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Thread: Lies And The Lying Liars Who Are Democrats

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    Lies And The Lying Liars Who Are Democrats



    The Face of a Democrat, and a Liar
    Written by John Armor
    Monday, September 26, 2005

    On 26 September the Associated Press ran the photograph below on its wire service, with the titles, “Thousands Protest the Iraq War,” and “Jeb Eddy joins thousands of demonstrators to protest the war in Iraq on Saturday.” This photo was taken by Noah Berger, who presumably also obtained the information for the cut lines run with the photo. The impression of Mr. Eddy, his sign, and the AP photograph of both, is that Mr. Eddy is a disgruntled Republican. This impression is a deliberate lie, which the AP should have caught.


    A Google search finds a Jeb Eddy, software writer and author in Palo Alto. A search of Federal Election Commission records shows that Mr. Eddy made the following political contributions: to John Kerry for President, $250 on 5/23/04, and six contributions to the Democrat National Committee of either $250 or $500 between 9/25/98 and 2/25/04.

    Mr. Eddy may LOOK like the false image of a Republican – older, white, wealthy male, with a craggy face that’s been out in the sun, and the touch of silver in his hair. But he is no such thing. He is a Democrat.

    He’s pretended to be a disgruntled Republican before, in a demonstration joined to a speech by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in the San Francisco Library to attack President Bush’s proposals for Social Security reform, in February. reported Eddy as saying:

    “ ‘This is one of the most visible ways in which the Republicans are misleading America,’ said Jeb Eddy of Palo Alto, who carried a sign proclaiming that he was ‘ashamed’' of the GOP on the topic.” That article then referred to “Margaret Garvin of San Francisco, another registered Republican.” While this author doesn’t know the bona fides of Ms. Gavin, this reference suggests that Eddy represented himself as a registered Republican.

    Don’t the reporters of these false-Republican appearances by Mr. Eddy have computers? Don’t they know how to push the buttons for a Google search, or an FEC records search? These things are really simple.

    Or, perhaps the reporters have the personal view that Republicans should be trashed on public issues, and that a photograph of a disgruntled Republican is an excellent way to accomplish the desired result. In any event, the reporters did not check him out. And since Mr. Eddy has played this game before, it seems he is counting on the press not to do its job, and help him get away with his public lies.

    So, look at this face. It is the face of Democrat dishonesty. It is also the face of complicity of the press in promoting the lie, by not bothering to check out the truth of the “facts” of the person in the photo.

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    So I guess all of the democrats in the commercials for Doug Forrester in NJ are a bunch of liars? They are democrats who are supporting a republican candidate?
    I have done several searches of this Eddy guy and I have not found what he is registered as.

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    I am shocked by this! ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED! The Democrats would never stoop this low!

    Oh God - I can't do this; I"m laughing so hard as I type this I'm crying. :D


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