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  1. The Official Euro 2008 DiscussionThread
  2. Euro 2008 Pick 'Em on ESPN.com
  3. US vs. Argentina: Giants Stadium, June 8
  4. OT: Brazil Football Name Generator
  5. Monty Python's "Philospoher's World Cup"
  6. Club vs. Country
  7. OT: Chants of the Year from England
  8. Top horror
  9. The Official All Time Draft Trades Thread
  10. US Vs. England - 3pm
  11. How do you stop cheating in soccer?
  12. Euro 2008 Fantasy Football
  13. Awesome commcericals on ESPN for Euro '08
  14. Mourinho to Inter Milan
  15. Eriksson named Mexicos new coach
  16. AC Milan in the CL?
  17. Jozy Altidore to Villarreal
  18. C. Ronaldo Wants to Play for Real Madrid
  19. Anyone going to US Vs. Argentina?
  20. euro 2008 thread lets dance
  21. I've been jealous of this jersey all season long...
  22. Kicking It - Homeless World Cup Movie
  23. The Official 'Guys We Left on the Board' Thread
  24. Another reason to hate Crissy Ronaldo...
  25. Delusion
  26. Donadoni Gets the Axe
  27. Report: Lampard to Inter Milan Official
  28. Que VIVA ESPANA!!!!!
  29. FIFA World rankings
  30. Vote: All Time Team
  31. New York hotels
  32. Arsenal Sign Messi
  33. UEFA Euro '08 vs. Fifa '08
  34. Just bought this bad boy
  35. Nasri to Arsenal
  36. Diego Armando Aguero
  37. 2008 Transfers Thread
  38. Superleague Formula
  39. Parking situation at Red Bulls games?
  40. Tour De France: 2008
  41. A model professional
  42. 2008 Friendlies
  43. Champions League 08-09
  44. Would you be for or against going back to 3 foreign players per club?
  45. Did anyone else wake up early to watch US Olympic Soccer?
  46. US 2 Holland 1 - 85th Minute (9:27 EST)
  47. Update: Red Bull Arena erection!
  48. Great goal by Argentina to win Olympic Gold
  49. Uefa Cup 08-09
  50. Drunk Referee from Belorussia
  51. A.C.Milan
  52. So with the recent financial news, what happens to ManU?
  53. Zenit match fixing claim
  54. The Best Interview Of All Time....
  55. The Sweet Goal Thread
  56. Fifa 09
  57. Question: What Is A Yellow Card?
  58. '78-'88 throwbacks ?
