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Thread: The media whoremonger calls Senator McCain a warmonger...

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    The media whoremonger calls Senator McCain a warmonger...

    WASHINGTON - Peace mom Cindy Sheehan didn't change her opposition to the war in Iraq after meeting Tuesday with one of its supporters, Sen. John McCain, a Vietnam veteran whom she called "a warmonger."

    Sheehan thanked McCain for meeting with her, but she came away disappointed.

    "He tried to tell us what George Bush would have said," Sheehan, who protested at the president's Texas home over the summer, told reporters. "I don't believe he believes what he was telling me."

    [B]McCain, R-Ariz., also seemed disappointed in the meeting, which he said had been misrepresented as including some of his constituents. Only one person in her small delegation has ties to the state, and that person no longer lives there. [/B] (basically the pretense was a complete lie)...

    The two exchanged views about the war, and McCain described the conversation as "a rehash" of opinions already well-known. He said he might not have met with Sheehan had he known none of his constituents was in the group.

    Although McCain has criticized the handling of the Iraq war, he has supported President Bush's call to stop terrorism abroad before it reaches the United States. Sheehan, whose son, Casey, died in Iraq last year, has energized the anti-war movement with her call for troops to be brought home.

    "He is a warmonger, and I'm not," Sheehan said after meeting with McCain. "I believe this war is not keeping America safer."

    "She's entitled to her opinion," McCain said. "We just have fundamental disagreements."

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    [QUOTE=Come Back to NY]
    "She's entitled to her opinion," McCain said. "We just have fundamental disagreements."[/QUOTE]

    Entitled to a half-assed, intellectually dishonest opinion based on agendas, BS, and rantings of mouth-foamers?

    And thats why I'll never be a politician. Oh well.

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    Support Cindy Sheehan. Support, etc.

    Keep Democrats DIVIDED!!!


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