop! It's beneath us.
  38. Obama tied to Big business lobbying on energy
  39. Put oil firm chiefs on trial, says leading climate change scientist
  40. The Direction of America: The Right Direction, or the Wrong Direction?
  41. Numbers "Petraeying" a lost cause in Iraq
  42. A Heartfelt R.I.P. to George Carlin
  43. Obama’s Shifting Positions on Iraq: A Rezko Connection?
  44. Russert + Carlin = A Serious Blow For Democracy
  45. Playing on our Fears to Win an Election?
  46. Don Imus Strikes Again
  47. September Clues Documentary
  48. Karl Rove's "country club" comment...
  49. This is what a Police State looks like!
  50. Conservatives/Librerals
  51. This is the kind of Police State we need here!
  52. McCain announces running mate.
  53. Pakistan: A bigger problem than Iraq and Iran combined
  54. Laurel Hester and Gay Marriage
  55. Anti-liberal bias found in Justice programs
  56. Iowa Questions
  57. wow....just...wow
  58. Supreme Court Rejects Death Penalty for Child Rape
  59. Idaho GOP Convention: Too Liberal?
  60. Obama's Social Security Fine Print
  61. John Mccain: It would take a WWIII to institute a draft.
  62. Exxon off the hook for $2 billion in punitives
  63. The Price Of Food: 2007 - 2008
  64. Do you have a question for Nancy Pelosi?
  65. As violence subsides in Iraq, network news covering it less
  66. Explosions in WTC 7 BEFORE Towers 1 & 2 even fell!
  67. U.S. to lift some sanctions against N. Korea
  68. shreveport attorney tommy k. cryer acquitted on federal income tax charges
  69. Poll: San Francisco may name sewage treatment plant after Bush
  70. Obama disagrees with Supreme Court's ruling in child rape case
  71. BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Rules That Individuals Have Gun Rights
  72. "Contracts For Big Oil In Iraq Confirm Earlier Suspicions"
