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  1. TLC 'The Learning Channel' aka The Loathsome Channel's Extreme Cougar Wives
  2. WLF is wrong with this guys arms?
  3. Two Young Ladies Filmed Giving KNITTING LESSONS on the 6 Train
  4. VOD - Alexandra's Project
  5. Jetworks...is this you????
  6. OFFICIAL 4-7 Battle of the Baddies Thread — Jests v. Carpals
  7. I fixed it... all by myself.
  8. Cassidy Hubbarth... Hubba Hubba.
  9. Need help choosing video game
  10. New York Jets QB Tim Tebow Calls & Comforts Teenage Car Crash Victim!
  11. should I get these boots?
  12. Hello Everyone!
  13. After the Jags game we will say that Mark Sanchez...
  14. Pennsylvania woman killed boyfriend after she ‘smelled sex’ on him, prosecutor says
  15. If you walked in on this party, would you leave or light up a doob?
  16. Southside's last chance at sex....gone?
  17. this kid>slim shady
  18. A Different Kind of Sanchez Thread
  19. Survivors of Hurricane Sandy Success Stories
  20. The Pig is Ripe
  21. New Star Trek Trailer (ST2: Into Darkness)
  22. Crap yourself? To the car wash, duh
  23. Sh:tty Week. Get the drank on
  24. Wireless Router Help
  25. Music Game
  26. How To Downhill Ski And New York State Ski Mountains List!
  27. Happy Chanukah B******!
  28. The Sark Manchez vs "The Friggin Game Isn't On In Jacksonville" Faguars Gameday Thred
  29. Manny got knocked the **** out!
  30. Missing the beginning of the game
  31. RIP Patrick Moore
  32. Went to see ELF, The Musical Friday night
  33. Bar Clays Center traffic?
  34. Been away... What did I miss?
  35. Nestor The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey
  36. Obliterating the Silliness
  37. Don't tell anyone on the thtrip
  38. Thaaaaaats right.
  39. Is The World Ending Tonight?
  40. RIP Ravi
  41. Anyone have a spare $32,000 I could Borrow.....for Scotch?
  42. 12.12.12 Sandy Relief Concert
  43. Hudson Yards
  44. Separated at birth?
  46. cool or stupid?
  47. Bob Munden RIP
  48. 12.12.12...
