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  1. NEWS: Some kind of Obama emergency in Hawaii
  2. Need Info on HDMI cable
  3. Family searching for missing teen Sean Wagner (one of my friends sons)
  4. I'm Bringing Back The "Hot Foot"
  5. o/t District 9 on Blue Ray
  6. not a big dave barry fan but this was funny....
  7. Why the mass banning of trolls?
  8. No Country For Old Men
  9. For those who like to see things blown up real good...
  10. How did I miss this?
  11. Up in the Air (the new Clooney movie)
  12. Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid
  13. Why do bookstores and libraries make me doot???
  14. Times Square scare
  15. Name a person you hate
  16. Your favorite Albums, Movies, Shows, ect of the Decade
  17. Have we lost any Hampur folks in 2009?
  18. Favorite Movies of 2009?
  19. It Took Obama Eight (8) Months To Nominate TSA And CBP Agency Heads
  20. rush limbaugh taken to hospital-serious condition
  21. SBIII where are you?
  22. I'm afraid Alotta Fagina is in danger
  23. Che
  24. Happy New Year, Hampurites!
  25. If you had a chance...
  26. Fifty people - one question
  27. No More HGTV Or FoodNetwork On Cablevision...
  28. Inglourious Basterds
  29. Most annoying types at JI (not specific posters)
  30. The I just woke up at 12:39 Thread
  32. ANyone going to watch the Winter Classic?
  33. What PS3 game to get next?
  34. Wizard teammates pull guns on each other
  35. What'd you drink last night that made you feel as sh*tty as you do right now?
  36. does anyone have redzone channel w verion fios??
  37. Chowds in the News
  38. Censored version of Die Hard
  39. Holdout hopes dim as Brooklyn arena project moves ahead
  40. Brady's injuries.....(merged)
  41. Wii games?
  42. Boob reduction for the good of the country!
  43. Are the 16H grilling parties a thing of the past?
  44. Did you get an awesome new HDTV? It may be obsolete
  45. TNA wrestling tonight at 8
  46. OT: Happy Birthday To Me!
  47. Google Nexus One launch
  48. Tila Tequila
  49. Poll:Honest question about Welker Injury
  50. Poll: Who invented the Jets "Take Respect" slogan.
  51. An Englishman in NY, im visiting soon for the first time.
  52. Artie Lange Hospitalized
  53. Soundgarden - REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!
  54. Woody's gonna get trashed over the death of his daughter...
  55. Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Pats-Ravens Playoff Preview
  56. Arab-American students evoke 9/11 in t-shirt
  57. No Beacon for the Allman Bros this year
  58. Hotter Fans: Alabama or Texas
  59. Name the product.
  60. All of my shirts have food stains on the front.
  61. Chaos, cops called as Nicky Hilton and Tila Tequila fight over Casey's dogs
  62. Ghetto Harry Potter
  63. What do you want to get done this year? (resolutions)
  64. Naked Jogger near White House
  65. A rallying cry to the fat dudes of JI
  66. Java software documentation
  67. Leno coming back at 11:30. Conan?
  68. Merry Christmas to our Christian Orthodox JI'ers
  69. Enjoy life's simple pleasures
  70. Mariah Carey's Drunk Acceptance Speech
  71. Civil Union vs. Gay Marriage
  72. Holy crap I found Los Yets!!!!
  73. C'mon Ford.
  74. Does anyone know what happened to Tx?
  75. Terrorists in the news....in the USA
  76. Artie Lange tries to commit suicide!
  77. What's everyone eating today? Chili is on!
  78. Flat tv wall mounts
  79. funny thing about grahams missed fg's
  80. The A Team
  81. I don't usually watch Letterman but....
  82. WTC Construction
  83. Anyone watching Dateline NBC right now??
  84. Funny Mormon News
  85. Tallest Building in the World
  86. 5 Greatest Sporting Events You've Attended
  87. Daily News Story on a Hampurite
  88. Gumby Creator Dies.
  89. Congrats to the Simpsons on 20 Amazing Years
  90. Just the woman some of you guys have been waiting for.
  91. Calling All JI Chefs, Make my Brussel Sprouts Orgasmic
  92. those crazy Brits- now THIS is reality TV..
  93. Any Poker fans around here?
  94. Sarah Palin signs on with Fox News
  95. mmm... frilly
  96. Some photos from Aruba
  97. Catching a bad guy
  99. ok...i know y'all love Jets talk..
