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  1. Happy Birthday shoesorder258 and shoesorder259
  2. Best Duets
  3. Charlie Sheen In Detroit - "Bombing!"
  4. Thread Avoidance
  5. Happy Birthday BYT!
  6. Giada
  7. Which dance style have you mastered?
  8. Tornado season in the south...
  9. Happy Birthday to Jetgirl & Timmy-y-y-y!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Uh Poli, Can You Explain This?
  11. Would Old Blue Eyes still wanted to play the part...
  12. Move over Africa Cam, it's Eagle Cam...
  13. Weird foods (http://www.weird-food.com/index.html)
  14. I'm in Vegas b*tches!
  15. Can You Deposit Savings Bonds?
  16. threw my back out and am on muscule relaxers b**CHES!!!!
  17. Police are still Old School in Thailand
  18. Nuke worries...
  19. Thug life?...
  20. ANDDD Another Teacher(s) Banging the Students
  21. NY School Buses Threatened...something else to worry about.
  22. Governor of NJ
  23. I've got allergies b*tches!
  24. For My Good Friend Borgo
  25. Do you think this is legit, or is it a scamola?
  26. Everyone tells me....Guv'nah of New Jawsey.
  27. eHow Follows Monty Python Formula
  28. My friends are going to this, I refuse to.
  29. 32green and crasherino mods eh?
  30. BREAKING NEWS: another Japan earthquake
  31. LeBron James' mom arrested at hotel
  32. Crazy Custom Guitars
  33. Official Masters 2011 Thread
  34. NOT JOKING: Christie Brinkley Really Looks Great at Her Age! Wow!
  35. I am divorced, in Fl. and now get this e-mail..
  36. What happened to Girlfriend pictures?
  37. Sanchez Trying to Get KO'ed By Klitschko?
  38. The Hamper Budget situation and potential Forum Shutdown thread
  39. Bad Toupee
  40. NYC Restaurant Suggestions
  41. Timeshares - Good or bad?
  42. Beastie Boys: Fight for your Right Revisited
  43. I love my new Sig Image.
  44. 32green's first official act as Mod--the Un-banning of DWC2?!?
  45. Live in Newtown, CT - The Low Anthem
  46. Funny Commercials
  47. Blast From the Past: Don't Even Reply.com
  48. Happy Birthday Russian Green & Baldnuts
  49. Foo Fighters: "Back and Forth" (2011 documentary) airs tonight
  50. Who do you envy the most?
  51. Watch Master's Online?
  52. Wife in the hospital
  53. Mystery Science Theater 3000
  54. Anyone ever been to Augusta National??
  55. Family Dinner scene: Ricky Bobby
  56. Peanut allergy treatment... I say Hooah!
  57. The Killing
  58. Xbox 360 game help
  59. Jets mentioned in tv show "Breakout Kings"
  60. What's Better, Eggs or Hamburger?
  61. Jesus or Patty Hearst?
  62. Was in Newport yesterday, *****es!
  63. Guy makes a strong case for why he cheated on his girlfriend with her sister
  64. Hampur Acoustic/Electric Guitar Help
  65. Okay this is just very bizarre..chicks with Buscemi eyes
  66. Hitler's FBI files,saying he is not dead and was hiding in argentina
  67. Japan Upgrades Fukushima Severity Level to 7
  69. Top 5 Greatest Rock Frontmen/Singers
  70. Doug the Orange Puppet
  71. I met Joe Klecko tonight
  72. Coldplay= NO SEX!
  73. Umbrellas
  74. How much to gift at a wedding? What's appropriate?
  75. A question to the old timers of JI
  76. Who knew the Bugs Bunny "Rabbit Season! Duck Season!" bit worked with kids
  77. 'The Fighter' -- Hampur edition
  78. ha ha zsa zsa...
  79. Apologies Hampurites, had to share
  80. Moving soon to pet friendly Apt....help finding a dog?
  81. call of duty online...
  82. New York on the piss
  83. Diceman sing!
  84. Fat Man Stuck in Chair for Two Years Dies
  85. Soundgarden Reunion Tour
  86. Hampur Babe of the Day!
  87. lunch time discussion on animal attacks
  88. Ouch, Beware of the Wind
  89. It feels great to be back... I thought I was banned for life?
  90. Online Poker's Black Friday
  91. Ouch, Beware of Sticks
  92. Retirement party.
  93. Girls are not to be trusted
  94. THe Conspirator
  95. Sarah Jessica Parker caught nude standing in front of window
  96. After a long day...
  97. Call da ambalamps
  98. Mobspeak...
  99. Ugly Duckling Syndrome
  100. my nephew is a ****-up.
