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  1. Shark Week, *****ES!
  2. Shout out to the best....
  3. Posting from the track at Saratoga B----s!!
  4. I'm On Vacation, *****ES!!!!
  5. At the Post Office *****ES
  6. The Secret Scrotum
  7. Free Roger Pion
  8. Getting to Metlife from NYC help
  9. Total Recall *****es!
  10. Friend broke my arm playing golf WTF?
  11. An Olympian the Hampur can get behind!
  12. Jets Mini Helmet
  13. Mars Curiosity Mission to Land (or Crash) in 1 Hour, 30 Min (1:30 EST)
  14. So I was supposed to meet this hottie at an aa meeting
  15. Mods, what is it going to take, FF2 just can't help himself...
  16. Your favorite Credit Card
  17. R.I.P. Marvin Hamlisch
  18. Were they right? 25 years ago, science thinkers predicted the world in 2012
  19. Run For Your Lives 5k Run
  20. Rochester New York
  21. Best Back to school commercial.
  22. Anyone here familiar with wordpress?
  23. R.I.P DeAndre McCullough
  24. I'm back what did I miss?
  25. Randy Travis joins Hampur HOF
  26. Started the new job
  27. Favorite Paul Simon Songs?
  28. Man accidently calls 911 during drug deal, gets arrested
  29. Conjoined twins, would you?
  30. This 12 year old girl is a fighter in every sense of the word
  31. We need detectives on the scene....
  32. I want my wife to eat mushrooms
  33. Is the Jets game streaming anywhere?
  34. The official hampur game thread.
  35. Moved to New Orleans Bi***s
  36. holy Pfail... and it's only the preseason...
  37. So Maybe Some Parts of the Olympics are OK...
  38. I'm back from vacation, *****es!!! So what did I miss, *****es?
  39. Who wants to see a picture of me leaving the hospital told I had a month to live
  40. Double The Pain
  41. Scouts get beaver stoned.
  42. OT: Madden 13 Demo Out Tuesday, 8/14
  43. MLS Stadium in Flushing Meadows
  44. Texas A&M Shooting
  45. Embryogenesis
  46. Greatest Love songs by Rock bands
  47. Goddamn fiber
  48. Meadowlands project needs consensus ~ ~ ~
  49. Horshack....dead
  50. Jean-Claude Van Damme showed Kylie Minogue his Thailand
  51. Very upsetting...Price is Right getting male models
  52. Burgers *****es
  53. lol
  54. Highschool football advice please
  55. 50 Shades Of Grout
  56. Teacher arrested for groupsex with 4 students
  57. Im in San Francisco *****es!!!!!
  58. Subway's Facebook Page Full Of Hentai Images
  59. Allow me to be the first to congratulate
  60. Man Nailed DWI Had BAC High Enough To Kill Two People
  61. Anyone Remember Seahawkspatriotschick?
  62. I was banded for no reason whatsoever, but I'm back.
  63. Fewer Teens Having Oral Sex (CNN)
  64. Moira Johnston, Hampur Hero - Using her breasts to fight for freedom!
  65. I feel out of the loop.
  66. Cash
  67. 16 bit wars.... whose side were you on???
  68. Phish
  69. Jets/Giants Hampur Game Thread For Sane People...
  70. Vintage Jets Artwork or Merchandise
  71. Satellite or cable?
  72. Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide Jumps Off L.A. Bridge
