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Thread: Vote Bush!

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    Vote Bush

    NY Post is conducting a poll, which USC Star do you want ... Leinert or Bush?

    Send a message to the Jets front office ... make sure there can be no mistake about the fans perference

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    if the jets get the first pick and they dont pick bush

    ill goooooooooooooooo maddddddddddddddddd

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    The words "vote" with "Bush" together is not in my vocabulary :P ;)

    (j/k wrong forum)

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    Ever since I knew this season was gone and there was no hope of resurrecting it, I immediately started thinking QB. Then I looked at the QB options in this years draft and decided we would be best suited taking a RB.

    So I've got to tell you, I have wanted Reggie Bush since about five minutes after I knew our season was over.

    I DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, want Ferguson. IMO, that guy is undersized and over appreciated.

    So it is all about me watching my team get the sh$t kicked out of them for EVERY game this season. This is knowing and keeping my fingers crossed that we can grab Bush..........


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