  101. Has JI been hacked by a devious un-Banning geek?
  102. Chicks - have they ever almost got you killed?
  103. The Borgias on Showtime
  104. Anyone know who this chick is??
  105. Conilingus = Greater Risk of Cancer...
  106. Hobo beatdowns are such a turn on!!!!
  107. Anyone own a gun?
  108. Man I should have went to UCONN.. I could have partied more
  109. Why doesn't HIPPA apply to pro athletes?
  110. For those of you who usedtobeacop
  111. Annual Soccer Draft
  112. Well, thanks for giving me the chance to come back but I'm gone for good; So long JI.
  113. Vote for your favorite criminal - not a joke
  114. 32Green's first week (or so) on the job...discuss
  115. "The Stroll"
  116. JI spillage IRL
  118. A posting lesson
  119. Washington DC foodies speak up!!
  120. I forgot my sister's birthday...
  121. Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family
  122. Am I the only one doesn't give a rat's ass about the royal family?
  123. Dog Pack Attacks Gator In Florida...not for the squeamish
  124. Burger Time!
  125. Looking to buy a dvd player- recommendations?
  126. Easter Sunday- what's cooking?
  127. did my first car detail today
  128. Man Faps in Co-Workers Water Bottle - TWICE!!!!
  129. Clint Eastwood owes me $14.99
  130. Game of Thrones on HBO
  131. Ot---- ACN.
  132. OT: Bipolar Disorder
  133. McDonald's Beating In Baltimore Video
  134. What happened to this board =(
  135. Do any of you older college hoops fans remember...
  136. What did I miss, *****es?
  137. Borgo was right: we are all bozos on teh bus
  138. Sounds like who?
  139. People who are or were in college
  140. Who are you? Staten Island Paul or Philadelphia Phil...
  141. Funniest Show on TV?
  142. Fuller Brush Man, Charles Chips, now this...
  143. Why do SAR I and Ruby2 Hate Each Other?
  144. The Official Wacky Packages® Thread
  145. I'm Heineken-ed Out
  146. Wednesday Night Strip Club - Who's In?
  147. playstation network shutdown....
  148. Have I got a deal for you....
  149. Back in Black- Wing
  150. The Official Hampur Pre-Draft Day Pre-Comment Pre-Thread™
  151. Roger McDowell, wtf?...
  152. I'm in West Palm Beach FL B***es!
  153. Tornado Warnings in NJ
  154. What do you look for in a Band?
  155. Beach House Purchase In NJ - Need Help
  156. Yahoo mail problems. Can anyone help?
  157. Ugliest Female Singers Ever?
  158. The Internet- name a business casualty:
  159. chat room...
  160. Jets Draft Day Gallery. Changing
  161. My First Rage Comic (Inspired by True Events)
  162. The Devil's Double Trailer
  163. Uncomfortably Sexual Company Logos
  164. Metallica/Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax @ yankee stadium
  165. What's up with mulch?
  166. LED/LCD
  167. 30 days of soberness
  168. Stone Cold Steve Austin busts a move
  169. No Bin Laden comments at the Hampur?
  170. OMG did you hear who died?
  171. Narragansett B & B recomendations?
  172. Farts....
  174. Meanwhile, at teh Hampur Reunion...
  175. Weightlifting
  176. Jury Duty *****es!
  177. What the heck is this...
  178. OT: the honey badger. nasty little guy
  179. Tinnitus is killing me!
  180. Allergies..
  181. Last Minute Mother's Day Gift
  182. 10,000th Post
  183. Finals Time: Spring 2011
  184. Ultimate Dog Tease
  185. Miley Cyrus : Smells like teen spirit
  186. My Wife Told Me This Was The Greatest Horse Race Ever..
  187. what is your Hampur horse name??
  188. What's up with nose hairs????
  189. Going to watch Thor tonight
  190. Anyone have a simple barbecue sauce recipe?
  191. What the heck? I already have a slow cooker
  192. Happy Cinco de Mayo Hampurites!
  193. Happy Birthday Nalekah.plummer@yahoo.com
  194. Moratorium on Stokes height jokes?
  195. Best Android app?
  196. Like you don't already spend too much time on the internet
  197. Hampurites: Special Meeting in the Non-Mod Lounge to dicuss the "32 Situation"
  198. lol Hines ward arrested by mistake...
  199. CBNY
  200. Can I Come Back to NY?
  201. tarajersey
  202. Terminator Nyet
  203. Dealing with the loss of your Mentor...
  204. Golf club question
  205. Rex on the latest Rich Eisen podcast
  206. Hampur match.com
  207. Osama Bin Bonging
  208. Alternate Team
  210. Mentoring Services Available
  211. Paul Rodgers still belts it out...
  212. Coffee, Sex, Exercise Among Triggers for Ruptured Brain Aneurysm
  213. The Hampuer top three albums
  214. RIP Seve Ballesteros
  215. JI Poster of the Week- 5/7 Edition
  216. F*** love.
  217. Don't do it Paul
  218. Death Row meal
  219. Hope you guys are taking care of your ladies today
  220. Lending money...
  221. Should Marijuana be legal?
  222. Why is this so hysterical to me?
  223. OT: This forum looks incredible on the Pad
  224. We need a secret handshake around here
  225. OT what do you $$ for your cell phone??
  226. white chick rapping wicked fast
  227. I feel like dancing...
  228. The Truth About Sitting Down
  229. Do you think Mariska Hargitay is hot?
  230. Dream Girl & potential soul-mate?
  231. New York Legend Passes...
  232. One Love - 30 years ago today
  233. Underappreciated Originals
  234. Youth Sports: a neoliberal society
  235. knuckleheads and escalators
  236. Pink Floyd remasters in high resolution audio FINALLY!
  237. Omegle
  238. New Nassau Coliseum and minor league baseball park
  239. Dealing with a severely strained hamstring
  240. Kegel
  241. Song You Hate By Band You Love
  242. naked guy terrorizes subway passengers
  243. damn you autocorrect
  244. Tough Times For The Caped Crusader
  245. Flashback for some of you...
  246. Your Favorite War Movies
  247. Tiger quits at The Players
  248. Teh Cicadas are coming...
  249. what. is. this.
  250. Nissan pathfinders have good suspension...