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  1. Premiere OF Lit First Single IN 8 Years
  2. Best Android LIRR & Subways apps?
  3. Evernote iPhone/iPad app
  4. My unnerpantses are 50 Shades of Gray
  5. Lost my house and car keys while running *****es!!!
  6. You know who you are.
  7. Been trying to get canned for a month now.
  8. HELP!
  9. Help!!!
  10. EyeHandy
  11. The 253rd pick in the draft is gonna get laid.
  12. HELP! Need advice from lawyer, ethicist...or mailman.
  13. Been trying to poop for a month now
  14. Why is there a picture of Eli on the Main Page?
  15. Draft party at my house
  16. Techies...need help..external HD
  17. The easygoing, casual homoeroticism of the go-go 1980s
  18. The Official Hampur 'TANNY WTF R U DOOIN' Draft Thread For Football Experts
  19. What to watch...NY Rangers or NFL Draft?
  20. Anyone knowledgeable about personal training?
  21. RIP Pete Fornatale
  22. Lazy, Inconsistent, Disappears For Long Stretches in the Restroom, Can't Shake Bans
  23. PSL Holders!!: Electric Daisy Carnival at MetLife Stadium
  24. Anyone see the Space Shuttle?
  25. It's Friday...
  26. What do you think about the guy who just posted above you ?
  27. The Worst People You See At Every Music Festival
  28. Maybe swithing to the Pats. Possibly won't post here anymore.
  29. premiere of The Offspring New Single
  30. Roll Call--where is: Dirtstar; Raoul; Warfist?
  31. Your Favorite Tom Waits Song?
  32. Hampur Draft Analysis (In GIF Form)
  33. WFAN To Air Ads For Clotamin
  34. The 21st Century Big wheel
  35. Tragedy in the Bronx
  36. AR-15 thread
  37. Hampur Commercial
  38. The World Trade Center is Back!!
  39. Attention Canucks: What Can You Tell Me About Kelowna?
  40. Man sues BMW, alleging motorcycle seat gave him two-year erection
  41. Summer Movie List 2012 is out
  42. Cat-Daddy?
  43. Woman removes all ex-bfs teeth after he dumps her
  44. I'm Retired, *****es!!!!!!
  45. N.J tanning mom.
  46. Conjugal Visits Anyone?
  47. New Neil Young and the Horse.
  48. Bf said this gown looks slutty on me!!
  49. Black humor
  50. Remember when playing possum meant...
  51. "Hampur man pulls fast one"
  52. Attn. Garden State Hampurites.Is there a town in NJ called Rectanus (wrecked anus)?
  53. check out mo lewis' kid.....
  54. Avengers Assemble!!!
  55. Girlfriend not "sexy"
  56. Rate 'Em....
  57. Adam Yauch (MCA from the Beastie Boys) dead
  58. Surprisingly super smart
  59. Die ***** Die
  60. Lil James Brown
  61. Cheetah Attack!
  62. Little League Ethics
  63. Not bad Eli, not bad...
  64. RIP Goober
  65. Found the solution to my employment problem.
  66. Dinosaurs farted themselves to death???
  67. The NY Post never disappoints lol
  68. Someone on the Internet is Mad About a Video Game
  69. Tanorexia Mom vs. Hot Dog Hooker?
  70. RIP Maurice Sendak...
  71. Ivan gets flipped...
  72. Going Green with LED lights!
  73. Anyone Have A Business?
  74. Beer chugging black bear roams Florida town
  75. Because Japan, that's why
  76. Hilarious New Blog
  77. Somebody Left the Gate Open!
  78. Can any of you Jersey folk help me out....
  79. "Yo Johnny, I'll see you in the next life"
  80. No Guiness
  81. Happy Birthday Jets Things!
  82. John Travolta apparently really enjoys massages
  83. Happy Birthday Jets Thing!
  84. Madagascar movie.
  85. Tx sighting...
  86. LL umpire punches coach in face after game in N.J
  87. Why is My PM Box Filling Up With German Messages
  88. Quick...Need a Telecommuting Reason for Tomorrow
  89. Devils versus...
  90. Little League Coaches Fight Over Pitching
  92. F***ing Idiot!!!
  93. Carroll Shelby has passed
  94. Dark Shadows
  95. Mrs B's Birthday Present
  96. The Scissors, I Foundz em
  97. Happy Mothers Day!!!
  98. Summertime is here--time for grilled shrimp
  99. I bought a golf cart. Need accessory/modification advice.
  100. Let me tell you about my day, Honey...
  101. Homeowner near baseball field attacks youth player retrieving foul ball.
  102. Goodbye TV, you sucked! (a.k.a. blaming things for Jets failure)
  103. Cheated death yesterday, *****es.... [for real]
  104. Cro has some stiff competition
  105. It's happening today.
  106. Please buy this for me
  107. Saw the Presidential Motorcade Yesterday
  108. Going To (Eeew) The Prudential Center To See The Rangers Win Game 3, Logistics Help?
  109. I dont like the big Ragu.
  110. Swamp People star Mitchell Guist dead
  111. Sick...
  112. Help... TV broke, want to kill son.
  113. Man Candles®
  114. LIGHTEN UP *****ES!
  115. Conspiracy Theory
  116. I'm all over this ice cream beat like sprinkles...
  117. A plea from Stokes...
  118. Cowboom.com - Anybody?
  119. Donna Summer Died
  120. computer nerds, hel me out
  121. So I'm taking the kid to Mayhem Festival.
  122. FaceBook Stock
  123. Teh Hampur takes up boxing
  124. Any Sinbad Fans on Long Island - NYCB Threatre @ Westbury Sept 14
  125. MY Name is Warfish, and I'm Going to Go See "Battleship" This Weekend
  126. J Rome
  127. Im hanging at south beach
  128. I'm raising a smartass. Awesome.
  129. boogers, lungers and loogies...
