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Thread: Did the Jets Miss Badly with Mangini???

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    Did the Jets Miss Badly with Mangini???

    Time will tell but the same issue that bothered me with Edwards bothers me with Mangini.

    New York is NOT a town for a guy to come in and try to learn on the job. New York is the media capitol of the world. This kid's going to get eaten alive. New York is a town for an established super star coach. The Jets should have gone after Jeff Fisher with everything they've got. That guy can coach.

    Mangini will probably be a very good head coach one day. But is there really any type of evidence out there to suggest that today is that day? I don't think so.

    Listening to him speak, I'm don't think he's ready to lead an organization.

    I think the Jets just set themselves up for failure once againt. What else is new? The ironic thing is why Jets fans never see it coming?

    Good luck. I sense you're going to need it.

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    Glad we've got the dump for threads like this.


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