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    What are your thoughts about the shootout in hockey?

    I don't like that a game is decided this way. It's supposed to be a team sport, yet it's one-on-one with the goalie. I realize that they're trying to bring back their fan base, but wasn't it better with the five minute OT? If neither team scored in five minutes, then it was a tie.

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    They still have the 5 min o/t. Capped by the shootout. Did you see the Rangers -Caps game last week, it went to about 15 shooters. the intensity was staggering. when could you say that last about a november nhl game.
    As long as the shootouts decide season games and not playoff games, I think its great.
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    I think that having a shootout after the OT is a good thing too. It adds excitement and will keep fans there till the end.


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