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  1. Aide: Obama might keep Gates at Defense
  2. "Dept of Defense killed 5000 prisoners during Katrina" says Presidential candidate...
  3. Just a few Biden gaffes, compliments of the McCain campaign
  4. This is embarrassing
  5. Vice Presidential Debate: Biden vs. Palin
  6. The Official VP Debate Thread - Predictions and Live Commentary
  7. O'Reilly Owns Franks
  8. Governor Palin Is Making Al Davis Look Lucid
  9. One thing they agree on
  10. Who Would You Choose as McCain's VP?
  11. House converts look to be voting Yes on bailout
  12. I have to give Palin credit where credit is due
  13. The OFFICIAL Vice-Presidential Debate Results Thread / Poll
  14. The 14 Debate Lies of Joe Biden
  15. Article: Hail Mary vs Cool Barry
  16. Appreciating Competence and Rewarding Hard Work
  17. The Future: Are You Inspired? Do You Have Faith?
  18. Two guys have a plan to solve financial crisis (funny)
  19. Sarah Palin Debate Flowchart
  20. How can McCain win this thing?
  21. Too Much weight on the VP choices?
  22. An American election conciousness I find disapponting
  23. Dick Morris On Hannity And Bones
  24. Huge Offshore Wind Farm Wins Approval
  25. BWB signs Bailout bill
  26. help with bailout bill
  27. Palin's Latest Fox Interview
  28. franks lover was fannie mae executive
  29. A Question to Free Market Capitalist Guys
  30. Why Obama's speeches sound familiar
  31. Why debate these silly conservatives?? 30 we WIN!!
  32. Palin could be the new Cheney.
  33. taxes
  34. New bailout: If you're under foreclosure just shoot yourself and all is forgiven
  35. Rasmussen Reports: 45% Say Biden Won Debate, 37% Say Palin
  36. What is the most unbiased major news network?
  37. A learner for those who don't understand Gov't basics
  38. Election trends, polling, theories that concern the campaigns?
  39. Equal Access To Credit?
  40. The gloves are off...let the smears begin!
  41. Excellent debate on why we shouldn't tap our natural resources
  42. Excellent debate on why we shouldn't tap our natural resources
  43. Just a Question?
  44. Where I Agree wit Palin...
  45. McCain blew his chances.
  46. Europe holding crisis talks now - Bank failures looming
  47. Tina Fay nails it agan..
  48. Economists prefer Obama
  49. Polls after VP Debate.
  50. real talk..
  51. Caption this picture
  52. Asian Markets Down Sharply
  53. Even Now More Iraqis are Fleeing Iraq than Returning
  54. 1 in 4 mammals at risk of extinction, scientists say----> Does anyone care?
  55. Taliban Severing Ties with al Qaeda - Saudis Brokering Peace Talks (Merged x1).
  56. Dow cratering today
  57. purely campaign
  58. McCain's former treasurer in a Virginian county is an enormous racist.
  59. How bad can a recession get in our current day?
  60. SNL skit on Bailout: FAIL?
  61. I'm sick to my stomach
  62. Political Hate
  63. This forum is VERY close to being shut down
  64. Ohio Homeless Driven to Polls to Vote Obama
  65. Debate #3 mod...
  66. Palin's fake accent
  67. At this point, I can't do it. I can't vote for John McCain.
  68. Iraqi Democracy Screwing Minorities- Including Christians
  69. Palin Goes Negative
  70. The Ultimate Word on the VP Debate - Shame on the Media
  71. Vegas ACORN offices raided in voter-fraud (merged)
  72. Our Way of Life Gone for Good?
  73. Vets Give McCain a "D" For his abysmal voting record on Veterans Issues
  74. Official Sarah Palin Picture Thread -- Post All Pics Here!!
  75. Current betting line
  76. Official Debate Thread
  77. The OFFICIAL Second Presidential Debate Results Thread / Poll
  78. Question in regards to an incident that McCain mentioned tonight.
  79. Ann Coulter is French
  80. Meltdown day for world economy?
  81. AIG Spa Vacation
  82. Obama should push for more Townhall Debates
  83. Obama bums cigarettes on campaign trail
  84. kids say darndest things
  85. Question for McCain supporters
  86. Sen. McCain should wait a bit before pronouncing victory in Iraq
  87. Interesting read, make your own judgements
  88. A new low for the libs, McCain's physical appearance
  89. lol...
