Just needed to vent a little...

I think I speak for lots of us here...

I'll preface this by saying that I will still be going to the upcoming 4, yes 4 home games that remain this season.

I've seen just about enough of this. HOW CAN IT BE THIS BAD???

We were all thinking Superbowl during the off season, and rightly so! All the signs were there...a new OC in the Dinger, a healthy QB coming back, the leagues leading rusher from the prior season, Lav Coles back in green, a killer Defense ready to take charge, and a new kicker to cure the Doug Brien (gulp) blues.

How could it have come to this? We are now on a par with, if not behind the dregs of the NFL.

Yes, injuries occured, but look around the NFL, as lots of other teams are beat up, too.

I am besides myself now, feeling as if I have been robbed of an NFL season, and perhaps several to come.

I am torn between rooting for the team I love to win, and rooting against them for a better draft pick.

I honestly cannot see this team winning again this season. I'm not sure we could beat a good college team now.

I think its time for a new regime (again). These guys have dropped the ball.

Enough for now.
See you all next Sunday night at the Meadowlands. I'll still be in green.