  73. Phyllis Diller, Dead at 95
  74. Who are these ''Bloomer Girls from Ohio''
  75. One Hit Wonders
  76. The Von Von Von
  77. Wlfred--WTF?
  78. Feeding Frenzy (no, not Mongolian Pork Chops this time)
  79. Prince Harry reveals his Crown Jewels in Vegas
  80. The Office is closed...
  81. 40 Years Ago Today: Dog Day Afternoon
  82. USC - Cuse game at JetLife, anyone going?
  83. Found the Meaning of Life.... i think
  84. Taking Sopne to College tomorrow *****es...
  85. All day long the poor guy has been watching helicopters and tomato sauce
  86. Elderly Woman Performs Half-Assed Art Restoration; Destroys It In The Process
  87. Of all things, this morning I saw a frickin' meteor
  88. RIP, William Wallace
  89. Sweet new weekend ride
  90. O/T 3D Television
  91. Happy Birthday Tokyojet!!! (merged 10X)
  92. Attn: Cablevision subscribers - Am I watching the NFL network on channel 150 in NY
  93. Just say NO-NO to drugs kids!
  94. Little hometown PRIDE!
  95. What the hell is in there?
  96. LL Cool J is a baaaaaaaad man
  97. At Sesame PlaceB*****s
  98. Lance Armstrong, Proper F'ed
  99. Killing 2 underground yellowjacket nests at sundown tonight b*itches
  100. Lance Armstrong II: Electric Boogaloo!
  101. One! One Passed Away Pupeteer! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (RIP Count :( )
  102. Death by Sex
  104. Spicy *******
  105. Neil Armstrong RIP
  106. Stretch Armstrong
  107. Chipmunks
  108. At the Travers B****es!!
  109. Almost had amnesia *****es! Heading to the Northfork Wine Country tomorrow
  110. What household product for removing pitch
  111. Back from California vacation *****esssss!!
  112. I wrote a song... what you think?
  113. No offense to Michele Tafoya...
  114. Very tasty Flight Crew this year
  115. The Sex Layup
  116. Jets' Video and Song 2012
  117. Passing on good obscure TV show
  118. Madden 2013 Franchise Mode
  119. Anybody checkin out MasterChef...
  120. Hi Guys so I've joined
  121. Why Your Team Sucks 2012: New York Jets
  122. On tramadol *****eS!
  123. cleaver bard uses beard as bat...
  124. The Vermont town where restaurants add 18 percent to the bill for anyone who speaks F
  125. NFL Issuing bonds - who is buying?
  126. What would you prefer?
  127. New York Jets' 2012 Video
  128. Not quite Rodin...(WARNING: do not open before breakfast)
  129. Post a pic of your pet and favourite Jets item with pets prediction for the Jets year
  130. Drunk man kills 70,000 chickens
  131. What the f*ck - 100 year old driver?????
  132. I'm at the Sagamore in Lake George *****es!!!!!!
  133. Why your Team Sucks: Pasts Edition
  134. Big batch drink for tailgating?
  135. So what are you *****es doing for Labor Day Weekend, *****es?
  136. 40th Birthday Ideas
  137. Today's cautionary tale...
  138. Post a picture of your junk with your Jets prediction
  139. FREE $1500 Prize Week 1 NFL Contest!
  140. Crime Blotter
  141. Mighty Joe Young
  142. tis the season...
  143. What song was #1 on the day you were born
  144. One Of My Favorite Movies, But Some Guy In It Looked Really Familiar....
  145. My God, I have located teh planet's rectum.
  146. Why am I not a mod yet
  147. Giving Jets Memorabilia away
  148. that's a low blow, b****es, I'm 61 years old today.
  149. 'Green Mile' actor Michael Clarke Duncan has died :(
  150. Pics from the Eagles game
  151. Pics from the Super Bowl
  152. What happens when you stay away from this site, *****es
  153. I should have gotten a KENMORE, *****es!!!!
  154. *** Official Hampur Game Thread: NFL Kickoff...Cowgirls vs. Gstrings ***
  155. Anyone else tired of doing someone else's job?
  156. ***The Official Hampur 10,000th Thread Thread***
  157. I'm going to Ohio, *****es
  158. Going to Sea Island, GA, b****es!!
  159. What a farkin day I've had *****es!
  160. Gotta go to Chicago, tw*ts
  161. Does this mean she had a 3some with her daugher?
  162. Any Zeppelin fans
  163. TV Help - Need a 70" for less than $3000
  164. Honest NFL Logos
  165. In Philadelphia airport, *****es!!
  166. My office building caught on fire today *****es!
  167. Google Street View....
  168. I am glad that my kids watch this show....
  169. Oye, Tom Brady...
  170. Everybody ok?
  171. What the hell is an "incoming friend request" on JI
  172. Gin & tonics, *****es!!
  173. "Stripes" is on Spike TV
  174. Hampur Jets/Bills Gameday Thread For Fans Cant Go To The Game; AKA 'Less Important',
  175. Home Audio Help
  176. The Denver Mannings vs The ****tsburgh ****heads Game Thread
  177. Replay of today's game?
  178. Anyone have any good Bag O' Dicks recipes?
  179. Congrats Jets!
  180. i don't always visit other team's message boards...
