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Thread: Same Old Jets, Same Old Jets

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    Same Old Jets, Same Old Jets

    Remember Herm's Speech about the "Same Old Jets?"

    Well they've been the Same old Jets the whole time....

    No fooling....we suck, stop expecting playoffs, it's illogical, these are the Jets, this is what to expect.

    Now get ready for quite possibly the worst part of the Jets Cyclical Nature:

    The inevitable drafting of this Era's equivalent Browning Nagle, Blair Thomas, Johnny Mitchell, Kyle Brady, Dorian Boose, etc.

    Get ready, y'all, it's gonna get bad, it's gonna get ugly, and I love it all, I LOVE IT ALL!!! ENOUGH WINNING BRING BACK MY JOKE OF A FOOTBALL TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

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    i think dumping this post wouldnt be enough...dump this idiot too.


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