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Thread: if we cut ty law we should draft...

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    if we cut ty law we should draft...

    devin hester from the U

    now i dont know where hell be drafted and i know we have more pressing needs but he is deion-like with his speed and athleticism

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    Hester's a decent corner but he's not the main guy in the backfield for the Canes. Further, they just made him a corner this year and he'd be a project if he came out this year at corner. We do not need any more projects on the secondary.

    The guy out of the d-backfield who you'd want is Kelly Jennings, he's a beast and his stock's been rising, especially after the VaTech game.

    He might be the best return man in the nation though, so he's definitely going to make some noise in the mid-rounds if he comes out, but he's a junior, and he might not come out. Miami is looking like, along with Notre Dame and Texas, that it's going to be a top 3 team coming out of the gate next year.

    An interesting sidenote - last year when Clemson upset Miami, Justin Miller DOMINATED Hester when he was at reciever, one of the reasons that Clemson won that game.
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