  90. Seriously does anyone like either candidate?
  91. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Redux
  92. Interesting take on Palin by a famous feminist
  93. Voter Fraud Investigation in MISSOURI
  94. as a poster at JI..
  95. Pelosi proposing a second stimulus package totalling $150B
  96. where they killed innocent civilians because they were dropping bombs
  97. How Washington coddles the rich...opinion article
  98. How ACORN Registered Pizza Worker 10-15 Times
  99. An interesting take on Obama's experience or lackthereof
  100. McCain/Palin supporters.. how embarrassing
  101. The Experience Question - a useful analysis
  102. Great Op Ed from UK newspaper on Sarah Palin in the debate
  103. JI Political Forum
  104. DOW In Freefall
  105. Palin's mayoral candidacy was endorsed by...who?
  106. Does George W Bush take any of the blame for our economy?
  107. OT: Registration to Vote
  108. OT ---- Collapse of Society?
  109. A Question for those in the financial know....
  110. McCain and his female Sancho Panza - George Will
  111. Will Economy Affect Jets/Sports Ticket Prices
  112. How Will the US Stock Markets Do Tomorrow?
  113. Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe
  114. Just In Case U Guys Forgot
  115. Dems and Reps are both to blame see the non-partisan facts
  116. Illegal Immigrants Offer Aid to Financial Crisis
  117. Report: U.S. spied on Americans' intimate conversations abroad
  118. In Light of the ACORN Situation, a Simple Question
  119. Hannity and his take on the Economy!
  120. Campiagns and Intellectual Theft
  121. Words of financial wisdom from the "Oracle of Omaha"
  122. We are all getting hosed at the fuel pump and we like it!
  123. How it all began......
  124. McCain campaign blames Obama for personally "assaulting" and "attacking" supporters.
  125. missouri officials suspect fake voter registation
  126. kurtz:ACORN at root of financial mess
  127. Barack 'Osama' on Rensselaer County Election Ballots!
  128. Rage driven McCain campaign rallies - CNN article
  129. ACORN Voter Fraud Spreads to Connecticut
  130. Palin cleared herself; bipartisan panel did not
  131. Troopergate: Gov. Palin Abused Her Power
  132. Enough Is Enough
  133. Vote For John McCain because he will...
  134. Vote for Barrack Obama because he will...
  135. Solution to the Credit Crisis: The Return to the Gold Standard
  136. Congrats! We all bought back into the market tonight!
  137. A Look at History: The Great Depression
  138. You know your campaign is doing too well when...
  139. A question to those affiliated with a party
  140. Are we looking at the wrong depression as a comparison?
  141. Ron Paul, Marcy Kaptur, Dr. Dean Baker on bailout
  142. Sarah Palin Fact sheet with sources
  143. Why Would Anyone
  144. I'm Voting Republican
  145. Barack Obama Television Advertising In New York State!
  146. Private sector loans, not Fannie or Freddie, triggered crisis
  147. Should some people not vote?
  148. McCain Campaign Advisory System
  149. Chicago may get 'gay-friendly' high school (CNN.com)
  150. Kinda funny, but watch it for the girl who plays Palin
  151. Foley replacement Congressman has sex scandal
  152. Maxine Waters caught lying about Fannie/Freddie
  153. Obama and Small Business
  154. McCain attended ACORN rally
  155. Trickle Down? Or Trickle Up? Which Economic Model is Better?
  156. Election day in Canada
  157. McCain ranked 894 out of 899 at Naval Academy???
  158. For the neocons who say that a conservative cannot vote for Obama:
  159. Obaman campaigns on Madden
  160. Lol
  161. Poll: Obama Opens 14-Point Lead On McCain
  162. Palin Booed At Rangers Game
  163. Lead Toys, Poisonous Dog Food, and now Tainted Milk for Children
  164. Obama's run-in with a plumber/small business owner
  165. How convenient. US troops kill No. 2 leader of al-Qaida in Iraq....
