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Thread: new steroid policy

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    new steroid policy

    ****"The new agreement calls for first-time offenders to be suspended for 50 games, second-time offenders to be suspended for 100 games and third-time offenders to be banished from baseball for life. The penalties are identical to those proposed by Commissioner Bud Selig earlier this year. The new package, which will take effect next season following ratification by union membership and the owners, also bans amphetamines and calls for an increased number of tests."*****

    i like it. originally i thought a one year ban followed by a life-time ban would be appropriate, but this is plenty harsh also. football should follow suit.

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    This is great, this is the only way we will rid steroids from the sport. What would really be good is a one strike your out policy but the players would never allow it. That would get it out of the game real fast.


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