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  1. See BS covers up for McSame
  2. clinton military deaths link factcheck.org
  3. Antiwar crazies: also HYPOCRITES?!
  4. Obama's Popularity in Europe: Good, Bad or Meaningless?
  5. Poles honour 'Cold Warrior' Ronald Reagan
  6. Court: Student needn't stand for Pledge
  7. Oil Spill Cancels McCain Photo-Op?
  8. Obama's Berlin Speech
  9. And so it begins.....
  10. BO cancels trip to see troops in Germany- says visit would be "innapppropriate"!!
  11. Good news out of Iraq continually increasing
  12. Obama Ono?
  13. Why Obama snubbed the troops in Germany: no photo op allowed
  14. Oil Survey Says Arctic Has Riches
  15. An issue I'd like to see addressed
  16. Pure Genius.
  17. McCain Ups the Ante
  18. Former US Backed/Bush Lackey Iraqi PM Allawi Says Surge Not so Great
  19. Great insight to "The Surge" by a Middle East Historian/Expert
  20. Guard confirms Edwards encounter at hotel
  21. Wisconsin Democratic delegate comes to senses, to vote for McCain
  22. Question For The Mod...yeah that means you 'Fish!!!
  23. Should Republicans take Alexander Hamiltons Advice?
  24. Vanity Fair Gets Into The Act With A McCain Cover
  25. Media Censorship During War?
  26. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Says, Roswell, contact with ET'S and UFO'S Are Real
  27. Smoggy olympics on tap...
  28. Right Wing Radio is an Embarrassment
  29. Bob Barr's latest campaign video
  30. Left Wing TV/Papers/Mags/Movies are a disgrace!
  31. White House projects record deficit for 2009
  32. The Emperor will be the gift that keeps on giving (unfortunately for decades)
  33. Is the media liberal-biased? (Network news broadcasts only)
  34. Speeches in Congress the day the Federal Reserve Act passed
  35. Gonzales Aides Broke Laws in Hiring, Report Concludes
  36. Man shot churchgoers over liberal views
  37. City Council and Ripoff by city
  38. The tide turns in Iraq, major combat ends, peace is in sight
  39. Obama Kaine
  40. NJ Dim Under Child Porn Investigation
  41. celebrity designer nursery
  42. GOP Senator Ted Stevens indicted
  43. World Hunger
  44. House poised to apologize for slavery, Jim Crow
  45. sign Kucinich's impeachment petition by Wednesday night
  46. "You had these opportunities, America."- Gitmo terrorist mocks clinton....
  47. Susan Saranwrap- "Not in my backyard" (more hypocrisy from self-righteous leftists)..
  48. "Barack Obama's Stealth Socialism" - IBD Editorial
  49. Not good...Spector Endorses Obama
  50. Felons Fight for Gun Rights In Wake of DC Ruling
  51. What I witnessed at the Lincoln Memorial, and how it will affect the vote in November
  52. Let's see is BO has the balls to take on his favorite rapper.....
  53. How A General Scolded Donald Rumsfeld
  54. Great Insight Into Iraq
  55. Legislators aim to snuff out penalties for pot use
  56. Legislators aim to snuff out penalties for pot use
  57. Another UN Success Story
  58. When will the media insist BO admit he's wrong?
  59. $42,020.00 Electric Toyota Yaris.