  49. Pacific Rim
  50. So Long Suckers Corporate Email Goodbye
  51. Interactive Aerial Panoramas Of Manhattan, Famous Landmarks, etc [really cool site]
  52. The Hobbit
  53. The Good News Thread
  54. Snarky Manchez vs Jake "Butthurt" Locker & The Tennessee Tittays MNF Gameday Thread
  55. Personal Space
  56. When did we start naming winter storms? WLF?
  57. In the history of mankind
  58. Penis Snake ???
  59. And just when you think Sanchez sucks...
  60. Relax Guys, The Apocalypse Is Not Happening
  61. What's on Sanchez's iPod for the plane ride home?
  62. Back To The Future...
  63. Merry almost Xmas!!!
  64. Golden Eagle Attempts To Snatch Kid
  65. SI's 100 Greatest Sports Photos of All-time
  66. I want a Seabreacher!
  67. Christmas Trains
  68. FOR SALE TEBOW and SANCHEZ Reebok Jerseys will consider INTERESTING TRADES :)
  69. The Best Christmas Song
  70. Winthrop Basketball Coach Postgame Speech
  71. Leaving The Land of the Morning Calm...Korea
  72. Chicao Woman Attacked By Man With a 'Sock Full Of Poop'
  73. The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer
  74. Guess the thread on the Strip...
  75. Last Day...
  76. Three Time US Olympian Worked as Vegas Escort
  77. Some One Tell Me About XMas Helicopters
  78. Repetative "The Server is Busy" Messages?
  79. Most overused word: Epic
  80. If The World Ends In A Couple Of Hours, I'ts Been An Honor, B itches.....
  81. Inbound: Mealworm Burger, the Sustainable "Meat"
  82. Best "New" Music you've heard this year
  83. Older song you have played over and over
  84. Official Hampur NY Jets vs. San Di....ah, really who cares.
  85. Pizza Delivery Guy Doesn't Have Change- WTF?
  86. Butthurt?
  87. I forgot the Jets were on today
  88. The Scandi PlumberKhan
  89. Good Luck in Your Case, Fishooked!
  90. It's Christmas Eve, *****es!!!! / Merry Christmas *****es!!!!
  91. RIP to an all time favorite...
  92. Taking Inventory: Awesome Xmas Gifts
  93. How to fix inaccurate student loan servicing issues???
  94. Class III Kill Storm Set To Arrive Tomorrow
  95. Cabin Fever
  96. New Years Resolution Thread
  97. Great SONG WRITERS....
  98. I need to fake an illness to get out of a New Years Eve event....ideas?
  99. Relevant birthday card
  100. Going to Phish tonight, *****es!!
  101. Ugly Guitar Gives a Man a Hardon
  102. Happiness Is (For Today)....
  103. "Oh Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum - How Fugly Is Your Jets Team" Wk17 vs Bills Thread
  104. how does one change their name ?
  105. Hampur Alternate Team Roll-call
  106. Kornhole on the Ferry - The search for a Hampur GM
  107. 2012 - A Recap
  108. Some Fail For You
  109. Need to get good at Madden 2013 fast
  110. Tony Paige - Crap WFAN Overnight Guy
  111. An Afternoon With A Deranged, Piss-Smelling Vikings Fan
  112. Anyone in a band in College?
  113. Jason Newsted, Former Metallica, Former Sellout, New "Metal" EP Forthcoming
  114. Jets and the rest of the NFL discounted @ Home Depot
  115. Celebrity...or Blobfish?
  116. Traveling to Scotland
  117. As Seen on TV
  118. Sportsbook
  119. Which Movie Doesn't Suck?
  120. Fishkins Hampur full O' Wild Card; Smell the envy! Hhhm, crap. FML
  121. I'm in Puerto Rico *****es!!!!!
  122. Fell off treadmill at gym in front of 3 hotties, possible broken finger...B*****S!!!!
  123. Video freeks please help me with a recommendation
  124. I wouldn't trust McAfree Antivirus Anymore, because John McAfee is bat**** crazy
  125. Place to Meet Near MSG
  126. PC Gaming Nerds, need some help....
  127. Honorary Hampur mod?
  128. Chris Mannix is more fahqhead than family man.
  129. The Chris Mannix thread had legs -
  130. The Juicing Corner
  131. So confused
  132. The New "Your mother wears combat boots"
  133. Russian Zorbing Disaster
  134. Unemployed jagass
  135. "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" 1963 Comedy Movie On TV
  136. Please take a moment....
  137. I think I hate the last two generations
  138. sons of anarchy DVD's
  139. please say a prayer for my son... cancers back..
  140. The Rolling Stones
  141. The Hampur 'Lets Root For Every Team That Isn't The Patriots' Weekend Football Thread
  142. Boston shop selling Belichick hoodie cupcakes
  143. Is Brady wearing...
  144. Annoying Commercials
  145. The Golden Globes
  146. Report: Jets having hard time finding oil boy for the Flight Crew
  147. Gangster Squad, yay or Nay?
  148. i just fired someone *****ES!!!
