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  1. Bachelor party decision
  2. Now that we have our very own Trojan at the helm...
  3. NY/NJ have worst drivers in America
  4. ayo i graduated high school
  5. Ladies of JI
  6. Met Rex Ryan Tonight @ The Boss Concert
  7. What happend to DWCII?
  8. What are you doing this weekend?
  9. Female vampire biting a woman
  10. Thank a Veteran this weekend.
  11. Woman bites mans penis off (accidentally)
  12. "My Name is Earl" canceled
  13. 4 Loser Whores Accuse Cabby of Rape...
  14. Got a pretty cool new t-shirt with 3 wolves on it
  15. The Paulie's Woman Situation Hijacked Thread
  16. Guantanamo ‘has a taint,’ Gates says
  17. Winemaking update
  18. Dwc2 Spotting
  19. Kevin Spacey impersonating C. Walken auditioning for Star Wars as Han Solo
  20. If a dude turns 50 in the Hamper
  21. Rambo
  22. UFC 98 Machida vs Evans
  23. Chick's account of shooting at Australian bar
  24. Is the Big One going to hit the West Coast soon?
  25. Just a quick Question
  26. Space Shuttle will be landing at Edwards Air Force Base today.
  27. Welcome to the beautiful city of Cleveland, Eric
  28. Any Car Talk Listeners out there?
  29. Do You Feel Bad For "Touring Members" Of Bands
  30. OT: downtown Chicago ideas
  31. Steven Segal can kick you and 5 of your friends asses
  32. Want Entertaining Reading.....
  33. North Korea just detonated a nuclear weapon underground
  34. Explosion in NYC - StarBucks on 92nd & 3rd - East Side
  35. Elvis and Celine Dion Duet - How Did They Do This? Amazing
  36. Who is this woman?
  37. Tyson's daughter on life support
  38. Amazing Syracuse-Cornell NCAA Lacrosse Championship
  39. Hong Man Choi v Jose Canseco MMA Video
  40. Digital Thermometers; A New Conspiracy Theory by Vilma
  41. Back Spasms - Any Help?
  42. Prison Sucks..... Hello Everyone
  43. Kay > Francesa
  44. If somone sees death as a blessing, how can they be defeated?
  45. This jersey is teh awesome
  46. Glee
  47. How Often Do you Have Sex?
  48. I have a biology question
  49. I either sprained or broke my thumb
  50. Have we officially adopted the Hamper?
  51. Help creating Band Logo
  52. N. Korea threatens to attack US, S. Korea warships
  53. I can't stop listening to this ghey song....
  54. Starting to work out at age 41!!
  55. Official appreciation thread for UFO that saved Earth
  56. The Boys Are Back In Town..........starting July 12th
  57. Calling out all Hamper Dooshes....
  58. Rank These 11 Songs Please
  59. Super Bowl Rings
  60. JI ChatRoom...
  61. Eraserhead
  62. Carlos Mencia actually making me laugh
  63. scary in san diego.police raid bible study group.
  64. Do You Want to See a Return of the JI "Political Forum"?
  65. Why Was the POlitical Forum Poll Thread Closed?
  66. Non-Political Forum Thread
  67. Managing Expectations
  68. Caps Lock Is Teh Awesome!!!!
  69. New "I really, really hate" thread
  70. How many?
  71. Lil help...
  72. I Haven't Used Deodorant In Four Days...
  73. Should I Stay Up to Watch the End of This Basketball Game?
  74. Hey everyone, there's a political, racist, fightin' thread...
  75. Remember when the internet was fun?
  76. The Hangover
  77. guys who p*ss on toilet seats....
  78. Whale of a tale
  79. Good Place for Cheap HDMI Cables
  80. Should WCO cover his home in aluminum foil?
  81. How many starting QBs from 1991 Tecmo Super Bowl can you name?
  82. You Ever Notice?
  83. Motivation Pics
  84. Mom Thongs
  85. Maury Povich is the greatest show on television
  86. Raoul Duke - La Chouffe
  87. Caption this photo
  88. Police Raid Charity Poker Game
  89. Raoul you owe us $80,000.
  90. Potential relationship question...
  91. Photo this caption
  92. Well, just witnessed my first dead body
  93. What should I do now?
  94. Off Topic: I was arrested last night and need help, please
  95. MTV Movie Awards
  96. I get tore up under city lights
  97. Bruno 69's Eminem
  98. Another Chowd is born.
  99. Last Titanic survivor dies at 97.
  100. Old Time Baseball at Old Bethpage Village Restoration.
  101. Air France jet vanishes
  102. Public Transportation to Jones Beach Ampitheater
  103. OT Terminator: Salvation
  104. Vacation next week in Tuckasegee, NC
  105. Terrorist arrested in Arkansas Recruiting Center shooting
  106. If You Could Do It Again...
  107. Conan Tonight Show.
  108. Xanadu - At $2.3 Billion, This Mall Could Be Too Big to Fail
  109. My Disappearance Explained: Time Travel.
  110. Who Would Win?
  111. A chinese company now owns Hummer, What the F***!?!?
  112. Back to Life
  113. Hilarious School Projects
  114. My new baby......sort of
  115. The Hangover
  116. you guys are teh suck...
