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  1. Free 1 year subscription to Sirius XM internet radio - NFL NETWORK!!!!
  2. October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  3. Acknowledge or Ignore (another fart thread)
  4. Hampur Frisky Frombehinders vs NY Jets Gameday Thread
  5. Judgement time...
  6. Spangles The Crosseyed Cat
  7. Oh Long John the cat
  8. Hey at least someone else feels worse than Jets fans
  9. This Depression
  10. Seems most of us have mellowed out wtf
  11. Stokes disappears....
  12. This 'Discount Double-Check' Crap Ass Commercial has GOT TO GO
  13. The Hampur BREAST (cancer) AWARENESS MONTH
  14. D*ck will make you slap somebody
  15. Japanís first 'cuddle cafe' lets you sleep with a stranger for Y6,000 an hour
  16. Hello Dolly
  17. Revenge of the....BACON!
  18. LoLo Jones is a fargin' eejit...
  19. pfail thtrip post of the year
  20. Borgo-WCO Luthier-Guitar comment
  21. Pfail Strip West (Road Show)
  22. NBA2K13...
  23. How does Rex feel right now?
  24. Meet Emma, the tiny donkey with the pink..
  25. I know how to fake x-rays.
  26. Awesome Jets News
  27. I Know how to fake an orgasm
  28. Awesome Jets News II
  29. Courtney Stodden....
  30. Caption this picture, PFAIL Version!
  31. New MRI of Orgasm: You Be The Judge
  32. Butch Walker
  33. First-World Problems
  34. Iceberg Hunters...So Apparently This Is Like... A Real TV Show
  35. Susan G. Komen Foundation - why so d00shy?
  36. Skin Tags and Acanthosis Nigricans
  37. The Seminal Concerts
  38. Wanking for the Cure
  39. Any Starcraft 2 players out there?
  40. What time was the game on?
  41. Official Hampur Homo Sex-Ons vs. NY Jets Gameday Thread
  42. Yet Southside Sits Idle
  44. Hampur Side Bets and Random Predictions for Jets vs. Texans?
  45. Florida Man Dies Shortly After Winning Reptile Storeís Horrifying Bug-Eating Contest
  46. Mongo No Feel Good
  47. Rust Never Slips
  48. Mind....Blown
  49. Hampur Reunion party band?
  50. Flexy
  51. Olivia Wilde's vajayjay died....but is now resurrected!
  52. Halloween Costumes
  53. Will Someone Please, Please Make Teh Lohans Go Away....
  54. Why do people price tickets crazy on Stubhub?
  55. Birds n Laxatives
  56. Time Machine Bang
  57. RIP Beano Cook
  58. momma said knock you out!
  59. W T F - Used Enemas Resold to CVS Customers After Being Resealed and Returned
  60. Giant Eyeball Washes Up On Shore
  61. Flooded by unapproved visitor PMs...wtf?
  62. So... wrestling is still pretty popular I take it.
  63. If only people just stuck to weed......
  64. The Walking Dead back tomorrow
  65. The game isn't on in Austin . . .
  66. Went ComiCon 2012, *****es!!!!
  67. LSU-SC
  68. The official lose this game we burn down the stadium dolts at jokes gameday thread
  69. ClamBumper:Free Burittos for Life
  70. Broadcasters Go Bad
  71. We need to cut Shonn Greene
  72. W T F - Worker Dies After Being Cooked In Tuna Plant Oven
  73. we need to cut Shakin'
  74. Congratulations to J.I's Own.....Carlton!
  75. Hampurites Don't let Hampurites Post on the Pfail
  76. Moving to Boston Biiiiiiiitchhessssssss!!!
  77. Dumb people, or What the Gov't Should Do for You
  78. Things you don't cheap out on
  79. Well
  80. hey Timmy...
  81. Jetswin! Where is everyones favorite mod?
  82. W T F - Baby Born On SEPTAís Broad Street Line
  83. ONLY One word to describe how your Day is going
  84. Train Simulator......*****.
  85. G.I. Joe: Drone Operator
  86. Slap Shot
  87. Guitar Amps. What do YOU play Through.
  88. A Love Letter...
  89. NJ to JFK Airport...Friday at Rush Hour
  90. Trolololo Man may be dead...
  91. Tickets and ride combos to games?
  92. Well, it's been fun, *****es...
  93. WHich Hampress is this?
  94. Almost time to carve the pumpkin ...B*****s!!
  95. Met Life Stadium Question
  96. Gut feeling this is a Hampurite...
  97. Cruising the strip in Saudi Arabia
  98. The Marlin Strikes Back
  99. Aunt Jemima's Taint
  100. German Hampurite
  101. On paper the JEts don't have a chance...
  102. The Official win this one you bi polar ****s NE Scumbags vs NY NoJokes? hamur edition
  103. One good thing about being a Jets fan today
  104. Bob Kraft must pay off the officals- investigate
  105. for those who have had to watch TV with their young kids....
  106. Allison Brie & Gillian Jacobs...
  107. Does Tebow.......ummm, you know....
  108. Passing Percentage?
  109. Body of Autumn Pasquale Found :(
  111. Pee Wee Football OOOOPPS!
  112. Stokes Sighting?
  113. Emily VanCamp
  114. Just picked up a Generator
  115. Erica Wexler
  116. Does anyone watch "The Neighbors" on ABC?
  117. An plethora of Toof
  118. Stephen A. Smith-doh!
  119. Why I love music.
  120. This one's for you, Calton...
  121. Thonged CHowD clown offers to **** trucker
  122. Cannibal Cop Planned to Eat 100 Women
  123. People suck - part 10
  124. Just had my first dwi checkpoint *****essssss
  125. Emilio Estevez to make movie about Harness Racing
  126. Uncomfortable Plot Summaries.
  127. Trey Anastasio Band- Beacon and Capitol Theatres
  128. holy crap...
