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Thread: My Dream Offseason

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    My Dream Offseason

    heres how i think we should addresss each position:

    HC: even though im not a big fan ur not gonna get someone better at this point i say stick with herm

    QB: cut fiedler, go with chad as the backup until hes fully 125% recovered...sign a middle of the pack type guy like ramsey or kitna, draft one in rds 3-5 for future insurance

    RB: if martin wont seriously restructure, bye bye...sorry curt but its time, DRAFT MR PRESIDENT REGGIE BUSH, cut blaylock ( too similar in style with bush), let houston be the goal line and change of pace bruiser

    FB: sowell is old expensive and not a great fit...give him his walking papers, go with askew

    WR: get mccareins to take a huge pay cut or cut him, try to sign TO, if not and mccareins is gone let cotchery step up, if mccareins stays move him to the slot, wayne is gonna retire

    TE:i dont really know here,,,baker is hurt and a free agent they probwally let him go...jolley doesnt make much so i say keep him around, im gonna say let dreesen start since he is a more all around player

    LT: go with AJ...gotta love his athleticism

    LG/C:cut either mawae or kendall or both let goodwin play and draft someone in mid rounds

    RG: moore is decent and young let him stay

    RT: hopefully cavka can take over, cut fabini, dont resign gragg, draft for depth in mid to late rounds

    DE: sign abe to a long term deal, try to get ellis to restructure, let bt go

    DT: DROB maybe resctructures, let pouha start hopefully hes ready by then, keep reed for depth, we cant afford to invest much more in the dline. maybe sign a cheap fatass to take up space

    LB: let barton go...too expensive, sign vilma to an extension, go with a combination of brown and hobson on the outside, incorporate mcclover into blitz packages more

    CB: cut ty law way too many penalties, let miller start and barrett/ strait battle for other spot...i think we should address this position but wont have enough money

    S: coleman and rhodes are good, celstin offers depth...were fine here

    so the main additions would be bush, hopefully TO, and a above average QB til chad is completely better...with another year under dingers system i think we can be much improved on o

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    You cannot cut all these guys. This is not madden, there are cap hits and "dead money you have to deal with.

    For example, it costs more to cut McCariens and Blaylock than to keep them. To restructure a contract takes two sides.

    Third, this team would be 5-11 at best. I hope you want to rebuild because your plan would set us back a couple of years.

    Fourth, TO might get his stats but he wont be happy with losing games every week.

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    SO basically you want to cut all our older players becuase they are old, and keep all our younger players because they are young and have potential?

    And you also want us to go with another middle of the pack QB so we can continue to have a good but never great football franchise?

    If you were GM youd run us straight into the ground witht hat offseason


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