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Thread: Pennington for Eli Manning??

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    Pennington for Eli Manning??

    Since everyone's bashing Manning (maybe deservedly so, but I don't think the fact that someone lower in the draft is better than you *cough marino'brien* is your fault), my question is:

    Would you trade Pennington for Manning, one-for-one if it could be done?

    I'm sure Bradway would do it in a second and the giants still love manning, but with fans its a different story. The giants have drunken the kool aid which says the magical number is 35 to see how good he is.

    I was talking to a giants fan who now hates manning and says he would do the trade.

    As a fan I would like to keep Pennington b/c I really don't like the Mannings and Chad is a great competitor, but as GM you'd have to take Manning - he started the season off well, but sucked late in the season, but if he could keep up his level at the beginning and improve on that he'd be a good QB. Pennington is too risky with injuries to take a shot at over Manning plus his weak arm means the upside potential isn't that great.

    My guess is neither of them ever brings a team to a superbowl.

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    uh yeah

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenobriend
    My guess is neither of them ever brings a team to a superbowl.
    Unless their driving the bus you got that right

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    Please, someone run out and Get a case of KOOL-AID.

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    Ummm....a young Qb with potential. A guy with 2 rotator cuff surgeries.....

    tough choice.....

    lo, jk

    Make the trade in seconds. I would trip on my way to the phone.

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    yep I trade and throw in a couple of sweetners like 2Nd and 3rd round picks in a heartbeat.

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    Chad for eli? u gotta be kidding of course

    Id pay any team that would actually take him, just for doing me the favor


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