  129. In case we all get drownded this week..do you need to get anything off your chest?
  130. Geico COmmercial
  131. What celebrity/athlete/famous person looks like you most?
  132. So excited I could just.. Fish Squishmittens vs. Impending Hurricane Planes
  133. New Hampur NFL Team Voting election to follow
  134. Jets playing worse than........ (insert yo answer here)
  135. Unlock the 007 in you
  136. Cheap Texans' jerseys - who haz them?
  137. Gas Fireplace - Can It Work In A Blackout?
  138. So what do you guys think of Philip Rivers?
  139. Chinese man sues wife for being ugly, wins $120,000
  141. Go Pro Hero 3
  142. Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Announces "Star Wars: Episode 7" Film for 2015.
  143. Last wish
  144. In the Wake of Sandy, Chase Bank Has Your Back
  145. RUSH BACKSTAGE and LIVE Bitcxess
  146. The Marathon
  147. Why is Tim Duncan breast feeding?
  149. Alabama and LSU
  150. Happy birthday gunnails
  151. Sandy / Gasoline in Westchester County
  152. "Don't Tell Mom"
  153. Listen to this.
  154. The 2012 CNN/Time/Rasmussen/Hampur Poll (Pole?) of QB/President!
  155. Winter Beard
  156. My vote changed nothing. I'm outraged!
  157. So who's going to Wrestlemania?
  158. This guy
  159. On a Serious Note
  160. Curernt Fashions
  161. Zurro's bread
  162. Guy beats up handicapped Vet in wheelchair thinking it was Halloween costume
  163. Torn Meniscus *****ES!!!!!!!!
  164. I'll take this and a side of fries anyday
  165. Off To The DMV, *****es!!!!
  166. Whos going to Thanksgiving Jets pats?
  167. Hampur Official Sanchez's Last Start vs Neon Green SeaChickens Gameday Thread
  168. Modz...
  169. Common!! At least Rex brought us respect!
  170. Skyfall
  171. How do these pumpkins make you feel?
  172. There's one born every day.
  173. For Million Muppet Marchers/PBS Supporters: "Elmo"'s A 'Mo...
  174. This one's for all the Veterans out there
  175. Hampur Dad Umpire. Another organized youth sports thread
  176. Hampur Chefs vs. Pitt Thread
  177. Legalomanics
  178. Why does coffee.....
  179. This would happen to me if I worked in TV.....
  180. Best Album Cover Ever???
  181. Now a Waffle House sex scandal
  182. Share something funny with your fellow suffering jets fans
  183. That's some 16th birthday party
  184. No More Twinkies....
  185. "Team BJ" delivers on their promise
  186. Streaming Netflix Recommendations
  187. Eight Years Gone
  188. Help me my Hampur friends.
  189. Jets vs Lambs Hampur Gameday Thread:Shoddy's Revenge
  190. Voldermort The Goat
  191. I'm dumb enough to think they can run the table
  192. I'm not dumb enough to think these jokers could run the table
  193. The JI Hampur Holiday - & - NY Jive Turkeys vs NE (c0ck) Gobblers Gameday Thread ಠ_ಠ
  194. It's Jets/Pats week! Let's make accounts on Pats' message boards and troll *****es!!!
  195. What is Wrong With Women?
  196. Gravy (And Pasta)
  197. Hampur is dead tonight
  198. I bant a guy that was leaving because he was mad.
  199. Upside Down Cooking Turkey
  200. twinkie rapture!
  201. Verizon - Staying on Grandfathered unlimited Plan
  202. Verizon Fios for iPad
  203. Happy Thanksgiving to You All, Hampuites
  204. The Greg Louganis appreciation thread
  205. LIKE A JET
  206. F*ck the Jests, I'm still drinking.
  207. What is wrong with the Jets?
  208. Who will fight me on the internet?????
  209. The Little House on the Highway
  210. Thanksgiving- having a brother to dinner who is a PATS Fan
  211. Crumpy Ed.
  212. JR Ewing aka Jeannie's master died
  213. The Movie Trailer Thread
  214. Whadda Ya Think
  215. An Instant Semi
  216. My brow is furrowed
  217. Alex Flanigan
  218. My Bro was followed
  219. My Bra was Falling
  220. My bag is furry
  221. My browser is failing
  222. It's Cyber Monday, *****es....
  223. Supermod shakin318 resigns despite record popularity
  224. Why are there no "Sage Stuffing" Flavored Potato Chips?
  225. Ding Dong's,.. Ho Ho's,..Twinkies ----> Gone ? ? ?
  226. Jillian Michaels at Jets Game
  227. Today the Jets will bore me in new and exciting ways
  228. Who's been to that aqueduct half azz casino?
  229. My Avatar Is Dead!
  230. My Brat is Flaccid
  231. Marijuana Cookies
  232. picture captioning
  233. Ok you lucky bastards. Ex wife has been in contact everyday and wants back in
  234. Gingerbread Crack Houses...
  235. Holiday Commercial Cuties
  236. Any Azz men on the forum?
  237. Holiday Candy Cocaines?
  238. Funny elevator prank
  239. Worst Place to be when you have to Poop
  240. Who's getting rich tonight?
  241. My Community Service
  242. 99 Life Hacks
  243. Super drunk Red Wing teletubby...
  244. ****ing ToysRUs...
  245. I have now become a lazy sack of shlt
  246. Gaslight Anthem...Tonight...*****ES
  247. Bootleg Music, i.e. ROIO (Records of Indeterminate Origin)?
  248. Shipping Wine Gifts?...*****ES!!!!!
  249. office caulk discussion
  250. Does anything say "You suck" like a new Drivers License photo?