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Thread: Whos fault is it if the yankees loose today?

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    Whos fault is it if the yankees loose today?

    Obviously Wright is to blame but i put the majority of the blame on torre for opting to start him instead of smalls...( who is so far undeated as a starter)

    What was it that wright showed b4 he got hit by that bat to show anyone that he is better then smalls...?

    The only good thing that i can see out of todays game was that hopefully wright has been exposed even to the most dense (torre) that he is inconsistant at best and is left out of the post season roster.

    Torre's reason he put smalls in the bullpen rather then wright was that since wright was one of the original starters, he felt that counted for something. [Un-frigging-believeable].

    I guess that was just as or more important then giving the team the best chance of winning.
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    I dislike Torre as a manager big time, but I understand why he kept Wright in the rotation instead of Small. A few reasons.

    1. Small wasn't very good in his last few outings - although he got the W because of run support.

    2. Although Torre doesn't look at this at all, Small's peripherals indicated that he wasn't as good as his ERA showed.

    3. And this was the biggest reason - Wright is coming off of major shoulder surgery, so having him go to the bullpen will not be good on his shoulder. Pitchers coming off shoulder surgery should be pitching on a regular basis, instead of getting up every day, or every other day.

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    damn weaver i'm disappointed. you can't even ackonwledge the fact that you were dead wrong in that old thread in which you did nothing but try to denigrate me. i know you read my post. you are pretty sorry if you can't even show back up when you are proven wrong and take your lumps.

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    Thank god smalls is starting tonight.

    Even if smalls didnt pitch well before his last outing in relief of wright...he is still winning...Why mess with something if it is still resulting in wins.

    Wright never showed me anything to have any confidence in him on the mound.

    Was there anyone besides Torre that thought wright gave the yankees a better chance of winning then smalls...Did you?

    I will not mind if i never see wright or pavano ptiching for the yankees again. I hope they trade them in the off season.

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    We really needed the Sawx to lost last night. Up 2 games going into Fenway would have meant 1 win and everyone gets to rest. The way it stands, we go in with Wang, RJ, Moose - and we all know the latter 2 need a breather. Gonna be an interesting weekend.


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