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Thread: Besides Hermo, Pennington, Martin, Chrebet, and Fabini must go

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    Besides Hermo, Pennington, Martin, Chrebet, and Fabini must go

    Besides Hermo, Pennington, Martin, Chrebet, and Fabini must go! Cuts after this season (next year, June 1st cuts)

    Hermo = an idiot

    Pennington = I was a big supporter in the past ... but he is basically shot.

    Martin = Too slow and rarely breaks tackles. The Linebacker farts and Martin hits the ground. Just padding his stats with draw plays on 3 and 8.

    Chrebet = Time to hang it up. Cotchery should be the #3 receiver right now.

    Fabini - Was Cement Shoes before he got hurt. Now only worse and getting older.
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    One question, though. If Herm goes, doesn't Bradway as well, or will Johnson give him a pass and let him bring in his own coach?

    If Herm goes, does the new coach take on Hendu and Heimer, or are they gone as well?

    Too soon to tell. I think they way in which the team responds down the stretch goes a long way in deciding whether Herm returns.

    A 4-12 finish and I think Herm might be gone.

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    Coaches don't matter

    Unless you're Bill Belichick. Bradway's garbage. Chad's done, Martin's done. Losing LaMont was awful, look what he's doing now on a PASS-FIRST team! Keep the defense, tear down the offense, see you in 2 years when we'll be competitive again. Leinart would be nice, Vick would be incredible, Shockley would be good, Vince Young would be the best.

    Reggie Bush will be in Green next year!!!!!

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    There is no way that you can fire your head coach who has made the playoffs in 3 out of 5 (will be) years and he loses his first and second QB in the last year.


    We will however be likely looking at choosing a franchise runningback or franchise quaterback and I'm hoping for Leinhart.

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    I totally agree that all five should be gone. Chrebet and Fabini are gone for sure, Martin prolly will, but who knows about Chad and Herm.

    If we fail to aquire Rivers, at the very least a young QB will be brought in to groom and Fiedler will go into next season as the starter.

    As for Herm, I used to love the guy, but I've tired of his rah-rah nonsense and overall lack of coaching ability. If this season goes down the tube, you'll be amazed at how quickly the remaining Herm fans turn on him, and in NYC, that may be enough for Woody to pull the trigger

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    my thoughts on this and next year.

    1) We won't draft Leinart (I'm afraid he won't be as good as people think) ... Chad will try to make a comeback. He'll be ineffective. Fielder will be around for next year and may end up playing more.

    2) They'll let Martin pad his career rushing stats for one more season in 2006. Maybe we'll draft a running in the 2nd or 3rd round (2006).

    3) We'll draft somebody like DeBrickshaw (sp?) Ferguson or other stud lineman in 2006.

    4) Then, in 2007 we'll be forced to draft a QB and hopefully get a franchise qb with an NFL arm ... like Brady Quinn, etc.

    5) Our franchise holds on to people to long ... it will be tough to expect a rookie qb to do it in 2007 ... 2008 maybe ... but will we still have a good defense then?

    Our record this year 5-11
    Our record next year 5-11

    That's what my crystal ball says ... even though I want to smash it!


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