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  1. Revealing proposal: La. official wants to ban pajamas in public
  2. effing red light cameras....
  3. RIP Jimmy Castor
  4. Super Cheap PSLs for Sale
  5. Little things that are annoying as hell
  6. All you really need to know about S.O.P.A.
  7. Porn industry mulls leaving LA if condoms required
  8. Costa Concordia Captain - Coast Guard Transcript
  9. Is it just me, or is this really kinda disrespectful?
  10. Justified - Season 3/SPOILERS
  11. Best friend made a Tom Brady comment today
  12. New Jets Fan...
  13. Barrett Jackson Car Auction
  14. Roger Waters brings The Wall to Yankee Stadium
  15. Store fined $30K for stocking toy guns
  16. Very Cool, All I'm Gonna Say
  17. RIP Sarah Burke
  18. The "People who if you saw them you'd punch in the face" thread
  19. PC Facepalm
  20. 30,000 Posts
  21. RIP Etta James
  22. "Red Tails" Lucas Does WWII Tuskegee Airmen CGI Flick
  23. William Shatner will Die in a Bus Crash on Monday
  24. Want to feel good about the USA for a minute
  25. Hotel Suggestions in Manhattan
  26. Homemade No Knead Bread
  27. Fried food lovers.
  28. Need a generator?
  29. Taking The Minivan Out, Testing The Snow Tires
  30. 90s RnB Mix Mixed, Scratched and Blended by Me
  31. Black Russian Terrier :)
  32. Happy Birthday Jetworks!
  33. **** THIS ****
  34. Dumb DMV Question
  35. Just got over the FLU b*****s!
  36. Why Have a Logo?
  37. Pulp Hampur
  38. Tonite in the NBA
  39. Ear Puberty
  40. Bars Near Nassau Coliseum
  41. Passat commercial song
  42. Name three underrated Albums...
  43. What was #1 Song the Day You Were Born?
  44. Cozumel anyone been?
  45. First concert you ever went to.
  46. Just woke up from surgery b***es
  47. Bruce announces US tour dates
  48. Whaddya mean you don't have change?...
  49. Ice Finger of Death
  50. The title of most magnificent...
  51. Does Lifetime Intentionally Make Bad Movies?
  52. Dear MR. Kotter.
  53. Damn. Is there any malady I don't have?
  55. My Avatar.
  56. a Public Service Announcement (for Southside)
  57. YES!!
  58. which one of these will the jets be in 2012???
  61. Pay'in Your Neighbor to Bang Your Wife
  62. The "Songs Played by Folks Not in the Band Who Wrote It" Youtube Thread
  63. Buy President Obamas car on E-Bay
  64. Need PC Help
  65. I found Nemo
  66. Would You Like a Side of Aborted Fetus With That?
  67. Dealing with Jehovah Witnesses
  68. Chopped
  69. Reaching My Goals
  70. UFC
  71. 90s RnB Mix Part 2
  72. Australian Open Final
  73. Windows PC to iMac transition guidance
  74. Real movie titles describing your sex life.
  75. Why?
  76. ANyone own a Denali?
  77. OT -"LUCK" on HBO last night
  78. Dear Rex...
  79. God Bless America
  80. Love & Other Drugs is the best movie ever
  81. Is this the friggin dog whisperer?
  82. I need to get rid of a house
  83. Sports section, FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU
  84. Hampur Photoshop Challenge
  85. Divorce from ***** complete. *****es!!!!!
  86. Francesa and Kim Jones: the Next Howard and Robin?
  87. Ok, I'm a half a mongoloid, but...
  88. Anyone going to any of he Guns n' Roses concerts in NYC?
  89. Where the hell is stokes?
  90. Heron
  91. Microwave EXPLOSIONS
  92. Where the heck is southside?
  94. You guys gotta try these burgers!
  95. Don Cornelius shot...
  96. I solved a mystery
  97. Worst performance you ever saw at a concert
  98. Nicknames...
  99. UFO's. Real or not?
  100. N.J man 85 charged with groping
  101. Angelo Dundee Dead
  102. FIFA 2011 for PS3 Online Pass
  103. 'No Fap' February?
  104. Prisoners 1 Cops 0
  105. Internet Addiction
  106. A Different Kind of Truth
  107. Sunday night-Movie night. Any recommendations?
  108. $10 Off Your Delivery/Pickup Order
  109. The day the music died
  110. My Favorite Wikipedia Page
  111. I might have an out.
  112. The Merkin
  113. What's wrong with you people on the other side of the River?
  114. It's BAD JOKE EEL!
  115. People who look like Members of the New York Jets
  116. What should the Jets' 2012 training camp T-shirt slogan be?
  117. South Florida 3 of the top 10 most miserable cities.
  118. Snookie vs Christie
  119. Anyone going to BK for free onion rings?
  120. Chronicle
  121. The Non-Super Bowl Watchers Thread
  122. The 'Post Super BOWEL Stuck In The Office My God Please Kill Me' Thread
  123. I'm Back. What Did I Miss?
  124. Wisdom teeth
  125. "The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for"
