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Thread: New York Jets need complete overhaul

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    the reality of the situation is we are so messed up that it will take at least two years to fix this team. MY hope is to start with Reggie Bush. I don't know how to fix the QB problem. Chad's career is over. Maybe an answer will surface in 08. AS far as management, it sucks. I'm really disappointed in Donnie's job this year. Dinger seems like Hackett II. Herm cannot match wits with the better coaches in the league and cannot manage a game. Bradway is inconsistent.

    New scouting seems to be good idea. I have no answers ladies and gents, for I am no football genius. At least I've learned to take a loss or 10 every year and hope for the future. Even the Whitesox won the big one.

    One of these years, my friends, one these years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhhesq
    the pats have had as many injuries, but remain competitive and in first place. it is plain to see, the coaches , players arent any good. an overhaul is def needed.
    They are not starting their 5th string QB...... No Comparison.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winstonbiggs
    The scary thing about your post is you think the bolded statement is a positive and I think it's a negative. Abe is one of 4 or 5 players that are worth holding onto.

    I would rather draft Ngata in Rd. 1, Max Jean-Giles in Round 2 and Dontrell Moore in Round 3..

    We need to be able to run and stop the run. We can not stop the Run.. Every week someone runs for 100 yds.. Ngata will protect Vilma and DROB.. Max could replace Kendall and add 40 to 50 lbs to the Oline. I am very comfortable with Blaylock, Houston, and Moore... BLaylock had great numbers in KC when replacing Priest because of the Oline play. Univ. of Minn RBs do well no matter who runs because of the Oline. and Bush against Fresno St seem to be in the backfield every run because of the line play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teng
    yup, if we get the 1st overall pick i'd trade it. what's the point in getting a running back like bush if the rest of the team is in shambles. we need to rebuild.
    Have you seen Bush play... HE IS A STUD... YOU DON"T PASS ON STUDS!!! Especially with Bradways history in drafts. Bush is a sure thing... he has been described as SPECIAL... which is a term not used loosely. He will be for the jets what LT has been for SD. Don't for a second thing about passing on him!!! For christ sake... the man had over 500 combined yds in one game.... ONE GAME!!! The jets as a team haven't done that all season!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sameoldjets
    i think the defense came out believing their press clippings and then found out about reality. the dline play has been horrible and while the last few games are somewhat excusable because the season is done, it doesn't let them off the hook for the games before the bye week. i wonder if the jets could shop robertson and ellis. maybe for a qb and then use draft picks to get more beef. but thier real problem on the dline is probably more of coaching than actual talent. get a coach wno knows dline play. other teams seem to be able to stunt and shed blockers and get to the runners. the jets line seems only able to lock on to the opposing linemen and watch the back run by. they can not expect to do much if they can't get past the blockers.
    What is your take on last season?

    The talent is there. J Abe is a premier edge rusher, D Rob imo is underachieving with tremendous physical ability, J Ellis is a complete DE with good run stopping ability and power rusher. On paper they are good and it showed last year.

    This season has been a major disappointment. I thought Donnie would take the D to the next level however it has regressed. Go Jets.


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