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Thread: Our biggest FA in the offseason should be...

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    Our biggest FA in the offseason should be...

    Gerard Warren.

    Our D would be MILES better if we had a second run stuffing DT. They could force more 3 and outs.

    Warren is that guy, he is rejuvinated in Denver and would be a great and not too costly option!

    We can fix the oline in the draft ( the Brick or winston) and we are stuck with pennington( who knows with more than 1 second to throw the ball he might be okay.) the running game would be better with an improved oline.

    Da JETS have problems and Warren would be a great start!

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    Are you sure he is a FA?

    Wasn't he a bust?

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    I don't think Warren was necessarily a bust. I'd take a chance on a player who's shown potential and is young to line up next to DRob.

    The cap is an issue, just as it always is. Or is it? Nobody knows. If you claim to know, you're pretending.

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    Warren is a FA and has been a GREAT pickup for the Donkeys this season!


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