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Thread: Guess what -herm didnt know 2 pt convs existed

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    Guess what -herm didnt know 2 pt convs existed

    this is the worst quote ever. ok herm lovers lets hear the spin.

    " I honestly did not know that 2 Pt conversions were still in play, i thought i read that they were shelved for 2005. when i saw the saints not in PAT mode, and i see we are in Confusion, you see we had our PAT D out there... I turned to d!ck and said WT fudge d!ck did we hold them and they a re going for FG? 2 pts? we can go for 2 pts now? Time Out Mr Official"

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    C'mon, Dickie....

    You didn't actually believe that thread, did you?

    You're better than that.

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    WTF is this?

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    I almost wished this was real so that I could hate him more

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    This thread is a waste or precious bandwith. Please delete this thread and re-enable search if were gonna waste bandwith.


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