  60. Religious Freedom vs. Patient Freedom (Wash.Post)
  61. McCain campaign accuses Obama of playing race card
  62. Piney Is Taking A Little Break.....
  63. Oil: How Much Taxation is Appropriate Taxation?
  64. GOP Revolt on the House Floor!
  65. Where are the Woodward's and Bernstein's of today?
  66. Barr vs. McCain: Why Vote McCain?
  67. First Iraq, now Oil: Obama flips again and supports drilling!
  68. Why does Walmart favor McCain?
  69. National Healthcare
  70. Alexander Solzhenitsyn Dies
  71. Hooray! The Anthrax "suspect" has ''killed himself"
  72. Just Dick being Dick
  73. Interesting column on the GOP VP pick
  74. Obama vs. Bush, Who Will Be Our Next President?
  75. Obama flips on Strategic Petroleum Reserve, wants windfall profit tax
  76. Is it just me, or is Pelosi a crazy beotch!
  77. Obama backs away from McCain's debate challenge
  78. Novak Diagnosed with Malignant Brain Tumor, Retires Immediately
  79. Questions:
  80. President Obama wants to tap the oil reserves
  81. Major Solar breakthrough at MIT
  82. McCain and Obama Prez would be very similar
  83. Is greed good?
  84. John McCain, More of The Same
  85. "Gang of 10" Energy Compromise
  86. Hospital CEO arrested in health care scheme
  87. So how do you stuff $90k in your freezer?
  88. Free healthcare is the answer!
  89. Why Martin Luther King Was A Republican
  90. Yeah, Americans LOVE their healthcare
  91. Iraqi officials say U.S. withdrawl deal is close
  92. White House Ordered Forgery of Iraq-AQ Link
  93. Canadian Money is Now Worth More Than the US Dollar
  94. War between Russia and Georgia
  95. Greatest movie line ever
  96. Remember when Kerry said he wanted terrorism to be a "nuisance"...
  97. Edwards admits to affair, denies fathering child
  98. Game over mookie: Anti-U.S. Cleric to Lay Down Weapons
  99. Media hypocrisy reaches new lows in Edwards affair
  100. Tough or dirty politics?
  101. Hamptons millions in debt!
  102. American murdered in Beijing!
  103. 10 blocks under police lockdown
  104. Giant Retailers Look to Sun for Energy Savings
  105. How stupid can Meet The Press be?
  106. Blithering Idiot On Youtube
  107. Al Franken seeks to get back more US Iraqi funds
  108. Once Again, The French Embarrass Themselves
  109. How to Stiff the IRS, the Corporate Way
  110. Spanish basketball team poses for offensive picture
  111. Obama Supports Infanticide, but Lies About It
  112. Conservatives resist drilling compromise
  113. Crazy(Racist)Uncle Jerry Has An October Surprise For Hussein
  114. Obama picks up key newspaper endorsement...
  115. Arkansas Democrat Shot
  116. Dems plan for energy 8 years ago
  117. McCain's age problem
  118. Inquiry in Ohio Could Hurt Obama Vote
  119. U.S. Census: Everyone will be a minority by 2042
  120. Should Eminent Domain be used for private development?
  121. NY's Cuomo to make auction-rate debt announcement
  122. American Citizens Caught in Georgia During the Attack Speak The Truth
  123. "W" directed by Oliver Stone...
  124. Musharraf to resign
  125. Brave 12-yo Georgian girl takes on Faux News... They cut to commercial.
  126. Peace Brokered
  127. Federal Government
  128. Saddleback forum- McCain STOMPS Obama...
  129. Now this looks like a movie worth seeing...
  130. Russians Melded Old-School Blitz With Modern Military Tactics
  131. Obama - candidate with more to hide than to say
  132. Despite Assurances, McCain Wasn’t in a ‘Cone of Silence’
  133. In 2000, McCain would have hired Cheney and Rumsfeld
  134. $40bn Putin 'is now Europe's richest man'
  135. Back to school: Shaky economy hits kid
  136. God > Medicne
  137. "John McCain's President, George W. Bush" - Barack Obama, American citizen (?)
  138. obama "where the white woman at?"
  139. Bloomberg Offers Windmill Plan
  140. Italian Govt Struck Deal With Palestinean Terrorists
  141. Is Obama/ I mean "Soetoro" Even Eligible to Run for President?
  142. OMG: Obama and McCain Fatheads
  143. McCain Opens 5 Point Lead Over Young Barry Hussein
  144. Two Women Sentenced to ‘Re-education’ in China
  145. A Federal Law I'd Like To See.....
  146. NC man dies after waiting 22 hours at hospital
  147. Inexperience
  148. will you be able to sell your psl's for a profit?
