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  1. ok I'm back.
  2. I'm back?
  3. Tres Ballares is really chatting it up in the pFailstrip
  4. Where's Borgo?
  5. Where's RussianGreen?
  6. Where's DBAKE?
  7. Happy Birthday Jet_Engine1
  8. Remind you of anybody?
  9. West Vigennia - Land of edjucation
  10. WCO losing it on the PfailStrip
  11. Jets reach out to Nnamdi....Hampur Edition
  12. I need a catchphrase.
  13. .
  14. An Ode to DWC in G Minor
  15. Is Southside Top Ten?
  16. The Peoples Court or Judge Judy
  17. It's not safe over there.
  18. Hustler Offers Casey Anthony $500K
  19. Anyone Go To The EA SPORTS Madden NFL 12 Pigskin Pro-Am At Bryant Park The Other Day?
  20. Let's see if I missed anything...
  21. Big Ass Armoire
  22. Braylon Edwards Braylon Edwards Braylon Edwards Braylon Edwards Braylon Edwards
  23. Cool mod feature
  24. I'm on a Disney Cruise B*tches (Help me!)
  25. No one in hockey forum...any word on Islanders Arena vote?
  26. Goin' to hail in a handbasket B****es!!!
  27. Excellent article on the mission that killed Bin Laden
  28. Cougar
  29. Some guy made a play at camp today.
  30. Google Body
  31. Brandon Meriweather's first single
  32. The hole in a Dunkin Donut?
  33. HEY FATBOY...some thoughts.
  34. Songs you aren't listening to!
  35. You guys don't need mods.
  36. Question about NJ - Atlantic Highlands...
  37. ATTN SAR1: TV Question!
  38. meanwhile, in training camp...
  39. Timmeh: Too Far Into The Woods?
  40. Johnny Cash Song You are Listening to Right Now
  41. JI is acting weird
  42. Hampuer recruit - part uno
  43. Hampur recruit, part deux
  44. Hampeur recruit -part III
  45. Does "resign" in Strip-speak confuse anyone else?
  46. Oh by the way...
  47. dsajfoijsadlfojpqewo8jfpqoewjpgfoiqjewrogqf;
  48. Will the Pflanding Stripe go to DEFCON 1 tonight?
  49. Jay Mohr Podcast
  50. Jcotch betrayed hampur nation.
  51. for the next few days
  52. I'm going toBoston *****essssz
  53. lolz Caption This...
  54. Should Southside be kicked out of Top Ten for this abomination?
  55. Internet Trolls Pick Up Girls
  56. Another teacher has sex with student..this time in our back yard.
  57. Lame things non-sports relatives say.
  58. There's Dirtstar, and then There's You People
  59. I'm back from Hershey, Good Sirs!!!!!!!!!!
  60. SEllis has betrayed hampur nation!!
  61. Spiced Rum Corner
  62. Back from the Shore *****es! What'd I miss, other than Southside not being funny?
  63. Hideki Matsui an Hampurite?
  64. Should Revi$_I$l@nd take Southside's recently vacated...
  65. No bra Thursday
  66. can we really go to war with these d-bags?
  67. 32green signs with patsfans.com (merged)
  68. OT- name 4 things that were different for you this year compared to last
  69. im in the murder capital of the usa, *****es!!!!
  70. Anybody here going to training camp Friday?
  71. Southside: What Can We Expect of Him?
  72. Beavis and Butt Head Sneak Peek....
  73. In the mountains doing nothing, ladies!!!!!
  74. Philadelphia: Curfew in effect!
  75. I was a starting defensive end...
  76. Good Morning Everyone..............
  77. Who's backing up "The Moderator"?
  78. Let's settle this top ten foolishness once and for all.
  79. Hey, you scratched my anchor!
  80. Superbowl 2012 Tickets
  81. Finally football tonite: What's everyone eating?
  82. I hate the people I work with
  83. R.I.P. Jani Lane
  84. Pearl Necklace...for your wife/gf/so...
  85. Gay Players in the NFL
  86. I think even we'd throw this guy outta the Hampur
  87. Yo Plumbing experts!!!!
  88. The blonde bikini chick ad on JI
  89. Giving a bad name to Trannys
  90. Germanys version of American idol...
  91. Corner Furniture
  92. Almost Caught the Bad Guys
  93. tech question... help!!!
  94. Sports that shouldn't be televised
  95. Only 19 days left to buy your $1mn Jets Painting on ebay
  96. Front row tix for Sugarland, B*tches!!!!!
  97. Anyone else cooking Burning Anus Wings for the Jet Game?
  98. Feeding time...
  99. Yes...yes....NOOOO.
  100. Overrated/Underrated?
  101. Paging Mr Fishooked! Call for Mr Fishooked on the red coutesy phone!
  102. Would you dig the camera out of your poop?
  103. 30 Minutes or Less
  105. Direct TV NLF ticket on PS3
  106. Not the way I want to go
  107. Another Missing Blonde in Aruba
  108. brutal story of the day part deux...
  109. ** Hamper Naming Rights being negotiated ** (Sources: announcement next week?)
