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  1. Roger Waters - The Wall
  3. Space Tourism
  4. hewre the ffis fox
  5. Words pfail to describe teh awesome
  6. have you guys seen these ? ? ? ( pics of the jets' jet ) ;)
  7. Best Ticket Exchange
  8. RIP Mrs. Cleaver
  9. PS3: Disc-less streaming of Netflix coming 10/18
  10. Cablevision vs FOX - who here got hosed?
  11. Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig
  12. Denver female fans wearing MILF shirts.
  13. Roscoe Dinner...
  14. Ridiculous, I don't get it. Makes no sense.
  15. Spike Lee at the MNF game?
  16. OK...Got the DROID...what apps do you like?
  17. Comartie Has Competition
  18. Official Hamper Gubernatorial Candidate (no politics just embrace the man)
  19. Best food trend
  20. Hey Tuesday! Guess what? You suck too!
  21. OT: The best youtube video i've seen in years..
  22. bored beyond pain threshold
  23. Hate tweets for Lebron James (graphic)
  24. Tiger Woods
  25. Do you have a gay-lover girlfriend or wife?
  26. I'm sick of burying my friends.
  27. Keep my boy in your prayers...
  28. RIP Howard Cuningham
  29. A football story for the hampur
  30. BREAKING NEWS...End of Earth Postponed
  31. Paulie LOCKS a thread!!!!!!
  32. OT: 2010 American Lung Association "Climb for Air"
  33. I'm a Yankee fan but this is priceless...
  34. This is just bizarre.,..
  35. I just don't know what to say....
  36. Amputees in Mourning
  37. Breakfast Battle
  38. wtf
  39. What TV Shows Do You Watch These Days?
  40. Yet another great way to say 'I love you'
  41. Dangerous jobs
  42. Bye Week Blues
  43. Back to the Future in theatres tomorrow only.
  44. Between 2 Ferns with Zach Galifinakas
  45. Paranormal Activity 2
  46. Holy Smokes! Look At This! (the Dumpy Babe from Office)
  47. Just got back from Daniel Tosh live...
  48. My Morning Jacket
  49. Podcasts
  50. Card games: Spades & Poker
  51. Random Sardonic Observation Thread
  52. Jay Mohr hosting the Rome Show this aft
  53. Hey Raoul, get back to work
  54. What is a/the hampur?
  55. One more reason to hate the French
  56. I'm not sure what angle to take with this story, so I'll let you guys at it
  57. For the season, best scary movie theme song...
  58. Nike really annoys the hell out of me with this bs
  59. What's your pron name?
  60. Charlie Sheen takes Manhattan...
  61. just saw Gary Bussey shooting a commercial or something
  62. encouragement, yaeees, boom.
  63. Tom Cruise & other non- football fan stories
  64. Joe Flacco's Jersey Shore Halloween Costume
  65. Don't Piss Off Your Local Tattooist
  66. My completely Ridiculous Situation-I expect few serious responses
  67. Message to the rest of the NFL
  68. Jets/Phish/A.C.
  69. yo yo sup??
  70. Hey beer drinkers...
  71. Anyone here been to Honolulu?
  72. Help me *********! lmao
  73. Embarrasing Songs You Are Listening To
  74. Double rainbow...
  75. Wingwoman?
  76. Mandatory Password Changing-Is this a normal thing
  77. Moving to DC, need advice (housing, where to watch jets)
  78. Way off topic (about Basketball)
  79. I Think The Communists Are F-ing With Our Food Supply
  80. Black Crowes...Seen them? Seeing them?
  81. 2 Dave Matthews Band Tickets 11/13 SAT
  82. I fear for the future...
  83. Punisher: Born - Baddest Comicbook Ever?
  84. Music Industry
  85. Superstitions
  86. Greatest bad movie I've ever seen, lol...(not safe for Quantum's work place)
  87. Book 'em Danno. RIP.
  88. Suspicious UPS packages across East Coast, including one in Brooklyn...
  89. Thanks for small favors: Next Batman Installment NOT in 3-D
  90. Remember the Seinfeld episode with the rude Korean Nail women
  91. Disney World
  92. Droid X
  93. Ultimate Guilty Pleasure Food for Game tomorrow
  94. CFA exam
  96. I'm scared.
  97. Post-Halloween Dead Parent Syndrome....
  98. RIP Ginny Sacramoni
  99. Time For Another Self Indulgent Doot Thread
  100. Why?
  101. My farts smell like Snickers
  102. DirecTV dilemma
  103. Best Man Speech Help
  104. Michele Tafoya
  105. Live Africa web cam.
  106. Alcohol Deemed More Lethal than Cocaine or Heroin
  107. You guys are a bunch of Debby Downers this week.
  108. A Hero for the Hampur
  109. Is anyone up for an ongoing Bombay TV thread?
  110. ***The OFFICIAL Bombay TV Thread That Timmy® Didn't Start***
  111. Best Coffee Thread
  112. Moss Didn't Like the Ribz!
  113. Are you on Timmy's Ignore?
  114. McRib is back
  115. What is the cut off age before Dirty Old Man territory?
  116. Does anyone know what stores buy back DVD's?
  117. would you rock this pink guitar?
  118. Anyone been to Jason Bonham's Led Zepplin Experience?
  119. everybody say "HO!"