  166. NYT-As U.S. Gains in Iraq, Rebels Go to Afghanistan
  167. Some Dow nostalgia...
  168. Grim Assessment of Pakistan by NIE
  169. be careful what you wish for
  170. 10/15/09 Pre-During-Post Debate thread
  171. Official Debate Thread
  172. 1 in 3 newly registered Ohio voters has record discrepancies
  173. The OFFICIAL Final Presidential Debate Results Thread / Poll
  174. Congratulation Mr. Obama, You're the Next President Elect
  175. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog wins the spin room
  176. Third Debate Highlights
  177. I'm Proud of America
  178. Secret Service: "Kill Him" claim unfounded
  179. Dick Morris' Predicts the Electoral College Vote
  180. What an unfortunate picture...
  181. Interesting, frightening, telling conversation I heard
  182. US - Iraq Withdrawal Plan Now Agreed to, "Mirrors Obama's Plan"
  183. Obama Clinches Joe Cabernet Sauvignon Vote
  184. There's a joke in here somewhere...
  185. McCain on Housing Prices?
  186. ABC: Acorn fears overblown
  187. For those of you that don't think that McCain = Bush, answer this
  188. J.I. Pre-Election Election Day
  189. Get ready for more economic trouble ahead
  190. Obama & Odinga??
  191. What Is The Future of The Republican Party
  192. Suspicious Items Found At L.I.'s MacArthur Airport
  193. Obama Is Against Christmas?
  194. Fox News Channel Goes HD
  195. "Joe and the Question" - A Warfish Manifesto (tm)
  196. Biden and His Latest Bush-ism
  197. BREAKING NEWS: Colin Powell to endorse Obama Sunday?
  198. Noonan on Palin
  199. Some Of The Racist John McLain Supporters
  200. U.S. Supreme Court Tosses ACORN Nonsense
  201. Obama at the Alfred E Smith Memorial Dinner
  202. Our government is buying into businesses?
  203. Reflections On The Election
  204. Obama compared to Hitler, Stalin, Marx
  205. Chicago Tribune endorses Obama
  206. I got "polled" - and I am sooo pissed!
  207. Anyone See or Plan on Seeing "W."?
  208. What part of the country is not "pro-America"?
  209. AP: Plumber Bad, Ayers Good
  210. Mortgage problem Question -
  211. McCain is going to win
  212. Obama draws 100,000 in St. Louis
  213. Obama Launches Own 'Joe The Plumber' Robocall
  214. 2008: The NEW McCarthyism (must see clip)
  215. ESPN Report: MLB Hotbed of Liberalism
  216. Obama Supporters In the Know
  217. From a Leading Hedge Fund Manager
  218. The real Palin on SNL
  219. Voter Fraud in Georgia, Stealing Votes from the Mentally Challenged
  220. Palin As President
  221. Pelosi- "100% Barack will win"
  222. NC's Dole attacks opponent for having "Godless Friends"
  223. Politics
  224. Voter registration fraud arrest
  225. Ban the political forum
  226. Mark Cuban - Where to Put Your Money Right Now
  227. Hoping to fit in after the succession
  228. what if
  229. Modern American right-wing humor.
  230. http://www.palinaspresident.us/
  231. funny line
  232. Joe Biden Guarantees 'International Crisis' If Obama Becomes President!
  233. On the Redistribution of Wealth
  234. Muslim McCain supporters confront the loons at McCain rally
  235. CNN's John King: McCain writes off Colorado, New Mexico, Iowa?
  236. Samuel AKA Joe the Plumber on Hannity and Colmes
  237. Obama leaving campaign trail to be with ailing grandmother
  238. Obama in print praising 'neighbor's book in 1997
  239. My vote goes to....
  240. John McCain: Don't Listen To Me - Listen To JOE BIDEN!
  241. Question for Conservatives?
  242. On 'Real America,' Palin, Bachmann.......
  243. What's to be done with this person?
  244. Something to think about regarding November 4th
  245. Hey look, it's Jetdawgg's birthday
  246. Bob Barr is on NBC Nightly News tonight
  247. Only in Il!
  248. Murphklecko's take on this election/Future.
  249. Hitting the nail on the head!
  250. Obama and Paul Volcker