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  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Halloween 2
  3. New season of East Bound & Down
  4. Hit it?....Or hit it with a truck?
  5. Get on board...
  6. Woman finds dead rat in Chef Boyardee
  7. Iranian cleric: Women who wear revealing clothing cause earthquakes (Boobquake Day)
  8. 15 years ago today....
  9. Hamperites...Do you watch the Draft?
  10. American Football in the UK
  11. It's a scotch and Sinatra night
  12. Holmes highlights from a steelers fan....
  13. New iPhone
  14. Wow. I Know What's "Up" In This Thread!
  15. Will Ziggy Try Out for the Jets ?
  16. Some Steven Wright gems
  17. L...what's up?
  18. "All Hail, the Viking Queen!"
  19. RIP Rap icon Guru.
  20. See you next week Hampurites--time for Mojito's
  21. I don't know where i'm a gonna go, When the volcano blow
  22. Office Prank, What's Up With Them?
  23. What's up with the Mighty Boosh.
  24. Easily the best news of the day...
  25. Can someone tell me what's up with registering as friends at JI means.
  26. Merry 4/20 man.
  27. Apple (aapl) earnings beat estimates by 90%, what's up with that?
  29. Yumm, What's Up With Bacon Egg and Cheese Pizza
  30. Scratch or Sodomy: You Decide What's Up
  31. What? Breaking News is Up! - SEC's case vs Goldman falling apart
  32. What's Up With umbrellas?
  33. What's Up, Do you use a condom?
  34. What's up with Jersey101.com?
  35. What up with Whoring? What Wouldn't you do for a million dollars?
  36. What's up with pants these days?...
  37. Whazzzzup, Instant Fun
  38. Whats Up With This Draft Thingie™?
  39. Title IX...What's Up With Sexism, eh?
  40. What's up with IBS?
  41. What's Up With Starting Every Hamper® Thread With "What's Up"?
  42. Whats up with Animals! Scientists are showing off 123 new species found in Borneo
  43. What's up with 98.7 FM The Gator?
  44. What's up with not wanting to be THIS chick.
  46. What's Up With Eating Snails and Steak Tartares?
  47. I ♥ Hampur threads, that's What's Up!
  48. What's up with taking a dump at work?
  49. Whats up with SOPNE?
  50. What's up, is this the best draft in a long time?
  51. Worst Hold 'em beat
  52. Hamper draft analysis...
  53. What's Up With Changing Your Name for Stardom?
  54. Wheres JR?
  56. Really scary, but I can't stop watching
  57. Timmy, I am very sorry. RIP Dugout Dick
  58. anyone else besides me want to do jenn brown...?
  59. Hand Polish My Wood
  60. Bret Michaels In critical...
  61. Mr Irrelevant
  62. 1960s LSD Propaganda Film..LMFAO
  63. I know it's Neccessary....but Does Anyone Else Hate the Board When....
  64. Afraid to Ask This....
  65. What a fight!
  66. (no homo)
  67. WTF 2.0
  68. 7 coolest factories
  69. This is Bull...
  70. Iron Man 2
  71. Wor'd's Best Restaurants
  72. Its midnight and I'm still drinking.
  73. Well this is just great a few days from May
  74. Noah's Ark found...
  75. Waxing
  76. Celebrity MOD Deathmatch
  77. The "Ask the Bi Girl" thread
  78. Official JI motorcycle thread.
  80. OT/Lost episode
  81. Spartacus: Blood and Sand
  82. Disguised in TP...
  83. Anybody watch Fitness Beauties??
  84. Nightmare On Elm Street remake
  85. Happy Birthday Miss...
  86. Mystery: Who's changing my avatar?
  87. Infiniti G37 2 door coupe
  88. Barber shop predicament
  89. How did you get disciplined as a child?
  90. Hollywood facts
  91. Official Finals Thead: Spring 2010
  92. Times top 100...
  93. Corpse flower, doesn't look dead...
  94. What le f*ck Sprint?
  95. New Eminem Song
  96. Big NASA balloon F-up in Australia destroys multi-year project
  97. Group: Army symbol is religious, should be changed
  98. I think I'm totally done with women
  99. New Arizona immigration law
  100. Gotta love Rosanna Scotto.
  101. Hamper Immigration Law
  102. worlds smallest apartment
  103. Brilliant New Eminem lyrics
  104. Camera help please!
  105. We get ripped-off daily
  106. Speciesism
  107. Ladies Love It
  108. Plus sized model pulled...
  109. Blech pitooey... (sorry 32 only words to describe this story)
  110. Condom Arson?
  111. Pearl Jam at MSG, Thursday May 20th...
  112. WLF happened to Chasey Lain???
  113. Topless women go bonkers over inequality in Maine
  114. Summer Movies
  115. Just got $300 in Amazon gift cards from Westin, what should I get?
  116. Authentic Superbowl Eli Manning Jersey
  117. To all parents with young children - Infant and Childrens medicine recall
  118. Worst TV series/shows & movie sequels
  119. Car bomb scares Times Square
  120. Invention of the year...
  121. Child OTC medicine recalled
  122. Killing a grasshopper Just feels right
  123. Moto GP rider takes a dip....helmet and all!
  124. The Unexplainable Thread a.k.a. "Analyze This"
  125. Sandals in Bahamas?
  126. add a sentence...
