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    NBA Predictions

    I used the odds from Sportsbook for this. In the West I'd say that the Spurs, Mavs, Rockets, Nuggets, and Kings are locks for the playoffs. Id be very surprised if any of them did not make it. Memphis, Phoenix, Seattle and Utah are teams that I dont think make it but wouldnt be shocked if they did. Over in the East the Heat, Pacers, Pistons, Nets, and Bulls are all teams that would surprise me if they didnt make it this year. Likewise I would be surprised if Boston or Atlanta were in the running. I think everyone else will at least be alive towards the end of the season. Feel free to post your predictions....

    1. San Antonio*- They may not be the most exciting team in the NBA, but they are the best team by a wide margin. Over 58.5 wins.
    2. Dallas*- Probably a team that will never rise to the next level, but should continue to be a regular season powerhouse. If they struggle it will be a big struggle. Over 53.5
    3. Houston*- A very up and down team in Van Gundys time there which blew up badly in the playoffs. Im not sure anyone knows their roles yet. Under 53.5.
    4. Memphis- Almost gave up their spot in 05 and look to reach the playoffs again in 06. Gonna be hard in the West. Over 43.
    5. New Orleans- This may be the worst team in the NBA. Under 22.5


    1. Denver*- I think Denver is ready to make the move into being one of the top units in the West for a long time to come. I think they replace Dallas as the fun ones to watch. Over 50.5
    2. Minnesota*- everything that went wrong for the Wolves last year and they almost crpet back in. There were alot of changes, but KG remains constant. A big year for him or he could have a new home. Over 43.5
    3. Seattle- Came out of nowhere to win the division last season. Going to be hard to repeat that feat. Over 42.5
    4. Utah- They cant be as bad as they were last season can they? If they stay healthy this team will show alot of improvement. Over 36.
    5. Portland- Years away as they try to totally rebuild the team and the image. Under 27.5


    1. Sacramento*- Rahim falling to them is a stroke of luck. It carries over to the season for this veteran club. Over 58.5
    2. LA Lakers*- The coach returns and so should playing adequete away from home. Over 41.5.
    3. Golden State*- If Baron Davis stays healthy this team is going to have a nice little playoff run. Under 47.5..
    4. Phoenix- Going to be very tough to redo last season especially with their best player coming off surgery. Under 43.5.
    5. LA Clippers- Showed signs of improvement, but its still the Clippers until proven otherwise. Under 39.


    1. New Jersey*- Injury history is about the only that stands in their way of winning the Atlantic. Over 48.
    2. Philadelphia*- Allen Iverson is still too tough to count out. Over 42
    3. New York- Year 1 of the Larry Brown tenure. Could be the last time you see some of these guys in a Knicks uniform. Over 42.5
    4. Toronto- Could be a surprisingly good frontcourt on a not so good team. Over 28.
    5. Boston- Team in transition planning more for the future. Under 39.


    1. Indiana*- Provided Artest does not blow up the team they will prove to be the class of the division. Over 53.5
    2. Detroit*- Still a good team but will need to adjust to the loss of their coach. Under 50.5.
    3. Cleveland*- Team fell apart at the end of the year and LeBron looks to take charge this season. Under 49.5
    4. Chicago*- Some new faces, but still has enough to get it done in 05. Over 43.
    5. Milwaukee- Bucks improved this offseason, but not enough to make a run. Under 36.5.


    1. Miami*- wonder if they can fit all the parts together, but the season for them begins in the playoffs. Under 58.
    2. Washington*- Only team to give Miami a scare for a bit this year. Over 40.5
    3. Orlando- Work in progress hopes to sneak in as the 8 this year. Over 34.5 4. Charlotte- Okafor will surprise alot of people this year. Over 22.5
    5. Atlanta - Hard to believe this is a real NBA franchise. Under 21.5.


    Round 1
    San Antonio over Golden State
    Sacramento over LA
    Houston over Denver
    Minnesota over Dallas
    Indiana over Chicago
    Miami over Philadelphia
    New Jersey over Washington
    Detroit over Cleveland

    Round 2
    Minnesota over Saramento
    San Antonio over Houston
    Miami over New Jersey
    Indiana over Detroit

    Round 3
    San Antonio over Minnesota
    Miami over Indiana

    Round 4
    San Antonio over Miami

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    Born and raised in S.Ozone Park,Queens,Ny... I now live in Tampa,Florida
    I only have 1... Mark my words... New York Knicks will win the Atlantic in the East... Why... Its simple... Last year the Knicks had no player who could shoot the ball from the arc, Houston was hurt and was ready to retire... Now we have Q.Richardson, he is a money man when he lights up. Last season we did not even come close to having a "true" Center... This year we went out and got a steal in young E.Curry... Last year we had no D... Well with Larry Brown as the Head coach, this Knicks team will have a great D...

    We have some studs on this squad... That can run with the best of them in the East, starting with the Celtics tonight...

    Knicks will do it.


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