  117. Getting the new Camero
  118. Board? Check out the worst "funniest" music videos ever!
  119. Want a new sig? pt. 2
  120. Fight Night Round 4
  121. The mysteries of genetics
  122. ad.yieldmanager.com nuisance from JI - please help
  123. Amendment to the 'Zombie Apocalypse' thread: Damn Dirty Apes!!!
  124. Speidi?
  125. This is TOO funny.. had to share
  126. Help requested
  127. My 9000th post comes right here in the Hampur.
  128. R.I.P. David Carradine - Possible Suicide...
  129. End of Civilization - part whatever
  130. Guy eats son's eyes, hacks his own legs with an axe
  131. Zombies are coming...
  132. pistol advice
  133. the beginning of the end...
  134. Blago: Spider meal an 'act of love'
  135. LED TVs
  136. so we're not pissed about the "Hanger" anymore, I take it?
  137. Am I The Only JI Member To Have Sex At A Jets Game?
  138. The hangover opening tomorrow in Miami...
  139. For all the new dads out there..........
  140. I almost ran someone over today...
  141. Serious News - I need your help **UPDATED**
  142. Yankee Stadium
  143. Extremely Fun and addicting online game.
  144. Frampton Comes Alive!
  145. The Death and Resurrection of Optimus Prime
  146. lol chocolate rain lol
  147. This song is driving me crazy
  148. The Greatest Video You'll ever see....
  149. "For four long years, much of Europe had been under a terrible shadow..."
  150. Need some questions answered about Facebook
  151. Help on Choosing a Smoker...
  152. kobe and wayne on tha same track
  153. Newsflash: Guys want to sleep with Megan Fox
  154. Going to Los Angeles for the first time
  155. The Hangover -- need a site
  156. How overrated was Frank Sinatra?
  157. Powerball Winning Cowboy
  158. Explosive Diarrhea, the Ryan's Steakhouse story
  159. Bongo Is Dead
  160. Poison at the Tony's???
  161. Looking for song help....
  162. I click, and end up in yesterday's Hamper.
  163. FF2® is the new Tx
  164. Man vs Wild
  165. mini laptop question
  166. This Video Is Great
  167. Gotta love Ozzy Guillen; OUCH
  168. Explosion at Slim Jim plant
  169. Circle The Cat
  170. Shop Talk
  171. Anyone here work with/on Airplanes?
  172. Oy Vey!
  173. Texas deputy Tasers 72-year-old woman
  174. 1 year since tha best album dropped
  175. 89 year old White Supremacist Opens Fire at the Holocaust Musuem...
  176. Father's Day Gift/Sports Books?
  177. Letters to the President.
  178. Thomas Jones Packs Lips
  179. Question for Electricians
  180. wx-ref kneecapped
  181. To JI Amatuer Legal Advisors...
  182. 51 year old Chesapeake man fools around in Hamper
  183. Wtf
  184. My response to the "Effective Immediately: Please read (politics in the Hamper)" Thre
  185. If You Went To Mini Camp The Past 3 Days I Have A Question...?
  186. Woman who missed doomed Air France flight died in a car crush.
  187. Cher expecting another son!!
  188. Can you name all the Arnold Schwarzenegger films?
  189. Anyone from Brooklyn remember Dr. John Elefterakis?
  190. Just retired from the military!
  191. Thank you Conan
  192. NY license plate JETSJETS
  193. Worst Line reading.... ever?
  194. Worst fight scene.....ever?
  195. Oh Noes! Contractor demolishes wrong house!
  196. Worst rescue.....ever?
  197. Serial Cat Killer on the loose...
  198. OT: DTV Transition Day
  199. Best Fight Scene......ever?
  200. Presidential Inauguration Speeches
  201. Where the hell has Timmy-y-y been?
  202. Terrorist Watchlist
  203. Space Shuttle Endeavour launch tomorrow 6/13 7:17 AM.
  204. Stanley Cup game 7
  205. Just great movie scenes
  206. Board upgrade tonight, there may be downtime
  207. Woman throws away $1mn in matress
  208. ... Tired of wiping you ass the "antiquated way"?
  209. So I bought Palm Pre's for me and my wife
  210. Slow Pitch Softball
  211. Did this girl flirt with me?
  212. OT: Taken
  213. Don Imus & History of Howard Stern
  214. Any Block Islanders out there?
  215. Anyone use the ignore feature around here?
  216. Stop the violence
  217. Pretty Boy Floyd Postpones Marquez Fight
  218. Predator....Hell Yeah
  219. Need to replace tires, looking for opinions
  220. Can we have the link back?
  221. Red Robin "Gourmet" Burgers
  222. Why we fall in love
  223. Smooth, soft and sausage-shaped is the ideal stool
  224. The real FF2!!!
  225. Cambridge University...those crazy Brits
  226. leavin for d1 football
  227. Going to Vegas on Thursday
  228. What happened to spell check....
  229. smooth, soft and stool-shaped is the ideal sausage
  230. 60's gem!
  231. Tags are teh Awesome!!!
  232. Website to search for summons....
  233. Joe Buck was just Owned on his Show
  234. White Peple Problems
  235. The Taking of Pelham 123
  236. Who Will Spend the Most Time in Jail?
  237. Artie Lang on Joe Buck last night
  238. New York drivers named most aggressive, angry in U.S.
  239. Pacquiao vs. Cotto in Negotiations For November
  240. Son Kidnapped
  241. I have a feeling we're going to lose tagging privleges soon
  242. Texts From Last Night
  243. need some non football help
  244. Separated at Birth
  245. Fat Man Gets Owned
  246. Guitar Help- Pavement tune
  247. New trends in high school graduations
  248. Just got home from sky diving...
  249. The iPhone 3.0 Update
  250. Star Wars Revisited