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Thread: NHL - so far so good.

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    NHL - so far so good.

    I like what I'm seeing so far. The action seems to be taking place in the offensive/defensive zones rather than the neutral zone. I also like all the power plays. IMO the 2-minute power play is the most intense in all sports. I know its causing alot of stoppages, but its stopping all the clutching and grabbing. I also notice the refs are not swallowing their whistles on short-handed teams. Previously anything short of murder was allowed while shor-handed. Nothing like a 5 on 3 power play.

    The only odd thing I notice is that defensemen havent adjusted to defending the blue line. By defending the blue line, any slap shot from the point is too far. The D will need to pinch more.

    I hate this OLN deal--so far missed 2 NYR games and will miss another one next week.

    Very excited about Lundqvist!


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    Oln Sucks

    But the Hockey is great. Im a big Kings fan out here in L.A. and were looking good so far. But I agree that the fast pace game is better than the old devil trap game. I miss the ESPN footage, unfortunately without ESPN's exposure its going to be a tough sell to the intermediate fan though.


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