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  1. VOlitility of markets
  2. Citizen or Not
  3. zeitgeist movie
  4. shocking video
  5. I know a REAL Joe the Plumber
  6. For those undecided on who to vote for
  7. Michelle Bachmann
  8. Indians looking for helium-3
  9. Hezbollah
  10. Quote of the Day 10/22/08 aka The Disqualification of McCain
  11. Obama the Panderer
  12. Public Schools
  13. Al Qaeda endorses McCain - haha, if only I was joking.....
  14. What's the definition of 'bimbo'?
  15. Barney Frank - socialism begins
  16. media rooting for obama
  17. Gov. Palin, Are You Smarter Than A Third Grader?
  18. shame on palin and mccain
  19. Adam Smith, yes THAT Adam Smith, on "Spreading the Wealth"
  20. al-qaida backing mccain
  21. 3000 prof's supporting ayers.
  22. AP Poll: Candidates Running Nearly Even
  23. Anonymous vs. Scientology
  24. "Outfitgate" The Great Palin Wardrobe Contoversy Discussion 2008 (Merged x1)
  25. If Obama Wins
  26. Sarah Palin Unprepared To Explain What A Precondition Is
  27. Question for Gold Bugs
  28. Bill Maher on Sarah Palin
  29. 3 card monte..
  30. The comprehensive argument against Barack Obama
  31. Is Palin Making Plans for 2012?
  32. 25 Year Anniversary of Beirut Bombing - Terrorists Learned We Won't Fight Them
  33. Obama and Petraeus
  34. Palin - Proud to be a Redneck
  35. Today a Billionaire Bought a Third Term
  36. Do Facts matter? Or is Obama’s rhetoric and the media’s spin enough to ignore them?
  37. Report: Republican Officials Telling College Officials They Can't Vote
  38. Great Bubble Era Realtor Commercial
  39. A question for those who consider themselves Nonpartisans now supporting Obama...
  40. Barack Obama's 2004 DNC speech...
  41. Now this is funny.. Will Farrell back as GWB/Fay as Palin
  42. Uncut Video: Palin Gets Confronted by Huge Obama Supporter
  43. Take the Sarah Palin Challenge
  44. Carnage on the World Markets
  45. The most spine chilling McCain video you will see
  46. Why is the DOW often quoted as "the market?"
  47. Barack Obama is a good man
  48. The market's going to crash today.
  49. McCain himself met with an 'evil' dictator without pre-conditions!
  50. The Good Doctor Ron Paul won't win a single state, but he might decide who wins one!
  51. The Regulators took sleeping pills...
  52. GOP "Death List" Predicts Democratic Blowout in the House
  53. McCain campaign worker makes up story about being maimed by Obama supporting mugger
  54. Palin is truly 'style' over substance
  55. Michele Bachmann: The gift that keeps on giving..
  56. The conservative blogosphere's year in review
  57. Something tells me we wont be seeing ads like this from McCain
  58. Your new (and higher) federal income taxes under Obama
  59. Repealing State Income Tax
  60. Who are your least favorite people in the media?
  61. Palin finds new way to lose votes
  62. McCain/Obama Dance-off
  63. Serious Question about the mindset of Americans
  64. Budget question: Do we need 11 aircraft carriers?
  65. Attention: Time To Be Afraid!
  66. Apple donates $100,000 to save gay marriage!
  67. 8 Years later
  68. "Obama is a terrorist", "Obama hates white people"
  69. Jack Cafferty explains why Pailin threatens the world
  70. Joe McCain calls 911 to complain about traffic, curses at 911 operator and hangs up
  71. Ap: Palin's "signature Accomplishment" Flawed, Unfair, May Not Be Built
  72. Bush trying to steal third election in a row!
  73. wtf?!? McCain Calls Western PA Racists!