  120. How should I act at a non-Jets NFL game?
  121. Cowboys Stadium > New Meadowlands
  122. I Need a Vacation, and I Need Suggestions!
  123. The "where can i get call of duty black ops early" thread
  124. Forthcoming Cheese-Ridden Sci-Fi Films Warning
  125. How old were you when you got married?
  126. The World's Greatest Hoaxes
  127. Interesting contrast this morning on the Today show
  128. Broke Piece of Doo-Doo Lizard
  129. Asian youth turns into old man
  130. Cas Walker is one BAD SOB!
  131. Ask me a question I'm dfrunk
  132. Another show on Mickey Mantle
  133. Kik Messenger
  134. OT: Zenyatta
  135. Ugly Houses
  136. George Takei brings the funny
  137. Anyone get Kinect?
  138. teh Pfailin' Strip...
  139. Lol
  140. Gotta love last minute, unexpected victory sex
  141. Worst pop/rock song ever...
  142. I may Have to go see a very bad movie.....
  143. The Official Hampur Approved Diet...
  144. Is it socially acceptable to fart while standing at a public urinal?
  145. Is your kid athletic or a slouch potato?
  146. Best foreign songs/artists
  147. Wesley Willis fan appreciations
  148. Conan Returns Tonight
  149. Texas judge gives 7 year old right to decide custody
  150. Foreign Curse Words
  151. What About Boogers?
  152. RIP: Walkman
  153. Was Bill Belichick's Daughter on WHEEL OF FORTUNE ??
  154. Hampur worthy football play...
  155. What's for Thanksgiving?
  156. Best Advert ever?....
  157. Prisms...Nasty Prisms
  158. Fallout: New Vegas
  159. Anyone watch the WSOP Final?
  160. A thread for FF2, Jets Things, and the Hampur Bombay Empire
  161. Haters Gonna Hate
  162. Women selection: What is your taste?
  163. Best commercial this Fall
  164. Jury Duty
  165. USMC celebrates 235th birthday
  166. WTF
  167. Don't wear sunglasses when making you tube videos...especially if you suck
  168. Best Concert you've ever been to/ Concert's your going to
  169. Phil Collins- this doesn't sound very good
  170. Worst Concert you'd ever been to...
  171. Career Thread
  172. To All Our Service Veterans
  173. I Can't Stop Laughing...
  174. Fantasy Football Ruling
  175. Polidore started the Dougie.
  176. the hampur sprung a leak
  177. Zack G sparks up on Bill Maher...
  178. Only in Japan...
  179. Terrible Lady Taunts Dying 7-year-old girl
  180. Thinkpoint virus help!
  181. Redneck Games
  182. Holy F***ing Hell!
  183. Ray Lewis Commercial
  184. Nice suit for formal occasion?
  185. zehcnaS kraM
  186. John Mayer and his chicks.....now this!!!!!
  187. Does aiming your monitor at work away from people make you look suspicious?
  188. Question for the men in blue
  189. best top 40 songs
  190. Victim's family billed for guardrail after fatal crash
  191. Peeka-Doot!
  192. Enjoy A Tasty Snack
  193. Man or Woman?
  194. Swine Flu. :huh:
  195. Daunte Culpepper and the Sacramento Mountain Lions
  196. Woman Utters Line Never Previously Recorded In A Police Report
  197. 3 year old left alone while dad goes out drinking
  198. My Fathers Place to be inducted into LI music Hall of Fame
  199. So I was buying a PlayBoy and rolling papers...
  200. It's Gravy Time
  201. "No! I can do this! Don't!"
  202. Jets Black & White Photos
  203. TMA: Playstation 3
  204. Todd Haley Refuses to Shake Josh McDaniels Hand
  205. New MJ song
  207. Nerd Speak? Fusion Reactors on the Horizon?
  208. I could never dance to Santana
  209. what up
  210. Black Friday, what do u wanna buy?
  211. My Early Christmas Present
  212. LeBron James, candidate for Time's Person of the Year
  213. So I'm down by 72.8 points heading into kickoff last night
  214. Chevy Volt
  215. No More Buzz For YOU Plumber!
  216. Coughing Lady at Work
  217. Kosher Turkeys
  218. Fried, steammed, broiled, baked, stir-fried or saute?
  219. Alter Bridge
  220. Your Highness
  221. Damn, this day keeps coming every year
  222. Inmate demands better TV choices
  223. Heard this driving in...
  224. Now that's a tasty sandwich!
  225. Singapore
  226. Has anyone you've known become famous?
  227. Bad Mojo or just unstable foundation
  228. Tony Parker, Eva Longoria to divorce
  229. I Like Science as Much as The Next Guy....
  230. I weep for the future.
  231. What kind of foods trigger your farts? How loud are they?
  232. Mistaken Song Lyrics
  233. what kind of bug is this?
  234. favorite Sports teams? just curious
  235. Good sex: pretty women vs average women
  236. Bone found in Arbua is human and female, may be Natalie Holloway
  237. Anyone getting an airport pat down for Thanksgiving? Give them this face.
  239. Famous people you've partied with
  240. How did this crap ever become a hit song?
  241. The most classic/classless teams in sports
  242. Ever get a phone number that a complete s***head must have owned before you?
  243. Is Amanda Drury Hot?
  244. The Hardest Button To Button - White Stripes
  245. Interesting stat...
  246. Damien Woody doing the Warfish
  247. Alice's Restaurant-Guthrie
  248. Since Green32 Asked.....The Kilted Warfish II
  249. wtf