  130. verlander no hitter alert jinx thread
  131. Coming up on 20 years...
  132. Take Shelter
  133. A New Avatar For....
  134. Is the "Cheezy Bread" necessary?
  135. Robin Gibb dead.
  136. This Puppy Would Like a Word With SAR1
  137. Tried to do a wheelie on my mountain bike today...
  138. IRS / Turbotax Question
  139. Heading to Hershey Park B****es!!!
  140. Marvel Comics going le ghey
  141. Slash concert streaming live
  142. 30 for 30
  143. RIP Eugene Polley. We all owe him debt of gratitude.
  144. Teh Googlez
  145. Fore!
  146. The greatest songs about the greatest city
  147. Disorderly Greek Exit
  148. What happened to PaulieC?
  149. These ****ing gay-ass iPhone Siri commercials need to stop....
  150. My Luck... you don't want it.
  151. Just heard Snoop Dogg sing Country
  152. In the running for Dumb-Ass of the Year?
  153. For a Japaneses guy he got a good amount of food out of it
  154. ****ING BIRDS
  156. Jersey women fired for having big boobs
  157. Who else needs potential offending? Who did we miss?
  158. The Jets have 2 roster spots still open...
  159. Memorial Day
  160. So what's everyone's plans for the weekend?
  162. Jenna Jameson on the pole
  163. You know,
  164. What you REALLY want to say to your Boss>?
  165. Zombie apocalypse has begun!!
  166. Blown faces...
  167. New Original Recordings
  168. Sirius-XM, Why No Progressive Station?
  169. crossfire off to China to make millions!
  170. Favorite Music Genre
  171. That ***** Rachel
  172. Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon chick) sells her fortune cookie repeatedly
  173. Is Today THe Day?
  174. Oh lord jeezus it's a fire
  175. Caption this pic
  176. My You Tube Channel "Live From The Living Room"
  177. National Donut Day!
  178. Woman Arrested for Masturbating on the Side of a Florida Highway
  180. There Are 70 Bands In This Photo
  181. Mets have no-hitter going
  182. Outstanding Cover Songs or is it Song Covers...
  183. Black Country Communion, Deep Zepplin Garden?
  184. Radiohead in Newark
  185. Happy Birthday Defense WinsChampionships!
  186. SNY post game...NSFW
  187. Town invaded by spiders, two dead! (no..seriously)
  188. Richard Dawson dies at 79.
  189. So, who here likes doots?
  190. Some old British broad is lighting a torch...CNN carrying it LIVE
  191. Judge Caught Playing Solitaire During Breivik Trial
  192. Do you know what TV needs...
  193. Remembering D-Day, Operation Overlord
  194. The Girl Gets It...
  195. Anybody seen the new Sportscenter anchor?!
  196. Boonton NJ
  197. Sonny had five fingers...
  198. NBA players and their glasses.
  199. Anybody know when/if FIOS will be available on eastern LI?
  200. A Very Sad Day: Science Fiction Author Ray Bradbury Dies at 91
  201. Has anyone Slept with a Celeb?
  202. Belmont Stakes
  203. If You HAVE NOT Slept With A Celebrity
  204. Seriously, wtf is wrong with people?
  205. Significant others JI privledges...
  206. Boobs behind Devils Coach
  207. Music Question
  208. Married Guy Hits on Model on Plane; She Tweets Everything To Her 13,000 Followers
  209. Official JI Euro 2012 (that's a soccer tournament) Pick 'em
  210. Driving Songs
  211. Sweet
  212. "I'll Have Another" - No He Won't
  213. sad one...bob welsh dead...
  214. Comedy Bang Bang 10PM on IFC
  215. Neil Young and Crazy Horse tour
  216. Tebow Fever In Northport
  217. Preview Clip from the new Muse Album (Due Spet. 2012)
  218. Drinking and posting in the Hampur. Why are we compelled to do this?
  219. Video Capture Software-why do I keep getting crappy, pixelated crap?
  220. Congratulations Stony Brook University Baseball
  221. So our office got new furniture.....
  222. Sid Rosenberg making the most of second chances!
  223. 1st thing we do, Call in the Zombies
  224. Oh no, where is paulie? (Yacht explodes off NJ coast)
  225. Happy Birthday Kobe24jets!!!!
  226. 1st thing we do, call in the Zombies part deux (Lungs found on sidewalk)
  227. Mine eyes...they're burning!
  228. Leaving for an interview.
  229. Gotta be easier way to get some action....
  230. RIP Cuban Heavyweight Legend Teofilo Stevenson
  231. You look European
  232. Henry Hill Dead
  233. Has online poker for real money in America gone for good.
  234. ****ing Verizon.....[Warning: cane_shaking inside]
  235. Pay only $3.50 to cross GWB to go to games!
  236. David McCullough Commencement Speach
  237. Veep
  238. 35 Of The Most Awesome Ideas People Had When They Were High
  239. Thoughts on working for a company with a weird domain name
  240. It's Friday! Light it up!
  241. The Animated GIF Turns 25 - Happy Birthday GIFS!!!!
  242. Things You Didn't Know About Airlines
  243. Rush - Ron Howard...
  244. Rush - Clockwork Angels
  245. TSparano
  246. Anyone else watching this Wackjob......
  247. Saddest song ever?
  248. It's my birfday and I'm a be a Daddy!!!
  249. Got Geek?
  250. What a fkn life!