  73. World’s Largest Reagan Statue To Be Unveiled
  74. Governor Bobby Jindal Signs Chemical Castration Bill
  75. The possible President of the United States
  76. Saw this on The Colbert Report, I thought it was hilarious
  77. That didn't take long: Chicago sued over gun laws
  78. North Pole could be ice-free this summer, scientists say
  79. Do you hate high gas prices?
  80. Ron Paul neuters Obama
  81. Bush on Oil 8 years ago
  82. Dim lawmaker "glad" Al-Queda can identify officials...
  83. Bug Poo to the Rescue
  84. Dia
  85. The List of G.W. Bush Conspiracies and Illegallities
  86. Lowest approval rating in history
  87. Obama's FISA flip (candidate for change deceives yet again)
  88. Come back to New York
  89. Special Comment FISA
  90. Ron Paul on Iran & Energy (C-SPAN 6/26)
  91. Concerted effort to control us
  92. Pentagon Sounds Afghan Alarm
  93. TD gets Obama generated "goose bumps"
  94. Congress approved Bush's covert ops escalation against Iran
  95. Liars Round-Up
  96. And Here...we....GO..............
  97. Lieberman: U.S. May Be Attacked In 2009
  98. Will we go to war with Iran
  99. Obama's Principles of Change give way to politics as usual
  100. If All the Conspiracies are True, then Why.....
  101. McCain lacks command experience
  102. New Legal Protections for Prisoners in foreign US bases?- Report
  103. A blueprint for US withdrawal
  104. The sad story of GE Appliances
  105. celeb paperdolls
  106. Liberal gasbag!
  107. The McCain Residences - A GoogleEarth Tour
  108. Obama Flip-Flops- Again!
  109. Gun Control/Law and Suicide
  110. Possible Draft
  111. Obama's Second Chance On FISA (vid)
  112. Wanted: Fox News Fact Writer
  113. Weeb Asks: "Haven't served? How is it (they have) a say in Iraq?"
  114. IJF Thinks Rush is a Dishonest Biased Tool....yet Rush Gets $400 Million Deal Anyway!
  115. Why we can't withdraw
  116. Obama's Loan- Did He Get Special Treatment?
  117. Where Will Ron Paul Voters Turn?
  118. Google Silences Anti-Obama Blog Sites
  119. More from Faux News
  120. McCain Orders Shake-Up of His Campaign
  121. Progress in Iraq
  122. Can you pass the latest citizenship test?
  123. Obama Gives Vets And Military Families The Finger
  124. Something Big is Going On - Dr. Paul
  125. Obama wobbles on withdrawing Iraq troops (candidate for "change" flips again)....
  126. The most important day in the history of this country
  127. A not-so-glorious Fourth?
  128. Minn. Man arrested for selling his vote on eBay
  129. Why does this man deserve our respect?
  130. Obama's Gaza Brigade
  131. New and Not Improved: Is the NYSlimes ready to throw BO under the bus???
  132. Sir Changealot
  133. 550 TONS of Saddam's "yellowcake" removed from Iraq
  134. Messenger's flight reveals water source on Mercury
  135. Mrs. McCain vis a vis Michelle Obama
  136. Bill of Non-rights
  137. McCain Reverts to Balanced Budget Pledge
  138. Animal Abuse....Racially Motivated?
  139. Obama picks 75,000-seat stadium for convention speech
  140. The War Party: Why Neocons Love Joe Lieberman
  141. Obama in Bed With the Teamsters
  142. Vogue cover controversy: coincidence or no?
  143. Was Jesus' Resurrection a Sequel?
  144. Communist Party Backs Obama
  145. OT A Billionaires' Energy Idea
  146. The myth of Ronald Reagan: Coming to your bookstore in 2009
  147. 61-year-old librarian kicked out of McCain event
  148. White House in climate change "cover up"
  149. Attack on the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul
  150. Atheist soldier sues Army for 'unconstitutional' discrimination
  151. New record for Congress
  152. more stupidity from the cardboard messiah
  153. Senate bows to Bush, approves surveillance bill
  154. Jackson wants to cut Obama's nuts off
  155. McCain will go into Iran if elected? Y/N?
  156. Rove ignores subpoena, refuses to testify in congress
  157. Anyone care about Iranian missile testing?
  158. How a national monetary system should work
  159. N.Y. Congressman Charles Rangel Rents 4 Rent Stabilized Apartments at Bargain Rates
  160. France more anti-Muslim than us?
  161. Terrorism's World Capital
  162. People that won't go away
  163. Obama and ACORN- a Troubling Relationship
  164. Would You Buy A Bottle Of Conservatism From This Man?
  165. EPA: Bush League changing the value of human life
  166. McCain closing gap, Rasmussen 1% for Obama
  167. Dem congress does wonders for gas prices
  168. A song for my liberal friends
  169. White House rejects regulating greenhouse gases
  170. Ex-Bush spokesman Tony Snow dies of cancer
  171. Exclusive: No Ice at the North Pole
  172. Tony Snow dies
  173. Another Town Hall Challenge and yet another cop-out from Barack Hussien....
  174. Chuck Schuster to blame for Failure of IndyMac Bancorp..
  175. President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran
  176. Anheuser-Busch agrees to InBev sale
  177. Government by Judicial fiat
  178. McCain not eligible for White House
  179. ICC Files Charges Against Sudanese Prez for Genocide
  180. Obama outraged over this week's New Yorker cover
  181. Bush lifts Executive Order banning drilling!
  182. McCain Does Not/Cannot Use the Internet?
  183. Alabama Republican Attorney General Troy King Caught in Gay Sex Scandal
  184. Gotta love The Onion
  185. John McLaughlin refers to Barack Obama as an "Oreo"
  186. Obama really doesn't get it. I'll vote for Mccain
  187. Obama Speech Before La Raza, and His Views on Immigration
  188. Obama tells NAACP blacks must take responsibility
  189. Obama Looked the Other Way With Slumlord Rezko
  190. Senator Bunning: The Fed, GSEs and Socialism
  191. US Marines in gun battle with Taliban
  192. Why are these products coming from China?
  193. Senators Blast Bernanke on Monetary Policy Failures
  194. U.S. to talk with Iran
  195. Solar Investments
  196. VP Watch: Obama-Nunn?
  197. What geopolitical group are you in? (take survey)
  198. Oil Falls After Report Shows Unexpected Increase in Supplies (Bloomberg)
  199. Obama 57 states remix
  200. McCain looks angry and uncomfortable...thanks to someone else's comments
  201. The Once in a Lifetime "Bash Your Mod" Thread
  202. "Please Don't Vote for a Democrat"
  203. Zeitgeist
  204. Major positive breakthrough with Iran?
  205. Prisoners’ Homecoming a Triumph for Hezbollah, and an Outrage to the Civilized World
  206. Google ad, WTF?
  207. Dems have a plan on energy
  208. The Declining Value Of Your College Degree
  209. The United States Survival is on the Line - Al Gore
  210. GW was right -- iraq had yellowcake uranium!
  211. Anti-surge comments off Obama's Web site
  212. McCain gets Social Security
  213. McCain Surrogate Fiorina Meets With Clinton Supporters
  214. Why healthcare needs to be fixed...
  215. At Last Someone Tells the True Story of 1776
  216. Of Fools and Their Money: How Screwed We Are
  217. anyone believe in these government propaganda?
  218. Ashcroft denies he was pushed out of Bush League
  219. The "bomb" that hit Pearl Harbor
  220. Faster, Washington! Drill, drill!
  221. I'm voting Republican
  222. Texas Gives Finger To World Court
  223. Other "victims" of mortgage "crisis"
  224. McCain planning to be in Senate next year?
  225. Condi's coup: how the neo-cons lost the argument over Iran
  226. Does out helmet have to have a 'NY" on it?
  227. Belief Growing (49%) That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama Win
  228. More pro-BO bias in the lib media-NYSlimes rejects McCain EO after running BO's
  229. What Issues Do the Two Parties Agree On how to Handle?
  230. So, the 2008 election will go like this: ?
  231. Iranian Justice
  232. Drunk is drunk, on four wheels or two, cops say
  233. NBA or NFL?
  234. Obama should pick his photo-ops wisely
  235. Historic first terror trial opens at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
  236. July 4th incident.
  237. The US Economy .
  238. Obama: Ethnic cleansing reduced violence
  239. Apocalypse? No!
  240. Followup to the 4th
  241. Michael Yon: The Iraq War is Over and We Won
  242. 14,107 american soldiers dead in action over 8 years
  243. The Pickens Plan
  244. Obama coming around on Iraq War strategy?
  245. Edwards' Two Fam-, I mean Two Americas
  246. McCain = toast
  247. Bush Green-Lights Housing Bill/Bailout (CNN.com)
  248. I Found the Way CNN Starts this Article Interesting.
  249. Faith-Based Currency
  250. Solar in Space