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  1. submitted without comment
  2. Classy Broad
  3. What's everyone's handicap?
  4. OT Jones Beach Lineup....
  5. Summer Movie Time is Here!!
  6. Kelly McGillis confirms she's a lesbian
  7. OT: Domino's Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck
  8. Obama (nopol)
  9. Hamper causing World Wide Web to slow down?
  10. Any major major pshycos in the house?
  11. Best news I've read in a while
  12. Congrats to Ruby2 on his College Graduation
  13. New Transformers Trailer
  14. Jessica Biel... you're welcome
  15. Green Day Playing MSG
  16. Furniture Store Recs?
  17. Went to the shooting range this morning
  18. I'm a Daddy!!
  19. just want to see something
  20. Vida la Vida/Coldplay...schoolkids version, very cool.
  21. Caption this
  22. Mark Sanchez vs. Tom Brady (post-knee)
  23. Road rage
  24. ESPN Interviewees
  25. Mods Just Thought You Should See This
  26. The Simpsons take over The Landing Strip
  27. anybody remember this....?
  28. And the First Big Summer Movie (Wolverine).....is a Big Dissapointment.
  29. Woodstock 40 years later...
  30. Sugar Ray Announces Date For New CD And Tour Dates
  31. Can someone please call someone out for no reason? I'm bored here...
  32. The Jets Have Become the Ultimate Power in the Universe!!!
  33. What's up with Vilma?
  34. Anyone going to see Bob Dylan?
  35. C.O.K.s (Coalition of Knuckleheads)
  36. Why am I posting from the future?
  37. [OT] BMW M3 or Mercedes C63 AMG?
  38. Who would win in a fight Mark Sanchez or Darth Vader?
  39. OT: Happy Star Wars Day :) May The Fourth Be With You
  40. OT - Biggie vs. Pac
  41. OT How many wins to the Jets get this year?
  42. Hi, I'm new to the Hamper
  43. Tom Brady Vs. Ryan Seacrest
  44. insanely funny please watch
  45. Hiding Out in the Hamper (Reality Hits Hard...)
  46. Comunity College
  47. OT: Love That Buzzsaw Ferocity
  48. Help! My Card was charged $435!
  49. Recommendations for Dining in Jupiter, Fla?
  50. Report: Dom DeLuise dead at 75
  51. I think Sanchez has seven...
  52. My new tattoo...
  53. Bored so going to have to call Jordy out
  54. Summer break bro's
  55. One Word ONLY Thread
  56. 7 New Green Day Songs
  57. Warning labels
  58. I had a grilled cheese sandwich today and thought of something so awesome.
  59. Um...Pats ads?
  60. whos gonna own tha radio this summer
  61. Cheap New Era Hats
  62. For those over 40....Identify this toy from the 70's
  63. Help me understand this....
  64. So guys...
  65. Math help
  66. The Eagle has Landed
  67. Any O.A.R. fans in the house?
  68. Did anyone else catch the official death to GnR's legacy last night?
  69. Whisky
  70. Pre-Game Flyovers
  71. Homosexual Fans of the New York Jets
  72. Say Something Nice About the Poster Above You
  73. Brooklyn and Queens and Eastern Manhattan get the shaft from Macy's in favor of NJ
  74. Could you mentally recover from causing someone an injury?
  75. If the Hamper were a movie...
  76. Wassa madda wit you, hat?
  77. World premiere Of Sugar Ray New Song Boardwalk
  78. Tall boys on the LIRR
  79. Heterosexual Fans Of The New York Jets
  80. To all the younger posters on the board - put on some headphones and educate yourself
  81. Think you have talent - this is one the most amazing thing on teh interwebz
  82. To all the older posters on the board - put on some headphones and educate yourself
  83. real music for you older cats
  84. "Ughh... I wanna punch ______ in the face!!!"
  85. Push-up Bra
  86. Finals Week
  87. Boston policemen are hot for Tom Brady
  88. Pregnant women are smug
  89. Awesome roller coaster
  90. Guitar Fans
  91. Another (Ex) Boston Player Caught Cheating
  92. greatest rock voice...
  93. To the woman who crapped in my car...
  94. R.I.P. Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist Ean Evans
  95. Legalization of Mary J?
  96. Lost
  97. songs that kick a$$
  98. Surfin teh hamper
  99. Top 5 Movie Car Chases
  100. Bill Simmons...what an article
  101. help making a decision
  102. Star Trek
  103. worst rock voice..
  104. Asking for your vote
  105. Waffles, Mark Sanchez or Toy Boats... YOU DECIDE!!!
  106. Hamper Me
  107. Hey Warfish- is this some sort of joke? (worst rock singers ever)
  108. Air Force One photo over NYC released, WH military head resigns
  109. Better Rivalry?
  110. Kobe
  111. lookalikes
  112. Graduation
  113. I hate PCs
  114. JI Fight Club
  115. Quiz: Is this the NBA, NFL or MLB?
  116. Best Smartphone
  117. Best Sci-Fi Parody?
  118. My Favorite Kill Bill Scene
  119. Just watched Gran Torino for the first time....
  120. Plasma vs. LCD...someone who knows
  121. Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg do it again!