  59. Michael Ballack Shares his Experiences
  60. The not-really-official "How is your country doing in WC Qualifying?" thread
  61. Rumor: Beckham to Milan??!?
  62. Rivalries 101 -
  63. Mexes is Milan's main target
  64. OT:JI Soap Opera II The Soccer (Futbol) Forum...
  65. The All Championships Thread
  66. Maradona Named New Coach for Argentina
  67. Forza Atalanta !
  68. Who will win this year's Golden Ball Award?
  69. Dirk Kuyt
  70. Landon Donovan loaned to Bayern Munich
  71. Awesome game to watch this coming weekend: Hoffenheim/Bayern Munich
  72. Hilarious Soccer Fail
  73. Bad day at the office
  74. Juande Ramos (ex-Spurs, Sevilla) to Madrid?
  75. Yoann Gourcuff -- WTF?
  76. Chelsea FC up for sale?
  77. Rafa Benitez Let's Fly at Ferguson
  78. Funny Football (Soccer) Related Stuff
  79. Tickets for All Stars For Hope Charity game @ the Meadowlands in June
  80. If Kaka leaves Milan, it will be the death of football...
  81. Where to watch US Soccer in NYC?
  82. Fantasy Football-A new level
  83. Top Five FIFA Rivalries
  84. Mexico vs USA
  85. Derby Day!
  86. The stadium thread
  87. Let's be Proud
  88. Anyone recognize this guy...
  89. Cole Sorry After Arrest
  90. David Beckham's deal
  91. Spanish Fan Gets Freaky With Live Reporter
  92. Serie A - this is the game of the week
  93. The stadium is going to be rockin...
  94. Milan, Inter, Chelsea Coming to USA!
  95. Father of three futbol players (Girls)
  96. Top 10 Goalkeeping Blunders
  97. Six Great Midfields
  98. Maradona: Pele Lost His Virginity To A Man
  99. Lionel Messi
  100. Can someone please explain to me what's going on in this video?
  101. Cops Beat Up Soccer Fan, Riot Ensues (Video)
  102. 'The Fix' by Declan Hill
  103. Congrats To Isles #1 Pick In The NHL Draft Lottery!
  104. Hillsborough: 20 Years on
  105. Goal of the Week from Crissy Ronaldo
  106. NetVibes Soccer feeds
  107. Klinnsman SACKED at Bayern
  108. The _____________ Draft
  109. Muhahahahahahha
  110. Serie A to Form New Breakaway League
  111. Nil - Nil
  112. OT - Swimming
  113. Buy a piece of a real Scottish soccer club, and be involved in team decisions
  114. Starting to watch a lot of soccer (no homo)
  115. Ronaldo to Real Madrid
  116. Anyone know where to buy a Bradford City Jersey?
  117. Transactions Thread
  118. Holy Crap this is actually a forum?
  119. Arrivederci Paolo!
  120. Champions League Final. 2:30 PM Barcelona vs Man U.
  121. World Cup
  122. Dirtstar I Am Calling You Out
  123. Carlo Ancelotti out, Beckham goes back to LA
  124. Stupid Transfer Question
  125. Frenchie I'm Callin You Out
  126. Happy Birthday Turk!
  127. Milan is a Mess
  128. It's Official: Kaka to Madrid for 65 M
  129. Day 2 of Shopping for Perez: Real signs C Ronaldo for a record 94 M
  130. The Official Current Players Draft Thread
  131. Raoul Whats Your Oppinion on This?
  132. For or against a Salary Cap?
  133. Day 1 of Shopping for US: Jones turns back on Germany to play for USA
  134. Sepp Blatter a Hypocrite on Ronaldo Transfer
  135. Question
  136. Official Confederations Cup
  137. Ronaldo Bangs Paris Hilton
  138. Baltimore near Capacity
  139. **** Demarcus Beasley
  140. Italy beaten by Homos
  141. Egyptian Players Robbed by Prostitutes
  142. Goooooooooooooooooaaaaal
  143. Expats in Johannesburg rally around U.S. team
  144. Confederations Cup Final
  145. How Seattle is thriving as a soccer town
  146. Interesting Article on Beckham's Relationship With Galaxy Teammates
  147. 2009 Gold Cup
  148. Michael Bradley, stupid suspension
  149. New guy in the office
  150. The REAL Ronaldo: Hatrick this week
  151. Onyewu signed by the Rossoneri
  152. America Discovers Hooliganism
  153. Best Free Kick Ever
  154. Best Jerseys Ever!!!
  155. Going to US Vs. Mexico - Gold Cup Final
  156. Best league in Europe?
  157. US Mexico Official Game Thread
  158. Champions League 09-10
  159. 2009-10: All Championships Thread
  160. Landon Donovan to PSG (POSSIBLY)
  161. Jozy Altidore
  162. 9-5-09: USA v. EL SAL
  163. Italy Soccer Jersey
  164. West Ham - Millwall
  165. Ouch
  166. Chel$ea Banned from Transfer Market Until 2011
  167. Eurobasket 2009
  168. Brian Urlacher Done For The Season
  169. Adebayor The Idiot
  170. Goteborg Goalkeeper Caught Cheating
  171. What happened?
  172. Is This Guy Bitter?
  173. French Ex-Porn Star Serenades Domanech
  174. Koreans With Too Much Time On Their Hands
  175. For any US fans - stable stream of US Vs. Honduras
  176. Charlie Davies seriously injured in car accident
  177. Capello: "Beckham man of The match, is like giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama"
  178. Maradona thread: tells journos they can "suck my d**k"
  179. Milan Seeking Damages from US Soccer Over Gooch's Injury
  180. Worst Away End in Football
  181. crazy goal thread
  182. Epic Fail Thread
  183. Who says women's soccer is not a contact sport
  184. Miley Cyrus tickets!!!
  185. The Official My Team is in the WC Playoff Round and Im Sh*tting my Pants Thread
  186. Robert Enke, Goalkeeper for German National team is dead
  187. Antonio De Nigris Mexican Striker is Dead
  188. Antonio de Nigris dead at 31...
  189. Le Hand of God (France vs. Ireland)
  190. This had to be embarrassing
  191. Artificial surface for MLS Final?
  192. French soccer team poses for new team photo
  193. Messi Wins 2009 Golden Ball Award
  194. World Cup 2010 Draw
  195. A Lesson in Sportsmanship
  196. Everton finalizing deal with Landon Donovan
  197. Fastest Player in World Football...
  198. Bye, Bye Manchester Utd.
  199. Ok, I've adopted a team (be gentle I'm new at this)
  200. Togo team attacked by machine gun fire.
  201. FSC 2 in HD
  202. Un Prophete
  203. Paulie, been watching any Milan lately?
  204. Mexico v. Ecuador in new Jets Stadium
  205. So, does it suck to be John Terry these days or what?
  206. EURO 2012 Qualifying Groups
  207. Fox to Broadcast CL Final on a Saturday Afternoon
  208. Interesting article about the terrible finances of Portsmouth and the rest of the EPL
  209. Off to Madrid
  210. Milan - Man U
  211. Turkey - USA
  212. Interest in a draft?
  213. Beckham probably ruptured his achilles, will miss World Cup
  214. Why America Never Fell in Love with Soccer
  215. The 2nd Almost-Annual Soccer Draft: Revenge of Urlacher
  216. Soccer Draft Discussion Thread
  217. The Official Soccer Draft Rosters Thread
  218. Arse-Barcelona Game Thread
  219. The Greatest Football Team in History?
  220. Match Watch: Barca at Real Madrid
  221. 2010 New York Red Bulls
  222. 2009/10 All-Jets Soccer Team
  223. Present Your Team For The World Cup
  224. Awesome Field Reporter
  225. The Bundesliga - the best "big" league in Europe?
  226. Liverpool Officially For Sale
  227. Cristiano and Kim K?
  228. Maicon Scores Goal of The Year
  229. Breaking News: Ribery Questioned in Solliciting Sex With Under-age Prostitute
  230. Torres has surgery
  231. Uhh...ouch?
  232. Inter Milan vs Barcelona
  233. Miss of the Year
  234. Remember that Urlacher Lover? He's Started his own Website: Soccer Sucks
  235. World Cup Predictor Game
  236. Oh.....Yeah
  237. If you're a US soccer fan, how annoyed are you at this?
  238. World Cup Drinking Game
  239. Best Pitch Invasion Ever?
  240. Rooney in top form
  241. Henry to the NY Red Bulls
  242. Statiscal Proof That France Blows
  243. Onyewu Accepts to Play For Free Next Year
  244. Official 'Vote For the Best Draft Team'
  245. Senna Bet - I lost. Raoul won
  246. Pelligrini apparently Sacked - the farce at Marid just got more farcical
  247. Champions League Final - On a weekend, and on a major network
  248. World Cup sweepstake?
  249. 2 Awesome Soccer Commercials
  250. i'm calling you out Raoul!!!