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Thread: They Just Switched Game to Bengals/Colts

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    They Just Switched Game to Bengals/Colts

    I think I will take this as the sign that this team officially sucks and has no promise left for the rest of the season. I find it halarious that cbs decided to switch the game to the Bengals Colts. Its sad to say but I would rather watch the Colts / Bengals at this point. :mad:

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    lucky bastad' :P

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    Switched here in VT too. Wanted to see if Kingsbury would come in.

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    what were you guys watching? they showed the game to the end over here, and kling-on did come in and play.

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    Here in Mass we didn't get Jets game at all for some reason.

    Indy game was exciting but I'd rather watch Jets. I'm as sisck as you guys, I guess :eek:


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