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  1. why is Rory Gallagher never mentioned among the greats?
  2. Say what you want about PETA...
  3. Reasons to Watch the Super Bowl
  4. Class III Kill Storm...be careful out there everyone...
  5. "Most deadly storm in living memory" approaches Queensland
  6. Must be nice to to be Derek Jeter
  7. Terminator Bollywood Style (A Southside Production)
  8. Some employees just don't appreciate thoughtfullness...
  9. A real life hero...
  10. "I'm the only one in the room professional enough to carry a Glock 40Bang"
  11. "Lights Out" on FX
  12. Should I Buy an Xbox or PS3?
  13. The Gov't Shut Down My Streaming Sites....
  14. X-Rated Pinup Calendar
  15. New Foo Fighters album on April 12th
  16. I'm Pissed...
  17. "The Pat Tillman Story"
  18. Anyone notice how much the Fire Schotty thread....
  19. You say butter, she said parkay...
  20. How do you do this on flat terrain?
  21. US kids: Jackass's behavior
  22. First one to fly the coop
  23. NFL Helmet Safety Researchers Could Learn A Lesson From Egyptian Protesters
  24. Does anyone here actually love what they do for a living?
  25. Mickey Mantle, you are my hero!
  26. Volkswagon Commercial: The Force
  27. Whoopie Pie vs. Blueberry Pie
  28. A little help please!
  29. MUSIC/TMA: The Boxer Rebellion
  30. Poll: Are you happy that off topic threads were moved from the Landing Strip?
  31. Guitar players...
  32. Better Movie...NDF or AGS???
  33. I'll let this one speak for itself...
  34. Is this UFO anti-semitic?
  35. You're Welcome
  36. Sex Music
  37. Why No Complaints at Irish Mascot?
  38. hye now
  39. The Unofficial Totally Uninspired What Are You Cooking for the Super Bowl Thread
  40. Teh Hampur Sour Grapes Super Toilet Bowel Thread About 2 Teams That Can EAD & GFY
  41. Teh Hampur SB Commerical Commentary Thread.
  42. Film: "The Road"
  43. Tom Brady married a moron
  44. Animal rights advocates
  45. It's Official: Start teh hampur offseason.
  46. Anyone going to the Knicks Nets game saturday night in Jersey?
  47. Captain America
  48. GFY
  49. R.I.P. Gary Moore
  50. Tosh.0
  52. The Kids in the Hall
  53. Sci Fi Flick: "Moon"
  54. The worst time of the year for sports fans
  55. JP Getty III...
  56. Smarter than she looks
  57. Hilton Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica
  58. Special Valentine's Day Bear...
  59. Snot encrusted nostrils.
  60. Skim boarding
  61. The Rocketeer: a vastly underrated movie
  62. Men's Life Cycle
  63. too many double entendres?
  64. future obits for hampur members
  65. My loose tooth
  66. whoa.
  67. FF2, this honey is for you...
  68. Oscillococcinum ?
  69. Matchmaker
  70. Lindsay Lohan back in court
  71. For Cop and photography buffs....pretty cool.
  72. I met Dennis Pluto #21 fromt he Super Bowl Jets Team (defensive Back)
  73. The key for men's eternal happiness: caesarean section
  74. Site Advertisments
  75. Big Prop Bet Win: 70 Miles Run in 24 hours on treadmill after hungover
  76. There is no honor among thieves.
  77. We're All Hosed, Enjoy It While You Can
  78. Rare Video Footage of FF2 and 32 as Youngins
  79. Rumor- Steve Jobs has died
  80. Gym teacher sleeps with the football team
  81. Rolling Stone Mag: Greatest Drummers of All Time
  82. Bat**** Crazy or wannabe reality star?
  83. WTC Construction
  84. Architecture (Beekman Tower in NYC)
  85. Valentine's Days has me wondering....
  86. The "Music Produced Since 2000" What Are You Listening To Thread (No Oldies!)
  87. Hampur International news
  88. Name that Actor/Actress
  89. Ancient Book Written in 'Alien' Code
  90. Smart blondes
  91. Funniest game show clip ever
  92. Movies that should be remade.
  93. The MOvie: The Stoned Age
  94. Joe Pantoliano Appreciation Thread
  95. Hockey Fights galore.
  96. This EXACTLY how I feel
  97. Woman tries to mail a puppy via air mail
  98. Most common reasons why dogs bark
  99. Adult Jokes NOW!
  100. A Tax Break For Breastfeeding Mothers: the bigger the boobs the bigger the tax break?
  101. What Would You Have Done?
  102. Way OT - Marv Albert
  103. So weve been moving all week.....
  104. Memento Returns To Theaters For 10th Anniversary
  105. Poll:Would you wear women's panties like sdJETSetter to get sex?
  106. Heavy, heavy Burtation or stroke symptoms?
  107. Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine
  108. What's on tap for Valentine's Day?
  109. Hey Jersey People!!!
  110. klaus nomi 'valentine's day
  111. Just got a new puppy... and
  112. Obscure Low Budget Sci-Fi: Hardware
  113. Not normally a fan of redheads, however...
  114. The Rock is back
  115. The good news: Headless woman died of natural causes...
  116. 32GreenIsGod
  117. Scientists, telescope hunt massive hidden object in space
  118. Whenever you think you are having a bad day...
  119. The Vilena Pose!
  120. OT : Caller switched from Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke because of Fatcessa
  121. Apple Unveils iPhone, iPad Subscription Policy
  122. How many of you guys have seen the fighter and what did you guys think?
  123. Bust bust!
  124. Sometimes a picture tells the whole story...
  125. 100 all time best toys....