  100. Poll: One wish
  101. N.J. medical marijuana bill now heads to Gov. Corzine's desk
  102. Need Hot Water Heater Help
  103. Coney Island Strongman, 104, Killed by Minivan
  104. Which Subject/Topic Do You Consider Yourself an Expert In and Why?
  105. Legalize it....seriously
  106. Snooki from Jersey Shore Gets $7500 as Appearance Fees
  107. Computer help needed - Can access HTTPS, but not HTTP
  108. Sinatra
  109. Earthquake In Haiti / Tsunami Watch
  110. Most eff'd up story of the year so far...
  111. Help Answer a College Sports Question
  112. Art Rust Jr., RIP
  113. Top 100 Fail Clips of 2009
  114. What would you call this part of my computer
  115. Sports Gambling- Night The Lights Went Out in Vegas
  116. Teddy Pendergrass RIP
  117. Satan Caused Haiti Earthquake per Pat Robertson
  118. Need Attorney Advice for "Diminished Value" Claim
  119. this fitted is sick
  120. Why has America been building underground citys for years and years now?
  121. Rush Limbaugh comments on Haiti Disaster
  122. My hamper is ruined...
  123. You are 20 Years Old and you work as a Trader
  124. Holy crap, amazing 5 year old drummer
  125. UH-OH Spaghettios...creator dies.
  126. Let's Mess with PK's Bosses...
  127. Rank countries you have visited from best to worst
  128. Which Landing Strip Sucks More
  129. Trying to find a place in the City
  130. Mortgages?
  131. Ladies, need your help...jersey size for girlfriend?
  132. Jimmy Fallon finds funny finally (JFFFF)
  133. Just Had To Share with You
  134. Is Tiger cured?
  135. The new Post a Picture you took thread
  136. Define "Obscene Profits"
  137. [TMA]: Battlestar Gallactica
  138. If you want to hear what ZZ Top sounded like..
  139. Help me find a jersey! Mark Sanchez, white, women's medium
  140. UConn's Calhoun Out Indefinitely for Health Reasons
  141. Frank Sinatra handles terrorism....
  142. Just for Ches....Pillsbury Doughboy dies.
  143. Home Theatre Gurus: Align Radio Audio with TV Picture
  144. Coakley just conceded in Massachusetts...
  145. I just watched Scott Brown on the Today show
  146. Superstition
  147. Whites Only Basketball League
  148. FF2 and JStokes banned?
  149. A Little Morning Pick Me Up
  150. SC allows corporations to spend freely on elections
  151. Fans Needed for TV Segment
  152. Evil Doers on Wall St...
  153. BBC: China Persecuting Whiggers
  154. Objectophilia - Married to the Eiffel Tower - Um WTF???!!
  155. Judge: 3 of every 5 FDNY new hires must be minorities
  156. Politiks is ruining the Hampur!
  157. When is the last time you punched someone?
  158. I'm back. What did I miss?
  159. Buy Sully's Miracle on the Hudson Jet
  160. Are Swedish meatballs white trash?
  161. New Meadowlands Stadium
  162. Interests/Hobbies
  163. Root Beer popsicles are the best!
  164. Artie Lange: Jack and Coke
  165. For all you stupid terrorists...
  166. Viewing Alert...
  167. Am I the only one who can't watch the game sitting down?
  168. RaoulDuke's sig pic
  169. Happy Birthday Don Maynard! 75yrs old.
  170. Disappointment doots
  171. Sign this beast for short money
  172. Need Advice on handling a telephone interview for a job
  173. 10,000 posts
  174. The Sun is Unusually Inactive
  175. Predator (film)
  176. The Nut Bra
  177. dogs that need to be put down...
  178. Any of you one of the 35 subcribers to Newsday.com?
  179. Holy Boobs Batman!
  180. O/T: “Things you must do in Chicago,” Suggestions?
  181. this dude is tha future of hip hop
  183. Wedding video. Fake or real?
  184. Guilty food pleasure...
  185. What in tarnation are you going to do...
  186. Anyone see 'Big Fan' [movie about obsessed NYG fan]
  187. On this day in history...
  188. Bin Laden a tree hugger?...
  189. Panama City Beach, FL
  191. I got pink eye
  192. My City of Ruins - Eddie Vedder
  193. Injured man tried to karate chop moving train
  194. What's with the pouty lips in pictures by people from NY/NJ?
  195. Jetsinsider Basketball
  196. Xingu Black Beer
  197. susan Mawere has the hots for me!!
  198. ANOTHER Classic for the NY'sFINEST BLUE WALL
  199. Soundgarden reuniting
  200. Who needs a laugh?
  201. Flight 1549 3-D Reconstruction, Hudson River Ditching 1.15.09
  202. Do it yourself (DITY) or pay the service?
  203. Why isn't Cream Soda more popular?
  204. History X Curb Biting - Appropriate in the Workplace?
  205. Man OK After Penis Gets Stuck in Pipe
  207. Mea Culpa on Inglorious Basterds
  208. Gun Aficionados
  209. Don't look at nude pics at work
  210. Lost is back... who's watching?
  211. Most Important Digits of Modern Times...
  212. Oscar Best Picture Nominations
  213. My new video on Food Network
  214. Well, that just put a damper on the Party
  215. Who likes Iron Maiden and The Monkees!!!????
  216. A California Love Story
  217. Oversight panel, including Al Leiter, created to look at NJSEA
  218. Songs that make you morose.
  219. Valentines Day Dinner
  220. FF2®'s Mock Draft
  221. Choose a Hampur poster and say what you like about him or her.
  222. Proof that a BJ can lead to pregnancy
  223. Microsoft Outlook FAIL
  224. Attack Beagles on LI
  225. Songs that make you somewhat melancholy, but not totally.
  226. Canadians drink milk out of bags. WTF?
  227. 32Green and I may be related - I don't know what to do
  228. Another irritated office worker.....
  229. Super Bowl Food...
  230. Charlie Sheen-Get your guess in early
  231. Fender bender help
  232. Sexy High Heel ad pops up.
  233. "Epic Snowstorm" - LIVE COVERAGE HERE
  234. Any Hampurites Remember this album cover?
  235. Honest question
  236. Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan
  237. fellow Hampurians: what should I do with my avatar/sig?
  238. A Telephone Conversation
  239. Yet Another Reason Why AC/DC is Awesome
  240. Annual Traditions with friends/family
  241. The Wierd Food I Ate Today Thread
  242. Hey Raoul, are you a Flash fan?
  243. Mobile Mardi Gras 2010 - A taste (pics)
  244. Mardi Gras 2010 - Part 2
  245. Caption This Picture
  246. Young's Double Chocolate Stout (a doot thread)
  247. Another big snowstorm forecast for East Coast
  248. HELP! I caught my dad with my GF :(
  249. Meet my new dog, Harry Hood
  250. FF2®'s blood work numbers