  126. Who here is 6' + & 200 lbs +
  127. I'm at dooshnozzle central!
  128. Hangout Festival
  129. Is your wife taller than you?
  130. The Hampur End of Season Parade of Champions thread
  131. Movie Poster Clichés
  132. Is neck sex off the menu for Peyton now?
  133. 3 Word Story
  134. Man, and I thought the hampur sucked LAST offseason
  135. *** The Hampur Unrealistic Offseason moves thread ***
  136. annoying training class archetypes
  137. Giants take out ad thanking Jets for taking out ad congratulating Giants
  138. Stokes Eulogy Thread (until he returns. Possibly.)
  139. Tom Brady - new career after football?
  140. Dishin' and swishin'
  141. Manning can't take solid dumps....
  142. Ate a taco marinated in Arbol Chile sauce....
  143. Limited Time Only 'Bacon Shake'!
  144. For all who have teens...this guy is my hero!
  145. AER
  146. Bring Back JI's Renaissance Man!
  147. Why This Girl Not A Star
  148. UTB
  149. bitter/sweet news for mopar fans...
  150. RIP Whitney Houston
  151. Products You Won't Buy Generic Of.
  152. I sat in the next stall from a guy who ate a taco marinated in Arbol Chile sauce
  153. Ex Girlfriend Help
  154. Do you take vitamins? If so, what kind and do you like them?
  155. Marine’s mission: 1M push-ups in 2012
  156. Hot or not? Pick one.
  157. So how will I know if I have destoyed any ligaments or tendons in my knees?
  158. When did Paul McCartney...
  159. THE GREY - anyone else see this?
  160. Best Hats EVER!
  161. To all you computer geeeks...
  162. Valentines Day Cards: Friggin Get Real
  163. Working Out Advice
  164. Too many fat girls.
  165. RIP Whitey Houston
  166. 'Three's Company' stars Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt end 30-year feud
  167. Happy VD *****es!!!
  168. It's not too late for you guys
  169. Anyone else forced to watch Glee?
  170. Been In Cuba for a week....what I miss?
  171. The Official Friendly Nice Thread
  172. "I am White and I can hoop" thread
  173. I was at the Dentist, *****es!
  174. Beware the Piggyback Bandit
  175. "I am white and I can poop" thread
  176. Portlanders Celebrate Valentines Day
  177. If they make wine in a winery...
  178. Anyone else forced to watch "home heist'?
  179. Headlines you never thought you'd see.
  180. A Nice Pro USA Counter Insurgency Tale
  181. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  182. RIP - one year later
  183. What does a mid-life crisis feel like?
  184. "Sometimes I wish I was from another country" thread
  185. Ex Met Gary Carter dead at 57
  186. Who is the third
  187. I Quit Smoking One Year Ago Yesterday......................................*** **es!!!
  188. Wearing Jets Shirt
  189. PS Vita AKA PS3 portable...
  190. Yet another relatively hot teacher booked for sexual assault on 17 y.o.
  191. Happy Birthday PatsFanTX
  192. Iran's Female Ninjas
  194. Funniest and wildest pranks!
  195. Critique my Short Film
  196. The "I work hard but slackers in my job get promoted" thread
  197. Missing summer, so I made these bad boys today
  198. The Adele Sex Tape
  199. Spending a week in the mountains, b*tches!!!!
  200. Dereck Chisora's Weekend
  201. Man Survives 2 Months Trapped in Car
  202. Lin-sanity gone too far!
  203. What can we learn from the Adele sex tape?
  204. Welcome Back, Sack Of Urine!!!
  205. Need help adding classic Jets clip to my Signature
  206. Broken iPhone screen
  207. Huddle Coordinator
  208. The annual “Anyone giving up anything for Lent?” Thread
  209. Question for the jetinsiders...
  210. I Have To Take A Bus. To The Poconos.
  211. Anyone do Animation?
  212. What's your favorite fast food restaurant?
  213. So has any of you NJ residents switched energy suppliers? Worth it? Scam? LOLGFY?
  214. 10 year wedding anniversary trip
  215. Delocated
  216. Waking the Wife Up for Sex
  217. slit the throat of a random fur-wearer.
  218. Geesh, you can't even trust the Girl Scouts.
  219. Stokes... you got some splainin to do.
  220. Off To The Port Authority
  221. Hit or not hit?
  222. Anyone here taken Viagra?
  223. I've always had arguments with my wife...
  224. The "This Video Reminds me of __" Game
  225. Tragedy at the Gentleman's Club
  226. Kruger from Seinfeld tries to kill himself, fails
  227. Internet Explorer Script error message.
  228. Going to Disney World, *****es!!
  229. NASCAR
  230. Actors who amaze people that they find work
  231. Cheap A$$es
  232. Name My New Poodle Puppy...
  233. Again... **** you George Clooney
  234. Sacha Baron Cohen...awesome!
  235. Mic feedback at oscars?
  236. Shooting at a school in Clevland
  238. Songs that you have no idea how they became popular
  239. Who cares about Van Halen--THESE GUYS are opening up for them!!
  240. Maxwell the Geico pig
  241. How Much is Too Much at the Vets Office?
  242. I'm Unemployed *****es!!!!!
  243. Where's 32green?
  244. Bruce on Jimmy Fallon
  245. So what's the deal, are horrible mustaches "in" now, or something?
  246. Does hearing people speak foreign languages piss you off?
  247. Mix and match faces with celebrities: "The Hampur version"
  248. carpel tunnel surgery
  249. Wednesday Feb 29... leap year/hump day
  250. JI 2012 Resolution: The working out thread!