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Thread: Basketball Article Idea

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    Basketball Article Idea

    So for my high school newspaper someone else took the NBA preview so I decided that I have to show that I can be more creative and write better than him.

    First however I need an idea for a basketball/NBA opinion piece. Here are some of my ideas:

    -I could go with the local focus and how the Knicks have become a russian roulette. That might be touched in the preview though.

    - A more broad idea is the NBA's marketing over the past few years and how it has changed since the Jordan Era. How the NBA has broadened internationally and how they have changed their focus.

    - The search for the next Michael Jordan and it's negative impact on the game. People and the media in general have been so concerned with finding the next Jordan that the game has been forgotten. The NBA is not a team game anymore but one of individuals and it is promoted in advertising and on shows like SportsCenter.

    - Why college basketball is better and more exciting than the NBA. The college game is so much more fun to watch than the NBA these days.

    -Lack of fundamentals in basketball in general. I could talk to some high school coaches and see if they think the NBA is having a negative impact and the mindset and the way high school kids play basketball. The NBA, for the most part, promotes selfishness and through video games and highlights, kids just seem to want to make the flashy play or score the most points.

    Do you like any of these ideas in particular? Any other ideas to throw into the ring?

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    - And1's negative influence on today's basketball youth

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    I think that would fall under the 'lack of fundamentals' category - outside of The Professor, of course...

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    You should do your article on why the college game is more exciting than the NBA game.

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    I think alot of these ideas are pretty good.

    Id stay away from issue one on the Knicks only because its touched everywhere in the media. Someone is going to read it and just say "thats good, but I heard it all on WFAN" or in the paper.

    Number 2 is an interesting topic. The NBA is having a very hard time marketing in the US, but is super hot overseas.

    Number 3 is a great idea. I think it actually ties into your number 4 and 5 as well. People miss out that not only was Jordan great in his era, but that was just a special era of ball. You had Bird and Magic prior and during and then you had Isiah, Ewing, Malone, Robinson, Olajuwon, Barkley, Stockton, Drexler, and on and on. I mean this was an era of all time great basketball players. the replacements arent.

    Good luck with the article and I hope you post it here when you are finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynBound
    - And1's negative influence on today's basketball youth

    The And1 stuff is destroying basketball.


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