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Thread: OT: The Tarheels Rock Baby!!!!

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    OT: The Tarheels Rock Baby!!!!

    This is a going to be a fun team to follow this year. They play with a lot of basketball smarts and energy.

    While last years team was very talented, I always found them frustrating to watch b/c they often lacked intelligence in how they played. Granted, they got it together for the tourney but I always felt they lacked chemistry.

    This team isn't as talented but I think they'll be more enjoyable to watch.

    First road game of the year and they just went into Lexington and knocked off Kentucky.


    Strange thing I noticed today while they were showing scores of other games. Louisville has only played one game while quite a few other teams were already playing in their 12th game. How could there be such a huge discrepancy there. Did something happen in Louisville that I don't know about???

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    Top 25 again after losing all those kids. Williams is doing a great job. Go Heels.


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