  126. God Bless America...
  127. Saturday Night Fever.
  128. New Movie: Battle, Los Angeles
  129. Free Pron
  130. are you kidding me?
  131. RIP Uncle Leo
  132. DETOX
  133. Hot Ray Bradbury fan
  134. I'm sick.
  135. Meet Jets owner Woody Johnson on Feb 22 at LOMBARDI!
  136. Guess this settles the Apocalypse question
  137. SAR is a douche.
  138. WWF/WWE JI Likenesses
  139. Justin Bieber challenges Greenie to sports competition
  140. New computer keyboard designed just for Hampur..
  141. Women in Men's Division/Sport
  142. Michael Scarn: Thread Level Midnight
  143. **** the god damn ****ing internet piece of ****...
  144. The New Wonder Woman
  145. RESPECT?
  146. Build your woman
  147. Help! Contemplating Murder...
  148. Speaking of Murder: Have you ever told your Wife/GF
  149. How many people know you post here?
  150. Lip smackin' good!
  151. The Curse of the Louts - what say you?
  152. Man who put head on railroad track get splitting headache and...
  153. First Song from New Radiohead Album "King of Limbs"
  154. The worst kind of NIMBY - Yorkshire Towers - NYC
  155. Bad Ass Video Game Trailer
  156. What other forums do you frequent, if any?
  157. Wargibbons!
  158. Most beautiful mother-nature sound
  159. ANyone ever see the movie "Control"?
  160. Tear-jerking music
  161. Just got an iPad for my birthday...what are the best apps?
  162. The silent treatment
  163. Cheesiest/Weirdest/Predictable Movie Scenes
  164. The legend has return: Loch Ness Monster
  165. Anyone been watching Spartacus: Gods of the Arena?
  166. The Official Men's Face Shaving Thread
  167. The Hampur Sucks Without Roger Vick
  168. MY FIRST HAND GUN......
  169. What kind of pen do you use?
  170. What type of toilet paper do you use?
  171. Happy Birthday: "i drink bleach"
  172. Good lord, these f----ing radio stations
  173. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya....JI?
  174. My Sick Father
  175. Time to diet...
  176. Harlem Globetrotters-anyone ever gone to see?
  177. Mannerisms
  178. How's the weather?...
  179. DWC is now on TGG
  180. Yachting to Somalia
  181. Work Doosh
  182. So now that democracy is spreading across the Mideast....
  183. "I think we're getting in trouble"
  184. The toss up
  185. Can Charlie Sheen go off his rocker any more?
  186. The unofficial JI March Madness Tournament Yahoo Bracket Pickem
  187. sidekick/partner who could fly solo
  188. Which Hampurite fits into which person type?
  190. New arena in Brooklyn (Barclays Center)
  191. " Girl quits her job . . . " ~ ~ ~
  192. Cheez-ItsŪ
  193. And the Hampur Award for Best Picture goes to....
  194. HAPPY B-DAY to whodey2010, kename, kaileoss, 007, washingtondc, newvision, mmajeski06
  195. Arnold Schwarzenegger Fans Click Here
  196. " Space tragedy . . . " ~ ~ ~
  197. we need to scramble the Hampur signal
  198. Surprise Military Homecoming...
  199. Ok, who is this?
  200. The Hangover Part 2
  201. Oscars
  202. The Best Album No One Ever Heard Of is.....
  203. Your Favorite Music To **** To?
  204. Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival Des Moines
  205. Just watched Charlie Sheen interview on Today
  206. The Wonderful World of Sliced Meat
  207. Last Living US WWI Veteran Dies (RIP)
  208. 20-Ton Mayonnaise Spill
  209. The President's Speech
  210. School band rocks out
  211. Just Got iPhone for Verizon...any must have apps/recommend apps?
  212. Iran may boycott Olympics due to logo.
  213. Good Luck driving through midtown...
  214. Charlie Sheen needs to see this...
  215. Fellow JI members you feel may dislike you...
  216. The Beer Thread: 2011 Style
  217. Dad, did you ever smoke pot?
  218. The Best Owner In Sports Is At It Again
  219. Qaddafi versus Sheen
  220. In praise of the mouth organ...
  221. Soem Good Sci-Fi (and Other) Movies Coming Soon!
  222. The most awful thing your ears will ever listen to
  223. Joyeux Anniversaire RaoulDuke!!
  224. David Crosby dead.
  225. VIP: PLEASE Help if you can!
  226. Buddy Holly:Dead
  227. Archie and the Gang - updated
  228. Dad, did you ever do mescaline?
  229. OT- where can i find weights?
  230. America's 10 Most Toxic Cities - new york is # ~ ~ ~
  231. BYU Basketball Player Booted for Having Sex
  232. Dad, did you ever whore yourself for crack?
  233. Suze Rotolo dead...seriously.
  234. Pope say Jews didn't kill Jesus.
  235. OT but 3balls.com one of the banner ads is a great place to buy golf equipment
  236. Eastern Cougar Declared Extinct
  237. Pretty Cool Video
  238. How much do you pay for coffee?
  239. Best Music Scenes in Movies
  240. Caption this!
  241. Poll: Best Hampur thread of 2011
  242. A theory on the Hampur here is 2011.
  243. The most typical face on the planet
  244. Racism in Sports Media
  245. Count the slips!
  246. The Room (you might piss yourself with laughter)
  247. Catwalk Fail
  248. Filipino Bon Jovi
  249. In Miami *****es
  250. Could the Hamper Survive a Lockout?