  127. Forbes.com names Pittsburgh 'most livable'
  128. My New Favorite Restaurant
  129. Woman Trapped in bed by Huge Titito's (no- really)....
  130. Pacquiao vs. Mayweather?
  131. Lohan to play Lovelace in biopic about "Deep Throat" star
  132. Philly Phanatic?
  133. Man sues Starbucks for tea being too hot.
  134. Mother's Day Remembrances
  135. Nice Beaver!
  136. Lost: The Final Season (SPOILERS INSIDE)
  137. What's Up With Caucasians at the Movies?
  138. A Healthy Dose of Karma for the Doctor
  139. I'm drinking, who's drinking! Pregaming Cinco de Mayo
  140. Awesome Facial Expressions!
  141. This guy should be easy to find...
  142. 30 hottest WAG's in major league baseball.
  143. 20 hottest woman to watch on Sport TV
  144. Sniper nails two Taliban from 1˝ mi. away
  145. Back Pain
  146. Flying Dog...
  147. My Tuchus is not your playground!!!
  148. Foods that increase your sex-drive naturally
  149. Soccer Player Dies on Field... and is Given a Yellow Card
  150. machete movie trailer
  151. "What Are You GOOD At" Thread.
  152. TV shows growing up...
  153. School Sent Kids Home For Wearing the American Flag
  154. Whats up with less attractive women being better in bed than hot ones??
  155. Stock Market Crashing, Greece rioting as default looms
  156. Bamboozled on the train
  157. The 20,000 Post Club
  158. Womenz Sue WCO For Being TOo Hot
  159. Ancient Aliens
  160. NJ Family Suffers 2nd Horrific loss as Alligator kills Daughter
  161. Noises, voices and sounds thread
  162. Bad day at the office
  163. Those mushers are stoners...
  164. 8 Years Ago Today - 'we talkin bout practice"
  165. Friday Night Lights - tonight
  166. In the eye of the beholder...
  167. Hottest tramp/hooker/strpper actress
  168. Jesus Christ cartoon in development at Comedy Central
  169. Orwellian Tax Sot in PA
  170. Country comes to town.
  171. Top 100 songs of the 90s
  172. I cant open my piggy bank. Seriously
  173. New DNA evidence shows that Neanderthals and humans interbred
  174. Woman Runs over Lord Jesus Christ (not joking)
  175. What is the worst injury you ever sustained?
  176. My Grandma Died.
  177. Emmanuelle Chriqui bares it all.
  178. Isabella Rossellini...uhh?
  179. What are you cooking for Mom today?
  180. Shellfish....not a good experience
  181. Big leap: Microsoft makes free version of Office, its cash cow
  182. Tiger Woods...anyone buying this?
  183. The Wire
  184. Kagan to be nominated for Supreme Court Justice
  185. What was your worst academic moment?
  186. JI's Garbage Dump HOF
  187. tech gadgets bad for democracy
  188. OT: What should I do with my 401K, since I'm going to law school?
  189. Roger Waters - The Wall Tour
  190. Crazy Temps..anyone plant this weekend?
  191. Those crazy foriegners...
  192. Spokeo.com-ALERT
  193. "Red Dead Redemption" anyone?
  194. Tiger Withdrew from Tourney because of Buldging Dick
  195. Zombie Satellites! (We're so screwed!)
  196. Irina Potapenko
  197. WLF Happened to Kathleen Turner
  198. I miss you 3
  199. Weeb Ewbank Hall Is Gone
  200. Anyone else get one of these?
  201. Anyone else get an email from Kathleen Turner?!?!!??
  202. Beautiful Minds--The Living Camera
  203. Volvo does a live demonstration of auto-brakes and....
  204. chicks gone downhill in a hand basket (formerly chicks gone bad)
  205. Man Strangled Over Toothpaste and Crayons
  206. Arrest made in death of elderly Suffolk woman
  207. My new album!!!
  208. School Attacks in China- WLF?!?!
  210. I think the "WLF" thing is getting out of hand
  211. White House To Slash Terror Funding For NYC
  212. Americans Pay Lowest Taxes Since 1950
  213. What's up with people not using "tags" anymore on threads?
  214. British and US accused of poppy plague warfare in Afghanistan
  215. Any one do low carb...i wanna hear it
  216. anyone catch The Doors on WNET?
  217. OT: From NJ to Yankee Stadium
  218. Good Morning BBA7...
  219. Don't get arrested for a car chase out east...
  220. FBI all over my neighborhood.....
  221. Anyone else have the Jets 2010 wall calendar?
  222. "Saving Private Ryan" on Blu-ray - audio sync glitch
  223. Personal Accomplishment
  224. Everyone Say GoodBye to Besty...
  225. Portal
  226. Congress gets to know thier constituants...
  227. His wife leaves him but leaves him wedding dress.
  228. Age gap
  229. new jets flight crew members?
  230. Ross taking over Xanadu, dumping name
  231. Before Jeniffer Lopez there was Iris...
  232. Mountain Bikes
  233. The most beautiful song of all time
  234. Jay Mohr on the Sean Hannity show right now
  235. Missouri Clamps Down on Happy Time
  236. Spider + Penis = Oh noes!
  237. Locked and or dumped
  238. Pasta Sauce (recipes, and debate center)
  239. Squirrel infestation
  240. OMG...how embarrassing!
  241. Bars or restaurants that show HBO boxing events?
  242. Miss America "id hit that" thread
  243. My Daughters Cheer Squad
  244. Stop the Sag
  245. !* Official Hard Rock thread*
  246. Why Is This Girl Not a Star?
  247. Ronnie James Dio Dead
  248. Saving Private Ryan - 2 Questions
  249. Masculinity / Femininity Test
  250. ‘Stolen valor’ phony unmasked by police sgt.