I promise I won't mention one thing about this guy getting drafted by the Jets.

I'm going to say it:

This guy HAS to win the Heisman, 500 yards of clutch total offensive yards and 2 scores in a game where his team NEEDED 50 points to win is unbelievable. I was amazed at how tough Fresno State played him. I was even more amazed by the way he stepped up and took the game over. I know not many people saw this game over here, but I happened to be in LA for work this weekend, and it's absolutely incredible to watch him run.

Leinart, Cushing (from northern NJ), and Jarrett (also from Northern NJ) are all great players and will all be 1st rounders at some point. But Bush trumps all of them. He is hands down the most talented player in college football and I'm pretty sure you can make an argument that he is in fact the next Marshall Faulk, same build, athleticism, and brains. He's not overly cocky either.

Here's to Bush, he won that game by himself.

Now let's just hope he falls to the 3rd pick.....(sorry)