  149. Zoo gives Chimp a TV and remote control
  150. At Last, Gata Video Uncovered
  151. Re; Shakin
  152. Another Poster Snubs Mod Vacancy
  153. Essential iPhone apps
  154. London Helicopter Crash:Lucky Crane Driver
  155. Willis is the only one left!
  156. Calling all Hampur Orthopedic surgeons / Treadmill Fall: The Sequel
  157. My old job called.
  158. Funny vid
  159. Is Oprah Winfrey Network available in HD?
  160. The Solution for all of JI's Tummy Troubles Posters...
  161. the Ed Rooney Rule
  162. TV Suddenly Has No Sound (*****es I Need Help)
  163. A Science Fact that Might be Hard to Swallow
  164. Pics of Celebrities Who are all "Grown Up Now"
  165. RIP Prop Joe
  166. So...what
  167. Ragu's raging ravens vs Raoul Dukes Dishonorable doucebag cheats official game thread
  168. Dear JI Administration,
  169. Timmy
  170. Any Edwin Mccain fans out there?
  171. Welker's Wife's Tw#t
  172. Hampur Question
  173. The Following
  174. Possibly one of the best giraffe fights I've ever seen
  175. Hampur Lawyer? Charges Client for Sexy Time
  176. Cool or not?
  177. ummm, just sayin'
  178. Internet TV Advice
  179. Battle for the Best Chappelle Show sketch
  180. QB's on Facebook.
  181. Dollar Shave Club: Too good to be true? No!
  182. Home Invasion: Violent Intruder Doots/Faps
  183. Anybody watched that Amish Mafia TV show?
  184. Is this singer cool or not?
  185. Fred Smoot pissed his pants
  186. Just Saw the Black Watch
  187. Devil's Cut Bourbon
  188. Need Klecko's Autograph pronto.
  189. Well now I'm sad
  190. Hines Ward to appear on AMC's "the Walking Dead" [as a zombie]
  191. WTF... I'm Not A Hall Of Famer Anymore?
  192. The Closest She's Been to a Penis in Years
  193. RIP Jef Lee Johnson: The Greatest Guitarist You Never Heard
  194. JI In the Internet Space
  195. 24% of Americans think God determines the outcome of football
  196. Laplander Reindeer Castration
  197. Dollar Shave Club Follow Up
  198. New Show: The Americans, on FX
  199. New Show: Banshee on Cinemax...anyone watch?
  200. W L(ohan) F?
  201. So Dan Marino had a kid with some chick who wasn't his wife.
  202. Google Chrome blocking me from Ron Jeremy thread
  203. Gonna be on Anderson Live tomorrow
  204. No more knock off jerseys?
  205. R.i. P. Mayor Koch
  206. At the hair salon with gf...WTF
  207. P0rn safer than Advertisements
  208. Tumbleweeds, *****es
  209. The Stupor Bowel
  210. For My 10,000th Post...
  211. This can't be real - I'm jealous
  212. The Stupid ****ing Bowl thread once again jetless
  213. Beyonce's Quads
  214. Your Favorite Bands Whose First Album Was Released AFTER the Year 2000
  215. 35,000 Posts, *****es!
  216. a new hero for teh Hampur?
  217. Jim Morrison
  218. Any math teachers in the house? Really need help with teaching my kids math :(
  219. Your Adjective Of The Day
  220. Pretty simple contest to win a $3,000 grill
  221. Women's breasts cause diarrhea...
  222. Josh Freeman
  223. 3d printing .....THE FUTURE is here.....check this crazy s?!t out
  224. Snowpocalpse 2013
  225. Todd Helton's Epic DUI Mugshot
  226. "I was thinking it would have a horseman baby"
  227. Interesting read on the Ravens
  228. No worries, I am not your neighbor...
  229. Nothing Like a Mothers Love
  230. Thread idear
  231. Best Rock Front Men
  232. Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas, Up to Four Times a Day
  233. Hysterical video
  234. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shocker! Kate Upton Sheds Bikini Top on Leaked Cover
  235. So......
  236. Best double album ever?
  237. more Hampur/Darwinism Awards from around the Innnernetz
  238. Best Live Albums (double or single)
  239. Painful acting. Whattcha got?
  240. CNN right now. An old JI poster is on.. lol
  241. From the 'did not see that coming' files...
  242. "men of a certain age...."
  243. Sharing a Bed....
  244. Four Alabama players arrested on robbery charges, suspended indefinitely by Crimson T
  245. Connor Bird, son of Larry Bird, faces multiple charges after allegedly attempting to
  246. So OJ is now DJ?
  247. HS Goalie quits hockey forever in an amazing fashion
  248. Serendipity or nefariousness?
  249. Valentines Day - What's goin' down?
  250. Your Top 10 Favorite Movies