  149. I have a no-brainer deal to solve the Georgian conflict
  150. Pact Calls for Troop Pullback in Iraq, Officials Say
  151. Obama Brings a Knife to a Gunfight
  152. NBC/WSJ poll: Hillary 49, McCain 43; Obama 45, McCain 42
  153. Coulter pimpslaps Obama
  154. McCain Meets With Bin Laden To Discuss New Attacks on America
  155. Hillary for VP?
  156. McCain unsure how many houses he owns?
  157. obama:he ain't heavy he's my brother
  158. You're no 'only child,' Cindy McCain's forgotten half-sibling claims
  159. Obama picks running mate
  160. BREAKING NEWS: Multiple McCain offices receiving threats, white powder envelopes
  161. Voting for Obama.
  162. Thanks from Alabama.
  163. A Great Big THANKS!!
  164. What "audacity"?
  165. Obama's Historic Campaign
  166. Obama-Edwards?
  167. drudge report:obama/bayh
  168. msnbc:bayh,kaine out of running
  169. My money is on Biden being named tomorrow
  170. It's OFFICIAL... Obama - Biden '08
  171. Inflation is now 5.7%
  172. Biden's Flight Plans...
  173. John Harwood: Biden's Racially-Insensitive Gaffes 'A Strength'
  174. World's stupidest claim of racism
  175. Pick McCain's Running Mate!
  176. FOX Derangement Syndrome Strikes in Denver
  177. Pelosi and her catholicism
  178. Drilling Boom Revives Hopes for Natural Gas
  179. Biden Parody
  180. OT: Michelle Obama (sorry, had to do it)
  181. Report: Plot to Kill Obama at Convention
  182. Joe 'n BO: the arrogance ticket?
  183. MCcain and Daddy Yankee
  184. obama:follow the bouncing ball
  185. It's Official: Hillary to hand the election to McCain tonight
  186. Jimmy(sissy)Carter Calls Obama A Black Boy
  187. McCain's New Ads>>>>Thanks Hillary...Thanks Joe
  188. WHY Joe Biden ?
  189. For all of you dissatisfied with the two-party system...
  190. The Big Letdown!
  191. Hillary's Speech
  192. Is the US 'Losing' in Afghanistan?
  193. Looks Like Obama is not Running the LPGA
  194. Olbermann Goes off the Deep End
  195. Obama Continues His Delusions of Grandeur Tomorrow
  196. Huge Illegal Immigration Raid Nets Hundreds
  197. McCain: sister act II
  198. ABC Reporter Arrested in Denver Taking Pictures of Senators, Big Donors
  199. McCain
  200. O' Hail the Messiah Lord Obama!!
  201. Kerry!
  202. Sickening
  203. As Arctic Sea Ice Melts, Experts Expect New Low
  204. Anthem brouhaha at Stadium
  205. Obama campaign on the offensive?
  206. I was wondering..........
  207. Putin: And awaaaaay we go....(merged)
  208. Obama's words won't matter: the Wilford Brimley factor
  209. Your thoughts on mandatory voting please.
  210. Defense contractor accused of human trafficking
  211. Olympic Champion Shawn Johnson says pledge at DNC.
  212. looks like bushs stimulus package worked.
  213. A little straight talk about this election.....
  214. Obama a celebrity? What movie has he been in?
  215. McCain's Prickly TIME Interview
  216. Obama gives great speach.
  217. OT: Obama speech
  218. Why is experience so important?
  219. John McCain VP Choice (Sarah Palin of Alaska) Discussion (Merged x2)
  220. enthusiasm gap
  221. Obama's Sounbytes of Late Echo Giilliani
  222. NY Times OP-ED (David Brooks) - Right On
  223. Obama's speech seen by 38 million
  224. The Political Experience Thread: Obama (Pres) vs. Palin (VP)
  225. The evangelical vote is on the way...
  226. The Trap Has Been Set For Obama
  227. Wow,
  228. Palin on domestic energy production....
  229. Is Wooten a good trooper? (Palin b-i-l
  230. The Ancient Art of Talking Points....
  231. Song before Palin's Speech...
  232. Alaska Governor Bucks Party, Oil Industry
  233. Should quizzes be used to weed out those who shouldnt vote?
  234. Sarah Heath Palin, an Outsider Who Charms
  235. FOUND!!! Michelle Obama "whitey" speech at trinity church
  236. Was Pallin vetted at all? She was for the bridge before she was against it.
  237. Why I can not support Obama, and why I'm surprised so many do
  238. Two douchebags that should "get a room"
  239. http://www.palinfacts.com/
  240. I just had a realization.
  241. Gustav bearing down on N.O....will probably hit on monday.
  242. Liberal Blogosphere: Who Da Baby's Daddy?
  243. Barack Name is prophetic!
  244. Former DNC Chairman "God is on Our Side"
  245. Biden Tied to Rezko Fraud Figure- Was bad hair plugs ever vetted???
  246. Palin's Short Ciruits Dems
  247. Palin's 17 year old daughter pregnant
  248. Palin was director of Steven's 527 group
  249. Palin Pleased with Obama's Energy Plan
  250. McCain???