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Thread: Thankful Not To Be....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turkish40
    I root for the real New York team, the team that is splashed all over the local papers and sports programs. The team that has a future QB, a real TE, a real WR, basically a real team. Not a bunch of misfits running around with a clueless coaching staff. The Jets will always be the second class dogs around here and well deserved.

    I hear next year they are going to have a QB competition between Pat Ryan and Glenn Foley. Come to think about it, both can throw the ball, which is more then can be said about #10.
    i certainnly hope that you dont go to a high school with a computer lab, or else me thinks there will be more juvenile ramblings such as this...

    but its good to know that you need your team to be successful to validate your existence on this must lead a real fulfiling life if this is the highlight of your day...

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    I guess this guy doesn't listen to 1050.......Don & Mike were saying yesterday that Giant fans shouldn't be getting too excited right now because they started off good last year and tanked and we are just now starting the second half of the season.......even the experts know what can happen to the G-men.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by sourceworx
    F_ck you and f_ck your mother. How's them apples?

    I f_cked his mother. She was no good AND look what happened?

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    With a name like "Turkish40", its probably safe to assume that you put dresses and lipstick on sheep and then get busy. Maybe you could get a cutout mask of Eli and use that instead of the lipstick...? Stupid knuckledragger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djaparz
    why are we even wasting our times answering this jerk off ...
    No kidding. Friendless morons who can't get chicks come in here looking to diddle themselves by getting people angry and we have people dumb enough to bite and argue with them.



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