  181. defense winz championshipz
  182. Hampur MNF Bengals at Ravens
  183. Stopped in at Cawker City B***CHES!!!
  184. Who is this guy?
  185. Missed the train... sitting at Penn St. B****es!!!
  186. Zeppelin countdown
  187. Angry Birds
  188. Chicago 1, NY 0
  189. Stick and Hoop
  190. Hooking TV to PC?
  191. Any Crosfitters in the house?
  192. Francessa Falls Asleep
  193. I'm so torn....
  194. Any of you *****s wondering what this is all about?
  195. At Jury Duty, friends
  196. Don't Make Fun of Ugly People
  197. This Weeks Power Rankings from NFL.com
  198. Traffic tickets
  199. well now I have a god**** bat in my bathtub, b*tches
  200. Gangnam style
  201. Too soon?
  202. Dignitary Transfer Ceremony
  203. Pooping in the Shower
  204. Pamela Fawcett Majors
  205. yeah I noticed that
  206. NY Jets vs Big Ben Douchelisberger & the ****tsburgh Steelers Hampur Gameday Thread
  207. Baby born in NASCAR track's parking lot gets free tickets for life
  208. please vote for me in an online contest to win us open tickets
  209. Mmmmm....love me some Big Ben.....
  210. Couple hump in Yankee Stadium Bathroom Stall for 3 innings
  211. "La regina č nuda" (The Queen Is Naked) :P
  212. Yunel Escobar’s eye black contained gay slur- Tebow mentioned
  213. Not that I need another reason...
  214. Went to Intercouse, PA B****es!
  215. NASCAR's Tony Stewart pulls a Hamper move
  216. So this showed up in my Facebook feed. I think I'll stop complaining about life now..
  217. Simpson's impressions thread
  218. FF2®, I think I love you, Brah.
  219. The Official Hampur FISHING and FISH Thread (tm)
  220. The Official Hampur FISTING thread
  221. Wife: Pressure or Slow Cooked??
  222. iOS6 is out
  223. Florida Man Gets Busy with a Donkey
  224. For you Batman: Dark Knight fans...
  226. let's have another song, shall we?
  227. Back to School
  228. Wait, this really happened?
  229. AT&T sucks.
  230. Billie Joe Armstrong Drunk In Vegas Goes Crazy On Stage
  231. Man vs Tiger
  232. Chinese hospitals introduce hands-free automatic 'sperm extractor' for donors
  233. The Hampur NY Jets vs Cry-ami Dolphags Gameday Thread
  234. Sofia Vergara's Ass Tried To Escape Her Dress [kinda NSFW-sh]
  235. It's Hardy Mum Season....
  236. Oh - oh - oh... A Revis For Everyone...Oh - oh - oh
  237. Butt-Chugging: Has It Really Come To This?
  238. Missing Something?
  239. A-Pork-alypse is coming. Bacon shortage now unavoidable in 2013
  240. 'Oh sweet buttery bagels - I'm impressed! I look delicious!'
  241. RIP Andy Williams
  242. Police to search for remains of Jimmy Hoffa under Roseville driveway
  243. WLF...PC Richards blows.
  244. How Booze Built America
  245. "Looper" Film
  246. Sons of Anarchy Star Johnny Lewis Found Dead, Suspected of Killing Elderly Woman
  247. Borgo's Ticket to Riches
  248. <====As Promised & As Requested: A Picture Of My Doots===>
  249. Sweet grill, Broseph....
  250. Where's Chachi When You Need Him?