  74. Fed to discuss rate cut... in other words, they've learned nothing
  75. Failed bank now has leading idea to fix mortgage mess
  76. US considering implications of nuclear decline
  77. Sorry guys: Judge tosses lawsuit challenging Obama citizenship
  78. Obama is a liberal wimp
  79. Obama draws "well over 100,000" in Denver
  80. Bill O'Reilly Dance Remix
  81. When did this turn into the "Liberal/Democrats Unite" Forum?
  82. US attacks Syria
  83. Companies lining up, lobbying for bailout cash
  84. Look who pays for the bailout
  85. Thoughts on Government
  86. Police officer killed by drunk-driving illegal in Phoenix
  87. Breaking free from the constraints of our founding fathers
  88. Why McCain Isn't Using Jeremiah Wright
  89. Obama on Redistribution of Wealth (2001)
  90. Obama Wins the Election! (Per the Media)
  91. Plot to kill Obama, murder African-Americans foiled by ATF
  92. U.S Captures al-Qaeda commander in Syrian raid
  93. Palin "going rogue", "She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone" -McCain advicer
  94. obama's view on civil rights ruling
  95. Something that really needs to be looked into
  96. I'm not necessarily against all guns...
  97. Make-Believe Maverick - Rolling Stones' massive analysis of John McCain
  98. Lehman Credit Default Swaps were overstated
  99. October Surpise? Naval cover-up of McCain's possibly fatal car crash on a Naval base
  100. Unbelievable! Obama tells people not to work on election day
  101. McCain's (Delusional) June 2008 Map & Road to Victory
  102. Obama's 30 min ad on CBS, NBC, FOX
  103. Pew Report: Obama Leads by 19 Among Those Who Have Already Voted
  104. Can't blame them for trying!
  105. Where will Obama's tax increases stop? 250,200,150?
  106. Obama's Red Star Over America
  107. Electoral college. Does anyone else feel their presidential vote doesn't even matter.
  108. Like, Socialism
  109. The Seven Reasons McCain-Palin Are a Lock to Win
  110. Tom Friedman on our new leverage over Iran
  111. 76 American Nobel Prize Winners
  112. Enough is enough.
  113. Chuck Todd on why the polls may tighten a bit
  114. Tanginius' Guide to Election Night
  115. Joe the Plumber to Get Major Record Deal
  116. Price gouging
  117. Ron Paul on Rachel Maddow Show (10/29/08)
  118. Ripping People Off
  119. Obama and Taxes
  120. How The Libertarian Intelligentsia Votes
  121. Political Halloween displays.. yikes
  122. Why (Some) White Supremacists Support Barack Obama
  123. Delete
  124. MIT scientists baffled by global warming theory, contradicts scientific data
  125. Twas the night before elections
  126. If Iraqis could vote it would be for McCain
  127. Role Call: Who is standing up for Liberty and voting Bob Barr in the election?
  128. WTF is this about?
  129. ESPN to air Obama and McCain interviews on Monday Night Football
  130. So I guess we can assume Sarah Palin wont be releasing her medical records..
  131. Cavuto on McCain - "You have no convictions"
  132. Obama- His dumbest statement to date...
  133. Just to lighten the mood a bit
  134. US Foreign Policy on Israel
  135. Obama spreads the wealth while wife speads caviar
  136. Obama tells unfriendly newspapers to get off his plane
  137. Joe the Plumber-McCain blows this too
  138. I can't believe I am saying this...
  139. So where do we go for unbiased politcal news coverage?
  140. The Economist endorses Obama
  141. President Bush says 'F U' to America one last time.....
  142. Ex-CIA Expert: Obama Took Millions in Illegal Foreign Donations
  143. Economy - How bad will it get?
  144. What is the Place of Personal Responsabillity in Our Society?
  145. Palin on the First Amendment
  146. For all the "West Wing" fans out there...
  147. Obama's top priorities for '09 - CNN.com
  148. I've been away from this place for a long time.
  149. Obama's aunt in US an ILLEGAL ALIEN
  151. More Americans Murdered In Chicago Than Die in Iraq Combat!
  152. Not $250K - Not $200K - Not Even $150K. It's Now Down To $120K For Tax Increase!
  153. Cheney aide to be deposed in lawsuit over records
  154. Pennsylvania Sanity Check
  155. Obama can lose FL, PA, and OH, and still win the election
  156. Gallups "Traditional" and "Expanded" Likely Voters polls now identical
  157. What will Bush do this week to make sure McCain wins?
  158. Palin gets badly pranked by a Montreal radio station (Merged)