  122. Terminator Salvation
  123. Best song on Eminem's new album Relapse.
  124. The American Teenager
  125. Things that are wrong
  126. Chicks dig scars
  127. Baba Booey Blows First Pitch at Mets game
  128. Just saw The Wrestler for the first time...
  129. The Pfail Strip is bringing the Pfail
  130. Free movies?
  131. Integrity28 has made 3 threads mocking "DWC" over the past 24 hours. It's pathetic.
  132. Who is a Bigger Fan of DefenseWinsChampionships2?
  133. What to do with the children in teh hamper?
  134. Just watched the Shuttle launch
  135. I have a poetry essay to do
  136. Just picked up my new gun
  137. Why was...
  138. Young Knock Out Kid Quotes
  139. Question for Teh Hamper
  140. What can any of you tell me about Austin, Texas?
  141. Punchout for the Wii
  142. If a Dolphins Fan Were Drowning, Would You Rescue Them?
  143. P90X -- Is it for real? Is it a gimmick?
  144. Lingerie Football League tryouts
  145. Today's Hamper Hygiene Hijinx
  146. These guys can play in MY Hamper anytime
  147. 2 Springsteen tix available for 5/15
  148. To the Mods who run this site:
  149. Bbq
  150. Stop Teasing Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  151. To the mods that run this site, part deux
  152. Calling out NASA and the Spaceshuttle
  153. Just watched MILF MONEY 3
  154. Who's your favorite ESPN/Sports Anylast?
  155. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
  156. Still Cant PM
  157. Congressman vs. Federal Reserve Auditor - Q: Where our money? A: I don't no
  158. Wale = One Of The Best Rappers Alive.
  159. The Jets are the best team in the NFL & I can be a husband & father in 5 seconds flat
  160. Paulie and the Hot chick hes gonna move up onto...
  161. World Golf Tour Game
  162. Let's play what's wrong with this picture
  163. Losing teh virginity
  164. Calling out Integrity28....
  165. Racism, Alive and Well
  166. What's Wrong with This Picture 2
  167. The time travelers wife has anyone read?
  168. Apple can go pound sand!
  169. Electronic Cigarettes
  170. Scorsese to do Sinatra Movie (merged)
  171. Who's your favorite hamper mod? Poll Coming
  172. WILCO Fans
  173. Adderall...
  174. LOST season finale!
  175. Cop kicks suspect in the head
  176. Hampur Deathmatch: Dr. Zaius vs I28
  177. My response to the "Who is your favorite Hamper Mod?" Thread.
  178. My response to the "Adderall" Thread
  179. MY response to "My response..." threads
  180. Zombie Apocalypse or War of teh Machines??
  181. Dog protects dog struck by car
  182. OT: Honeymoon
  183. OK, I'm slightly ticked off about this...
  184. Your Tax Dollars At Work!
  185. Sad news for sexual deviants, murderers and other miscreants.....
  186. Abraham Lincoln movie
  187. Anyone here an EMT/Paramedic in NJ?
  188. Cool photo
  189. Surveillance Video Of PEARL JAM Bassist Robbery/Assault
  190. Who Run Hamper Town?
  191. Fun Bags
  192. OT: Wayman Tisdale dead at 44
  193. My Response to the "OK, I'm slightly ticked off about this..." Thread
  194. This thread is political and a current event
  195. Holy Snap! Where's Crackle and Pop?
  196. Can anyone take a full powershot from me?
  197. FMyLife.com
  198. Freestater's Epic Thread For The Ages And Then Some
  199. Blink 182 announces Summer tour dates
  200. Here you go Hamperphiles....
  201. Real World / Road Rules Challenge
  202. Enter Teh Hamper
  203. Met Green Day Today
  204. Homeowner accidentally kills cop during no-knock search; gets 10 years
  205. "Come on down!"
  206. What's your Porn Star Name?
  207. The Hangover movie
  208. Computer Problems Only On JI !?
  209. In the Market for a New Gaming PC....but I Iz IT Ignorant!
  210. Anyone Gamble Online?
  211. Need a new TV, but more importantly, need your help!
  212. Real Blast from the Past
  213. Fish's Stupid Question of the Week......for FF2
  214. Good to see that there are threads from 3 days ago on the main page
  215. Who coined teh Hampur term?
  216. Patrice O'Neal
  217. going to the grand canyon...advice/tips
  218. 2010 BMW Z4: serious wood!
  219. Pearl Jam is the musical guest for the June 1st Tonight show premiere with Conan!!
  220. Adults Only!
  221. proof that 2pac in a fake
  222. RIP to my man dolla
  223. Do you have good credit and pay your bills on time? Prepare to get ****ed.....
  224. My photos from 5pointz
  225. More good news from Vilma: GPS System Could Fail Next Year, Report Warns
  226. Paulie won't like this.
  227. Who Will Win Idol?
  228. Just Another Day in Paradise
  229. World of Warcraft/Mountain Dew Promotion
  230. Crumpets
  231. Everybody Cut, Everybody Cut!
  232. Pauliec
  233. Scarface....most overrated movie of all time?
  234. Nostradamus 2012
  235. Where am I going this weekend?
  236. Off to Costa Rica!! Any Advice?
  237. People say I'm no good....
  238. Sanity check please
  239. Australian doctor uses household drill to save boy
  240. I'm Off to North Carolina For My Daughter's College Graduation
  241. Marines find $520 million in Baghdad...
  242. Phil Mickelson's wife diagnosed with breast cancer
  243. Big Brother 11 Starting Soon Here in 09
  244. That time of year again...
  245. So you think you can dance?
  246. Bravo to the NYPD & FBI for thwarting a real bomb plot in NYC....
  247. twittering from ota's
  248. Fun with thread titles...
  249. Christmas Day Game?
  250. Missing Link in Pulsar Evolution Is a Cannibal