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Thread: OT - Johnny Damon Breaking News

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    OT - Johnny Damon Breaking News

    If you do one thing before Christmas, you have to check this out, it just doesn't fit under the tree.

    Johnny Damon Shocker

    Merry X-Mas!

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    The first thing I said when I saw that picture of Damon in the Times was how gay he looked in that picture with the limp wrist. I thought only Tom Brady could pull that off with success. I would be quite embarrased if I were Damon.

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    I'm sure he can get tips from Jeter and A-Rod. Oh, and Mike Piazza too.

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    I heard that he paid $1,000 for that haircut. Can you imagine that but of course he can afford it?

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    i heard he makes millions of dollars?

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    Johnny Damon is definitely gay. I heard that Steinbrenner or however you spell his freakin name used the Queer Eye for the GAY guys weirdos as the lucrative bargaining piece to lure Johnny away from the Bo Sox

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    dude have you seen his wife.. my god shes hottt

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjets2823
    dude have you seen his wife.. my god shes hottt
    Last edited by 10PennyToColes87; 12-23-2005 at 08:20 PM.

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    She is definatley smoking

    Look at the shirt he is wearing though... thats pretty much the gayest shirt I have ever seen.

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    HAHA, that is one of the funniest things i have ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10PennyToColes87

    Wow, she has great teeth!

    and for you Yankee fans, Modells has blue Yank T's already with "welcome to NY Damon" (or something like that on front) and "no hair, no beard, no problem" on the back, $14...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewdawg
    Wow, she has great teeth!
    Yeah, both of them!


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