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Thread: The One Move that MUST be Made for the future....

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    Dump everyone over age 30.

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    ... i've been a supporter of this regime leading up to this season ... i really hate changing coaches as we have done throughout the 80's & 90's ... the unsettled nature at the top reverberate's throughout the entire organization and never is condusive towards winning ...

    ... that being said ...

    ... man this is a tough year ... my support is waning ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by DELAWANAJET
    A lot to work with? Would you like to give me some examples of what we have to work with. This is the worst Jet team ever.
    The worst Jet team ever ... less than 12 months after we came within a FG of the AFC Championship game? Sure, we're having a bad season, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're a bad team through and through.

    Our defense is young for the most part, and has good talent. Sure, we're not getting the most out of them this year, but that doesn't mean we have to rip it apart and start again. Other than a DT, I think we're good at most other positions.

    Offense has been the root of most of our troubles this year. And that starts with the QB position. (How many fumbles and INT's have we had this year due to the QB? I've run out of fingers and toes to count them ...). Now I know Chad isn't your favorite player , but he brings a lot more stability when he's healthy. RB is also in need of an upgrade, and that can be addressed through the draft, along with the OL (where we only really need a new RT and a return to health for Mawae).

    Special teams is looking better than previous years (minus a spate of fumblitis from Miller). We have a punter at last!

    So sure, we have some holes we need to fill and positions we need to upgrade. But we're not looking at a wholesale clearout and 5 years of rebuilding.


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