  110. The Day the Movies Died
  113. Just another Saturday morning...
  114. I am tired of Middle East News!
  115. this is uncalled for
  117. Thoughts?
  118. Caption this photo
  119. New Metallica/Lour Reed Project
  120. Rate my fantasy team
  121. Why do hurricanes "pack" winds?
  122. Man Arrested For Attempting to Build Nuclear Reactor in his Kitchen
  123. Happy Birthday TokyoJet!!!
  124. **Merged Earthquake Thread**
  125. Sprint to start selling iPhone 5 mid-October
  126. On top of the Tappan Zee bridge, b*tches!!
  127. Pat Summit statement
  128. OK. Which one of you guys is this?
  129. The "What If...." Thread (Earthquake hit during Jets game at NMS)
  130. Chelsea Hotel closing (great read)...
  131. Navy Seals dog stands gaurd at funeral
  132. Earthquake in Peru - 6.9
  133. Buying a New Car is Hard
  134. Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple
  135. Video- New recently released images of iphone 5
  136. Breastfeeding at 8
  137. Yeah, I said it.
  138. Hurricane Irene (merged)
  139. Bring your kids' drawings to life
  141. Pfail Strip Post of the Week Nomination
  142. Where would you MOST like to be?
  143. Ridley Scott to direct new "Blade Runner" film
  144. I made a log today
  145. Couldn't Find a Cure-- Nick Ashford RIP
  146. A little more than two weeks: Rising- The Rebuilding of Ground Zero
  147. Hit a 3 Run homer b*****s!
  148. Any mortgage guys here willing to give me some advice?
  149. Minka Kelly back on the market?!?
  150. We're All Going To Die!!!...
  151. The Barclays
  152. Banned for weirdness?
  153. Strange Letter in the Mail
  154. Finally got my interview -- going to be a civil servant b----es
  155. Unbiased opinion
  156. Food Poisoning...
  158. Paintball pellet vs. Breast Implant
  159. Anyone listen to Ambient?
  160. Do you guys remember Chiller?
  161. What ****ing channel is the ****ing game on?
  162. Thoughts on Mayberry?
  163. Foods you eat off of the floor
  164. My junk is swollen.
  165. The ribz, I can steal them
  166. random question about prudential center newark
  167. **** irene, **** rt80 **** new jersey
  168. What is ****ING Wrong with that ******* ****head ****face Fishooked?
  169. SAT question: jetswin is to FF2 as . . . ?
  170. A Holiday gift that keeps on giving!
  171. Surprise Cuts
  172. San Diego Boy Throwing Rocks At Cars Recovering After He Was Shot in Side By Crossbow
  173. In other Snoopy News....
  174. Saftey first!! do NOT try this at home
  175. Another Television Thread
  176. Steely Dan - Tonight!
  177. Teh Random Google Image Thread....
  178. Madden 2012 question
  179. Need a site to waste time on
  180. Films that sum up your first sexual encounter
  181. Hampur & Doots FF League?
  182. Ryan Adams covers Maiden
  183. Flutie made a Hottie!
  184. MODS: Please for the love of all that is decent and holy...
  185. Thinking of buying a flat screen TV -- any experts?
  186. To the Music Snobs...
  187. Oscar or Oscaretta?
  188. anyone going to the US Open
  189. teh pfail is in rare form tonight...
  190. Used or new car
  191. What grinds my gears...
  192. 40, *****es.
  193. Bad Coffee?????
  194. Mod Refresher Course
  195. Taking Chance
  196. The Jets are so through they've altered old videos of Ken O'Brien
  197. xbox live subscription card...
  198. The Cool Rock and Roll fun facts thread
  199. Saturday night pop quiz...
  200. hampurs n doots fantasy 2011
  201. Anyone seeing The Debt?
  202. Guy knees himself in the face--KO
  203. mmm....wings...
  204. If you enjoyed the movie 'In Bruges'...
  205. Sanibel Island, FL
  206. Motorcycle Fans: Amazing On-Board Lap With GyroCam at the Nurburgring
  207. WFAN
  208. SAMCRO
  210. Gun to your head....
  211. Plane carrying KHL team crashes
  212. Inside A Bedroom Of A Cheerleader (NSFW)
  213. Paz de la Huerta? I'm not seein it
  214. Ben & Jerry's tosses out some Schweddy Balls
  215. Th End of 3D TV ??
  216. asking for advice rarely works
  217. this song is so dope
  218. huh
  219. With the return of Football comes the return of Anus Burning Wings
  220. I'm in a blackout b1tchezz
  221. Michelle tafoya
  222. Thread of the Year
  223. So Cal Blackouts
  224. MS. Columbia reprimanded for not wearing panties
  225. and with the season upon us I present, Miss Hampur 2011...
  226. One of the Coolest Things in Sports.
  227. Francessa reviews HDTVs, gives thoughts on Maybin.
  228. NJ- Tropical Storm Irene and Subsequent Flooding Aftermath
  229. My 45 year old wife new hobby
  230. Portly patron sues for bigger booths
  231. Unofficial Hampur Jets-More Cowbell Gameday Thread
  232. Black and White People Furniture - Red House Commercial
  233. Andy Whitfield, Star of ‘Spartacus’ Series, Dies at 39
  234. We suck!!! Wait....no we don't!!
  235. Did we whiff on Dirtstar?
  236. Which one of you crazy bastids is this?
  237. IF This is an elite forum.....
  238. Who Was The Jerk
  239. Contagion
  240. Kate Upton was there last night
  241. Have I outdone myself? You tell me....
  242. Direct Tv question for you guys
  243. Help me with this picture.
  244. WARNING If you get a PM offering a free clip of the new Nickelback album DO NOT CLICK
  245. Happy 50th, Mr. Mustaine...
  246. How bad ass do you think you are?
  247. cut southside, sign Xenon121 to the active roster
  248. Blasphemy!! Hollywood announces 'Point Break' remake
  249. Embarrassed to Ask: What % Level to Tint Windows
  250. Our Boy Mark