  159. McCain's campaign needs proofreaders.
  160. This is a good read Check it out and Comment
  161. The Sheep Mentality And Mindless Adherence Of The Obamites
  162. Political Music
  163. OT: Question about Tuesday. Election Day.
  164. Help FF2® Vote on Mass Ballot Questions
  165. What Industries Will Benefit From An Obama Victory? A McCain Victory?
  166. Paulson paid 50% above market value for Goldman Sachs
  167. Obama Tells SF Chronicle He Will Bankrupt Coal Industry
  168. FiveThirtyEight.com - Cellphone Effect
  169. McCain & Obama at the Barber Shop
  170. A Warning For Election Day and Beyond (ALL POLITICS FORUM USERS MUST READ)
  171. Will the Dem's 'firewall' be enough?
  172. Lwasuit ag. Obama for Not producing Birth certificate!
  173. Politics Forum Oddly Quiet Today?
  174. Predict the Electoral College
  175. RIP: Colonel John Ripley
  176. Polls
  177. History in the making.
  178. Palin's Prank Phone Call with French PM
  179. GOD Bless The USA & its Troops!
  180. The similarities between Obama and Bush
  181. Why won't Palin Release her Medical Records?
  182. Will Obama play something like a dead grandmother on election eve?
  183. obomba
  184. I'm proud of Gen X and Gen Y
  185. Sarah Palin continues to sink to new levels
  186. Alaska Personnel Board clears Palin, contradicts orginal report
  187. Giving tax credits to people who pay no taxes?
  188. Barack Obama 1st Democrat to win Dixville Notch, NH since Hubert Humphrey in 1968
  189. The OFFICIAL (with apologies to Warfish) 2008 ELECTION THREAD
  190. Voting Experiences (The Ballot Box)
  191. John Bolton on Fox
  192. Two major industries likely to be abolished today
  193. I'm not going to watch any coverage until seven oclock this evening.
  194. OT: aHHH GOD IM TORN BETWEEN THE TWO.. election '08!
  195. Why are some government departments closed for ALL of Election Day?
  196. Congratulations Democrats (and update):
  197. The real reason why I hope Obama wins...
  198. Trickle up vs. Tickle Down
  199. Great website to do calculate electoral college
  200. Enjoy it Dems, you just elected the least qualified president in American history
  201. Just voted for a Real Canidate: Bob Barr
  202. Black Panthers Indimidating Voters in Philly
  203. McCain just Bragged about his mother buying a car in France on vacation
  204. Tonight's speeches
  205. Where are all the new, young voters?
  206. Conservatives
  207. Warfish's Last Word...
  208. market rally
  209. The Bush Years
  210. Today is America's Superbowl
  211. what the electoral map looked like in 2006
  212. California - Proposition 1A
  213. Flip Flopping Blubbering Sean Hannity!!
  214. President Obamas Cabinet.
  215. President Barack Hussein Obama
  216. John McCain - A Great Man
  217. McCain's concession speech was damn impressive
  218. OT: Barack Obama 44th President of the US
  219. I haven't been this scared since 9/11
  220. I hope this country is happy now!!!
  221. Senate Races
  222. What Should Cheney Do With His 433,333 Halliburton Stock Options?
  223. Rahm Chief of Staff
  224. Chuck Shumer really really wants Fairness Doctrine (ie to restrict speech)
  225. Voting Place Adventures
  226. Well...I was an O-fer last night
  227. Weed Decriminalized in Mass!
  228. President Obama and the Democratic Majority: The New Direction of America
  229. This little gem got lost yesterday...
  230. Holy Crap: Alaska REALLY doesn't like Dems
  231. 150k was less than what she actually spent!
  232. It's all going to OK... K? K.
  233. Highlights from NEWSWEEK's special election project.
  234. Limbaugh, Hannity, Oreily, Levin and the rest.
  235. i was wrong..obama nomination = president obama!
  236. The African American Vote
  237. The Treatment of Bush Has Been A Disgrace
  238. we done it
  239. CNNN: O'Reilly suicide watch is on
  240. Rahm "Rahmbo" Emanuel article from April
  241. When Fat Limbaugh called Obama a Halfrican American was that racist?
  242. Fox report: Sarah Palin didn't know Africa was a continent
  243. Russia announces intention to deploy missiles near Poland
  244. Wow, Gore Vidal has lost his mind
  245. My biggest concern/worry about President Obama is...
  246. Proposition 8 Passes
  247. R.I.P. Michael Crichton
  248. With Supporters like these, Obama had better deliver
  249. Karl Rove on Fox
  250. Italy's Berlusconi (no homo)